6 Helpful Tips for Following a Low Histamine Diet During the Holidays
Following a low histamine diet during the holidays can be a little bit of a challenge.
Here are some options:
  • Freeze turkey leftovers (if you eat meat) in small containers that you can thaw and eat for future meals. Freezing the turkey will help reduce histamine buildup, which happens in leftover meats.
  • Reduce cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg and emphasize cardamom. Fenugreek is another great spice you can use instead of cinnamon, just use 1/4 the amount of fenugreek in place of the cinnamon in a recipe. You can bump up cardamom a bit and use the fenugreek because both bring histamine levels down.
  • Avoid dairy. Cheese and milk can kick off a histamine response.
  • Use honey instead of dates. Dates can contribute to a histamine response in sensitive individuals.
  • Avoid chocolate. White chocolate is OK. I will post a recipe for white chocolate on my website soon. You can use fenugreek and cardamom in a white chocolate recipe to give it flavor. Citrus bitters can make a nice addition to the flavoring.
  • Avoid processed meats (sausage, bacon, smoked and canned fish and meats).
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