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Heather Dane and Louise Hay with Ahlea

At 88 years of age, Louise has much wisdom to share about what it takes to live a long, happy, healthy life.

We invite you to join us on an amazing journey that will turn your life into your greatest love story.

For decades, best-selling author Louise Hay has transformed people’s lives by teaching them to let go of limiting beliefs. Now in this tour de force, Louise teams up with her go-to natural health and nutrition experts, Ahlea Khadro and Heather Dane, to reveal the other side of her secret to health, happiness, and longevity: living a nutrient-rich life.

Unlike any health book you’ve ever read, this work transcends fads, trends, and dogma to bring you a simple yet profound system to heal your body, mind, and spirit that is as gentle as changing the way you think. Louise, Ahlea, and Heather show you how to take your health, your moods, and your energy to the next level.

In Loving Yourself to Great Health, you will:

  • Tap into the secrets Louise has used for decades to supercharge the effectiveness of affirmations and bring your body back into alignment with your mind;
  • Discover what nutrition really means and how to cut through the confusion about which diets really work;
  • Learn to hear the stories your body is eager to reveal; and
  • Uncover techniques for longevity, vitality, good moods, deep intuition, and for meeting your body’s unique healing needs at all stages of life.

Thoughts & Food—the Ultimate Diet

“To create your best health, start with every thought you think and every bite you eat.”
— Louise

While there are many “diet” books available, this one is unique in its scope—inviting you to listen to your body and tune in to your unique wisdom, while having the support of affirmations, recipes, practical lists, and an education about how your body works.

What makes this book different is that it’s a health book that addresses how to heal the body and the mind and how both really matter (in Louise’s words, “getting your thoughts and food right”). Louise, Ahlea, and Heather gently teach you why making better, loving choices is your greatest tool for health and healing.

The most beautiful thing about your body is that it has a deep knowing about what you truly need for health and happiness. Louise, Ahlea, and Heather offer 7 steps to eat, think, and love your way to good health:

STEP #1: Create a New Perspective on Health

  • Rethink what health really means and create a perspective that embraces your innate power to heal

STEP #2: Love Yourself and Your Body — Food, Weight Loss, Dis-ease, and More

  • Find out how and why making more loving choices is key to your ability to feel your best

STEP #3: Know How Your Body Really Works — The Foundation for Health

  • Get educated about how your digestive system works and why it’s so important for every system in your body

STEP #4: Listen to Your Body — A Powerful, Yet Little-Known Health Secret

  • Learn how to listen to your inner voice, or as Louise calls it, your “inner ding”
  • Learn about intuition, gut feelings, and other symptoms and sensations you can become aware of and what these signals can mean how they can help you have better health and a better life

STEP #5: Emphasize Food and Thoughts that Heal Your Body and Mind

  • Find out about the psychology, deceit, and trickery the manufactured-food industry uses to get you to eat more, the toxic additives in processed food, which foods to avoid and which foods to emphasize for your wellness and longevity
  • Learn tips for eating healthy on a budget
  • Learn how to reduce or eliminate cravings and the kind of sweet treats that are simultaneously loving toward your body and taste buds

STEP #6: Empower Your Health — Home Remedies for What Ails You

  • Discover fun, natural remedies to dissolve symptoms and promote good health

STEP #7: The Road Map for Your Best Health

  • Learn to take action at your own pace


Creating Delicious, Healthy Meals

You’ll also learn everything you need to start loving your body with delicious, home-cooked meals, snacks, and desserts.

  • Kitchen tips and suggested tools to make things easier
  • Food storage tips for meals on the go
  • Sample menus and meal options
  • Sample shopping lists, including things to avoid and must-have items
  • Easy recipes that taste delicious and nourish your body

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