You Might Be Energetically Sensitive If...

You Might Be Energetically Sensitive If You…

  • Experience a lot of food cravings
  • Feel like you need to reach for substances to make you feel better (alcohol, Xanax, marijuana, etc.)
  • Experience frequent or sudden blood sugar drops
  • Suddenly feel exhausted even if you had plenty of sleep
  • Feel swept away by emotions or have a lot of symptoms of discomfort in your body

Energetic Sensitivity Varies Based on Your Energy Type

Here’s something we can all practice if we are energetically sensitive:

Whenever you get a craving for any substance (including food) or you feel a symptom (emotional or physical), stop and ask yourself, does this belong to me or someone else? You may not be able to tell the difference right away, but over time, you will start to recognize a difference. Once you do, the energy that belongs to others will dissolve along with the symptom!

Like Neo, Feel Yourself Stopping Unwanted Energy…
Something to play with, when it comes to energy is to think of yourself as Neo in the movie, The Matrix. He is able to work with energy so well that he can stop bullets coming at him. Let’s all put on our spiritual long black jackets, take a deep breath and feel ourselves able to stop all the unwanted energy coming at us. Now you can look at the energy and recognize whether it’s something you want to take in or not.

Watch Neo do this in the video below and imagine yourself feeling strong and energized while the energy from the outside world can no longer zing you around!

I asked the following question on my Facebook page and received some wonderful responses I’d like to share (anonymously of course) with my responses:

What do you want to know about energetic sensitivity? Ask away, it’s one of my favorite topics!


Hi Heather! I was at a funeral a few months ago and was overwhelmingly sad. Once I realized the level of sadness wasn’t mine I was able to cope. That sadness belonged to the family. It is hard, especially at work, to remember to stop and ask these questions. I like to have a spray bottle with Himalayan salt and lavender to spritz during bad energy situations.


I acknowledge you for recognizing that you were picking up other people’s energy at a funeral! When I was first recovering my health, funerals were one of the hardest things for me — I really didn’t know how to deal with my energetic sensitivity at all. They’d wipe me out! It’s so great that you have the awareness and also, your water with Himalayan salt and lavender is GREAT!

Vitamin B12 and a wide-spectrum of minerals (like Anderson’s Concentrated Mineral Drops) are helpful too. I find these get depleted in energetically sensitive people, so building them up makes a huge difference!

I use a glass, if possible, spray bottle and mix the salt, I think a tsp will work and a few drops of lavender essential oil with clean filtered water. You can vary the amount of salt and essential oil to your taste. Have fun with it, you won’t be wrong with your mixture for lack of a recipe.

Someone gave me a cool tip that you could use an empty glass vinegar bottle, cleaned out — and any large spray bottle sprayer will fit in it.

It works! And you get to recycle!!


These are some really great tips, Heather! I usually reach for the red wine, especially after a particularly draining day at work. Even though I know a baking soda and salt bath would be better…


Because I know you, I can make these suggestions…if you haven’t tried them yet, see what you think.

(1) L-tryptophan is an amino acid that stops cravings, helps you wind down and sleep, helps create a calm feeling, boosts self esteem and boosts moods. It also helps deal with the stress of the day. It’s especially good during the fall/winter months, when people are prone to Seasonal Affective Disorder.

If you take L-tryptophan away from food at around 3 – 4:00 pm (which I call the “witching hour” for those who are energetically sensitive!), you may be able to head off the desire for wine.

Also, wine is a blood sugar balancer — the BEST — and also, not the best. If your blood sugar is balanced, you may not want the wine. If you are in blood sugar emergency, wine works faster than food, but that’s not the signal you want to give your body (take L-glutamine powder under your tongue if you are in blood sugar emergency).

(2) D-phenylalanine (DPA) is what I call the “metal element protector.” For the energetically sensitive who find themselves taking on physical symptoms, along with emotions. If you take a DPA around 4 – 5 pm, you may find that you feel calmer, your mood tends to be better and you may feel more grounded in your own energy. I recommend this when you have to go out socially to do something that feels like an obligation (like your husband’s high school reunion…hahahaha).

There are contraindications to these all natural amino acids, so I want everyone reading this to make sure you check this out with your doctor if you are on medications of any kind or have migraines. I’d have different recommendations in those circumstances.

I carry L-tryptophan and DPA with me on all of my trips so that I’ll have what I need, just in case!

Can I take the L-tryptophan and DPA together? Can I down the pills with wine? (LOL)

Hahahahahaha! LOL.

Try taking one first for a few days and see how you feel. Then take a few days with the other. One of the ways I like to think of which works better is…

If you want to throw things at people or scream and yell at them, you likely need DPA and fast! You will feel better and like all is right with the world within 30 minutes. I think of it as the “anti-A-Hole” supplement…hee hee.

If you feel depressed, low, maybe even a bit overwhelmed, the L-tryptophan might be better. That will also take about 30 minutes to kick in.

