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  • Heather Dane
    Coaching with Heather
    There is a way to have success and have a wonderful life. And that includes achieving your best health as well as balancing your drive for success. Learn more...

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  • Sunny Good Pancakes
    Sunny Good Healthy Pancakes
    For me, there are two food items that feel festive: ice cream and pancakes. Whenever one of my clients comes to me...

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  • Louise Hay Favorite Bone Broth
    Louise Hay’s Favorite Bone Broth Recipe
    Louise's favorite bone broth recipe (and process) can be used for making any meat, poultry, or fish broth or you can collect vegetables and just make veggie stock. If you make the meat and poultry broths with...
  • Cup of Coffee with Beans
    Is Coffee Good for You?
    Is coffee good for you or bad for you? What's the story? The debate has persisted all over the internet with health experts and grandmothers alike weighing in....
  • Soaking Almonds
    Soaking Nuts and Seeds: How Long?
    Soaking nuts and seeds removes the phytic acid, which is an anti-nutrient that steals minerals from the body (no good). Luckily it's very easy to fix this....
  • Bonaventure Angel with Flower
    Understanding Your Microbiome (the Angels Within)
    We humans are made up of 90% bacteria cells and 10% human cells. At one time, we thought all bacteria was bad and now, more scientists, researchers and doctors are realizing that a good deal of bacteria...
  • Nick Brune
    Chefs for Sustainability
    Southern California Chef Nick Brune has traveled the world learning how different cultures practice sustainability and infuse foods with regional flavor....
  • Woman Eating Stawberries From Fingers
    The Role of Pleasure and Food
    I've been thinking about the role of pleasure and food this week. One of the challenges with diets is that they can box us in regarding our food choices....

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