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  • Episode Name: “When Medicine Meets Holistic Health”
  • Live Broadcast: March 27th, 2018 at 12:00 pm Pacific Time
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Episode Summary Re-cap

In 2010, Spencer Mason fell 200 feet into Lake Isabella while paragliding. At the hospital, it wasn’t the four compound fractures in his spine that was alarming, it was the birth defect the doctors found which could possibly cause paralysis at any moment. In this show, Spencer reveals the decision he had to make about a life-threatening spinal surgery with years of rehab, and how his experience resulted in a new Trauma Release technique and rehab technology for spinal and back pain. You’ll also learn tips for shifting your mindset from hopelessness to healing in this inspiring show!

Special Guest: Spencer Mason

Years ago, after a paragliding crash and eight hours of surgery, Spencer Mason found himself with a host of unexplained symptoms ranging from: emotionally numb, socially isolated, anxious, hypervigilant, and trouble sleeping. He felt broken and the world seemed like a very scary place.

During the months after his surgery, he was in a rehab unit learning to walk again. He sought medical and psychological help. Because he felt worse with talk therapy, he began exploring other modalities – in fact, 45 different modalities!

Frustrated with all the money he was spending without results, he finally found TRE® (Trauma Releasing Exercises). This was the life-changing practice he was looking for. As he felt his nervous system come into homeostasis, he began to feel well again. His results inspired him to train with some of the top trauma healers in the United States.

As a TRE® practitioner, he began attracting clinical psychologists and medical doctors to his practice. Emerging as the therapists’ therapist, he began traveling worldwide to support large groups of people, including the Navy Seals.

Today, Spencer is trauma release specialist, postural alignment expert, coach, speaker, and healthcare technology entrepreneur.

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When Spencer Mason fell 200 feet from the sky while paragliding, he received a blessing in disguise
When Spencer Mason fell 200 feet from the sky while paragliding, he received a blessing in disguise. While doing the MRI for fractures in his spine, they also found a birth defect, a cavernous angioma. An abnormal tangle of blood vessels wrapped around his central nerves, a cavernous angioma can start bleeding at any moment, resulting in paralysis. On the one hand, it was fortunate that they caught this. And on the other hand, what to do next became a huge dilemma.

After getting multiple second opinions, it turned out that there were only four surgeons in the country who were willing or able to perform the surgery. Two of them suggested Spencer proceed with the surgery and two advised against it, leaving no clear path forward.

It was his body that made the decision for him. Spencer began having intense nerve pain when he returned to college and he decided to go forward with the surgery. Prior to his surgery, he engaged in what he calls “prehab,” which included yoga, meditation, and other holistic modalities. After surgery, he went into rehab and had to learn to walk again.

A New Way of Looking at Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

What Spencer didn’t expect was the post-traumatic stress. “I had a lot of back pain and my body felt broken physically and psychologically,” Spencer shared. “I felt as if my body had betrayed me and I began to feel detached from everything. That’s when I realized I had PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).”

Spencer explained that it’s natural for the body to experience stress after a trauma. “We need to rename this to PTS – post traumatic stress — and drop the D. Because it’s not a disorder.” In fact, these days, Spencer feels that if you’re willing to learn and heal from the trauma, the better name is PTG or Post-Traumatic Growth.

5 Tips for Healing After Trauma

Spencer found his greatest healing with Trauma Release Exercises or TRE®. In this modality, participants do physical exercises to warm up the psoas (the only muscle that connects the top and bottom half of the body), where fear and trauma are stored. After warming up the psoas, participants lie on the ground and have the opportunity to release trauma by shaking it out of their body.

This type of shaking is a primal act that we can see all mammals do in the wild after a stressful or traumatic situation. The shaking allows the nervous system to let go of the experience. We humans, in an effort to seem dignified – like we have it all together – miss out on the opportunity to let stress go. TRE® focuses on creating a safe space to allow this to happen.

Here are five tips Spencer shared:

#1 – Reframe Post-Traumatic Stress to Post-Traumatic Growth

Trust that you can grow and heal. Remember, your body knows how to heal.

#2. – Try Everything

Whatever your intuition guides you to, try it. Spencer tried 45 different healing modalities and each one helped, like peeling away layers of an onion. In the long run, it was a modality called Trauma Release Experiences or TRE® that truly helped him heal.

#3. – Reconnect

Trauma, depression, and illness can feel isolating. Take steps to reconnect to nature, reconnect with yourself, and reconnect with others. Even if it feels counterintuitive, give it a try and see what happens. Reconnecting is one way to develop faith and strength to continue forward. Spencer also described that when you do TRE® in a group, you learn that the connection with other people is part of the healing. Since humans like to be part of a pack, group work allows you to feel a sense of community, like other people have your back.

#4. – Stop Trying to Be in Control

TRE® teaches you to stop trying to control everything and trust your body to heal.

#5. – Create a Safe Space

One of Spencer’s favorite aspects of TRE® is that he creates a safe space for people to release trauma and heal. When your body is in fight, flight and freeze, it’s no surprise that you’d want to protect yourself or like life isn’t safe. It’s important to remember what it feels like to be safe again and this is part of what TRE® is all about.

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In Immune-Healing Foods, Supplements & Remedies Part 1, you will learn:

  • The Benefits of Baicalin – Baicalin is an extract of Blue Skullcap, a plant remedy with many healing benefits. Find out why baicalin supports immune system health, sleep, and more. Learn how and when to take it, and discover where to source it.
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  • Dosing – Discuss what clinical results and research is showing about dosing. How much of each to take and how to listen to your body to identify what is working for you. How to know when to make adjustments.
  • Q&A – Ask questions about these health remedies related to your health questions. Participants who attend live or online will be able to ask questions. Participants who register, but can’t make the live event can pre-submit questions.
  • Video Recording – All people who register for the live event will also get the video recording.

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