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Are We Having Fun Yet?

Let’s face it, life should be fun, right? At least that’s what they tell us. So how do you balance your drive for success, improving your health, to do lists, parenting, relationships and the quest for living your dream and still have fun?

I believe you CAN have it all
…but you don’t have to do it all to get there. In fact, I KNOW it’s possible. And it’s not about doing more, it’s about balancing the things that are right for you personally. It’s about trusting life to have your back. It’s about knowing when to take action and when to allow things to come to you. And it’s about believing. In yourself, in the process of life, in your inner guidance and yes, believing in magic, even just a little.

As a fast-paced corporate executive screaming up the corporate ladder, I once believed that it was my hard work, no — my obsession with working hard — that made me one of the top leaders in my company. Word on the street was that if you wanted to get it done and do it successfully, go to Heather Dane. Whether it was big sales, technical implementations, product branding and design or improving team performance, the top brass came to me.

It was exhilarating to be so in demand, until it became exhausting and joyless. Behind the scenes, I also “successfully” managed chronic digestive issues and bulimia. Talk about un-fun!

Applying ‘Get it Done’ Skills

One a particularly sunny day, 13 years ago, I got off the treadmill. I redesigned a vision for my life and I applied my get-it-done skills to recovering my health and my life. My corporate success soared as I made better decisions for myself and pretty soon, people started asking me to coach them. Because really, we all want success, but shouldn’t we be having fun along the way?

Today, I have coached hundreds of women and men around the world to better health, elimination of addictions, starting successful heart-centered businesses and getting their joy on. This life is meant to be loved. There is a way to have success and have a wonderful life. And that includes achieving your best health.


Coaching with Heather

  • Natural health solutions for chronic conditions
  • An unconventional successful solution to overcoming eating disorders and alcoholism
  • Tailoring a nutritional plan for your personal physical needs (ending cravings, natural, sustainable weight loss, eliminating eating disorders and addictions, natural healing for health conditions and mood issues)
  • How to fit healthy habits into a busy lifestyle
  • Work/Life/Health Balance – how to work smart and add more fun to your life
  • The success formula for making law of attraction and affirmations work
  • Identifying and taking action on your vision for your ideal life and work
  • Recipes, recipes, recipes – healthy food should taste good, so let me show you how to make it work for you!


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As a coach, writer and recovered former executive, I understand the challenges of creating a balanced, healthy lifestyle when over-scheduled. In my journey to radiant health, I created a whole health system of eating, exercise, renewal and recharging -- a roadmap toward health & vitality. I empower clients to create their own whole health systems, in their own unique ways. I have seen amazing results in working with my clients!