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    There is a way to have success and have a wonderful life. And that includes achieving your best health as well as balancing your drive for success. Learn more...

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  • The Best Liver Pate Recipe Ever!
    The Best Liver Pate Recipe Ever!
    I was inspired to make this liver pate recipe one day when I walked into my home at the end of a long day. I was really hungry and I had chicken livers in my...

Articles & Recipes

  • 5 Minute Soup Recipe
    5-Minute Soup
    Once you have a soup stock (either veggie stock or bone broth), you can make 5 minute soup in literally 5 minutes -- it makes meals and life so easy!...
  • Louise Hay Veggie Stock Pot
    Vegan Veggie Broth
    This is the Vegan Veggie Broth (Healing Elixir) that Louise Hay and I made last week. It's so easy and once you make it, you have a vitamin-mineral rich broth to sip or use as a basis...
  • Native Americans Dancing
    What I Learned from Studying Food History
    I've been contemplating the use of food as medicine and how Native Americans approached eating animal protein, particularly with their reverence for animals...
  • Homemade Deodorant Recipe
    Homemade Deodorant Recipe
    Magnesium makes a fantastic homemade deodorant because it gets rid of odor, plus, most of us need more magnesium, so we get the bonus of absorbing magnesium through the skin! (more on why 80% or more of...
  • Green Vegan Smoothie
    Afternoon Green Vegan Smoothie for Blood Sugar Balance
    A delicious green vegan smoothie for when you want a hydrating snack that gives you just enough to balance your blood sugar between meals....
  • woman choosing healthy apple
    Do You Have Candida? Here’s What to Do
    Do you have candida? Here is a list of symptoms and the easiest places to start. I battled the bugs for years and nothing really fully worked until I started balancing my vitamin and mineral deficiencies....

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