Embrace Your Kitchen Witch: Recipes, Rituals & Spells for Good Health

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  • Episode Name: “Embrace Your Kitchen Witch: Recipes, Rituals & Spells for Good Health”
  • Live Broadcast: Monday, October 31st, 2016 at 3:00 pm Pacific Time

Episode Replays: Mondays at 11:00 pm Pacific Time / 2:00 am Eastern Time and Sundays at 2:00 pm Pacific Time / 5:00 pm Eastern Time

Episode Summary Re-cap

Throughout history, kitchen witches graced kitchens around the world, bringing luck and warding off bad spirits. In today’s special Halloween episode, Meadow Linn joins Heather to share recipes, tips, and practices to bring magic onto your plate and into your life. Plus, some special surprises you won’t want to miss!

Special Guest: Meadow Linn

Meadow Linn received her bachelor’s degree from Williams College and her master’s degree in French Cultural Studies from Columbia University.

Before leaving her eight year career to follow her passion for living well through good food, Meadow taught elementary school and high school French and spent two years living in Europe studying French theater and literature. She is also the recipient of a prestigious National Endowment for the Humanities grant to study French theater.

Meadow is an accomplished chef who’s been sharing her love of food since she was old enough to crawl into the cupboards to pull out ingredients. She teaches cooking both in the USA and internationally, and she is the co-founder of The Mystic Chef® culinary training.

With her mother, Meadow co-authored two Hay House books, Quest and The Mystic Cookbook, which inspired a keynote address about the secret alchemy of food at a Hay House I Can Do It event.

Meadow is a passionate photographer, and she is the owner of Mountain Meadow Gallery. Her photos have won awards at both the state and national level.

She writes a column in a Seattle newspaper and contributes regularly to Australia’s Nature and Health and Heal Your Life. You can learn more about Meadow’s website with delicious recipes, beautiful photos, and scrumptious stories about life, love, and living well.

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How to Add More Magic Onto Your Plate & Into Your Life

How to Enjoy Preparing Food in the Kitchen

  • If you like or want alone time, use the time as quiet mediation. This is especially helpful if you have trouble quieting your mind. Anything you do can be meditative if you focus on what you are doing each step of the way.
  • If you like or want to be with people, invite friends or family into the kitchen to cook with you.
  • Take a cooking class to learn fun, easy recipes and tips.
  • Sing or dance, make it fun!
  • Listen to music or a podcast you love.
  • Watch your favorite Netflix show.
  • Make a deal with family members: you prepare the food, they do the cleanup.
  • Say affirmations. Louise Hay does this all the time: My kitchen is a place of nourishment and healing. I am open to discovering new and wonderful things in my kitchen. I love my kitchen and my kitchen loves me! All healing begins in the kitchen and I embrace cooking with joy.
  • Set manageable goals. One thing at a time. One new recipe at a time. Start with something easy and build from there. If you try something too big, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.
  • Know yourself! Know whether you want to make a quick, easy meal or whether you want to make something more involved. Think about how you’re feeling, your energy level and your level of hunger. Honor where you are when you enter the kitchen.
  • Plan ahead. Take a look a recipes you want to make that week, write down ingredients and quantities you need to purchase. Make sure to keep it simple! Maybe one new recipe this week or one meal’s worth of groceries, then see how it goes from there.

Tips for Infusing Your Food With Spirit

  • Choose foods that fill you with joy.
  • Notice if something you eat or drink ignites a feeling f sacredness or moves you in some way.
  • As you garden or cook, be in the energy of love and gratitude. Food that is grown or cooked with intention will taste of that intention. Whatever the cook is feeling goes directly into the food. If you aren’t enjoying cooking, you may find that you don’t like the taste of your food. See above for affirmations you can use to enjoy cooking more. Think about the emotions you are experiencing as you prepare your food.
  • Meditate, chant, sing or pray while cooking. Choose a traditional chant or mantra, such as Om or the longer Om mani padme hum. Or create your own with words that are meaningful to you. Let go of judgments about how you sound. Visualize waves of sound penetrating deep into the food you’re preparing with the knowledge that you are influencing the food in a positive way.
  • Consume your food with reverence.
  • Before you eat your meals, visualize an open heart. Give a prayer of thanks, sing a heartfelt song, ask for a spiritual experience.
  • Think about Mother Earth and all of the people who worked to bring this food to your plate. You are connecting with the whole food system, which is a wonderful way to bring grounding and health.

Spell for Health

Underneath each plate on the table, place a card with one of these affirmations:

  • “My body radiates with vibrant health.”
  • “This meal activates legendary healing abilities.”
  • “This meal is filled with radiant, life-giving energy.”

These words radiate through the plate up to the food. Then hold your hands over the meal and visualize energy from the heavens cascading through your hands into the food, saying out loud three times: “Vibrant health, radiant health.”

Then, with the first three bites of your food, say, “This meal fills my cells with effervescent light and healing energy.” As you chew those first three bites, hold the intent of dramatic health.

Heather’s Healthy Chocolate Candy Hearts Recipe

How to Bring Support, Protection, Productivity & Love Into Your Kitchen

Kitchen Witch

Kitchen witches have been around for over a thousand years and are thought to originate in Europe. These handmade dolls were made to look like a crone or witch. The intention was as a good luck charm, to promote productivity in the kitchen, and to ward off evil spirits (especially those that could cause a roast to burn, pots to boil over or liquids to spill). Today, kitchen witches are fun, whimsical ways to bring meaning and joy into your kitchen. You can make your own, set an intention to invite her in, or purchase one.

Kitchen Angel

During a stressful catering job for her mother, Denise Linn’s workshop, Meadow realized that calling on a kitchen angel really worked magic! She noticed that somehow, the clock seemed to stop, allowing her to get all of her work done and then, at the right time, people came into the kitchen to help her finish the job. Since then, Meadow realized how much kitchen angels make all the difference in loving and managing food prep. To get Denise Linn’s meditation for bringing in your own kitchen angel, write Meadow Linn and ask for the Kitchen Angel Meditation.

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