For DPA, Doctor’s Best is the only brand I’ve found that is easily accessible. You can get it online at Amazon. Most other supplements are DLPA — that is DL-phenylalanine and it’s the energizing version. Don’t take it at night! Some people use it in the morning instead of coffee for energy or to get over artificial sweeteners. It’s no good for people with migraines, until that symptom is healed. DPA is the NON-energizing version.


People always tell me I’m too sensitive. I get headaches, cravings and low blood sugar. How do I know if it’s real or not? It feels like real symptoms. How can that happen?


Great question! The symptoms you mention are common ones. In Loving Yourself to Great Health, my new book with Louise Hay and Ahlea Khadro, we teach you how to do a food journal. I’d recommend you do that, just to get a better sense of how your symptoms might relate to your blood sugar levels. Cravings, headaches — these can happen if your blood sugar is low.

On the other hand, if you are being zinged by other people’s energy or electromagnetic field energy (EMFs), you could experience a blood sugar drop, kicking off cravings or a headache! So it’s like a chicken and egg sometimes.

Consider bringing some healthy snacks with you for when/if you feel your blood sugar drop. This will help. I tend to find that protein fats with sea salt, like almond butter, avocado, coconut butter or a hard boiled egg (egg yolk) tends to really help. The sea salt is KEY because it helps with grounding and mineral balance.

Also, if you do feel any of these symptoms, make sure to stop, breathe deeply and become aware of your situation. What is happening? Who are you with? What is your inner voice telling you? The more you practice, the more you’ll get a sense of whether you just picked up on energy from a person or the environment that is affecting you.

Keeping your blood sugar strong can ground you and make these energetic zings less sensitive.


Hi Heather. I have a question. I’m pretty sure I’m highly sensitive. One thing I’ve noticed about myself is that my mood, motivation and happiness is based upon outside influences. I seem to be unable to access my own joy unless something good outside of me happens. Even the weather affects whether I feel good or not. I’ve overcome a sugar addiction and eat a clean whole foods diet. I’m wondering if I’m also taking on other people’s energy, if I’m low in serotonin, depressed? Any thoughts?


GREAT question! Energetically sensitive people — until they learn to manage their sensitivity (and who teaches us, right?) — tend to get zinged in the nervous system. In Chinese medicine, the nervous system is where we take in energy from the outside world.

What I’m seeing is that my energetically sensitive clients are low in vitamin B12 (methyl B12), magnesium and minerals, often vitamin B6 and methyl folate as well. All of these get burned big time when under stress and if the nervous system is pulling in all that energy, which is then affecting the body and mind, that is STRESS on the body.

Over time, it can impact methylation (here’s an article I wrote on methylation)

Once methylation is impacted, health conditions can show up. The good news is, they can be resolved naturally too! This is the beauty of the emotional/spiritual/physical mind-body journey of healing. It’s a miraculous process that is made up of loving acts of kindness to ourselves in the form of diet, lifestyle, supplements and beliefs.

You could absolutely be low in serotonin (see my comments on serotonin in another question above). Or you could be having blood sugar issues from energetic sensitivity. It might help first to do the exercise I mention in this thread — spend time deciphering whether you are feeling a symptom emotion that belongs to your or someone/something else. If you practice this, you’ll learn to tell the difference and once your body knows you’ve got the “information” from that symptom, it can relax and let it go.

As you do this practice, look into the articles about B12, magnesium and methylation. See if any of the symptoms look like you. If so, you can rebuild your stores of these important nutrients and get the grounding and support your body needs.

If this seems like a need a lot of people have, I would consider staring a coaching group to support energetically sensitive people regain the health of their nervous system, moods, digestion, energy, etc. XOXO


Hi Heather! I read the book and have been applying the nutrition guidelines for a few weeks now. I noticed I am more and more energy sensitive since I’ve changed my diet and I started craving salt though I’ve always disliked the taste my whole life! Any tips for this newbie?


It’s so wonderful to hear that you are making nourishing choices so far! It’s not at all surprising that you’d feel more energetically sensitive. You are very likely getting more clear and in touch with your inner voice as your body starts feeling better with good nutrition.

If you have shifted from processed foods to whole food sweets, like the ones in our book, you will likely crave more salt. Salt is very mineral rich and grounding IF you choose sea salt or Himalayan salt, not the iodized table salt. Sea salt and Himalayan salt are full of trace minerals that our bodies desperately need.

I never craved salt until I started eating healthy too. It can be a sign that your adrenals are waking up and expressing their need for more minerals and energy. It can also be a sign that your body needs more minerals in general. When I started eating healthy, I noticed that I could tell where electromagnetic fields (EMFs) were in a room or building (which I verified with measuring devices). I realized how challenged I was by EMFs. This was a sign that my nervous system needed balancing. In Loving Yourself to Great Health, we talk about vitamin B12 and magnesium. These are key nutrients to grounding and healing your nervous system.

In Chinese medicine, your nervous system is how you take in energy from the outside world — so those of us who are energetically sensitive have been stressing our nervous systems! Chinese medicine says that we must balance what we put into the front of our bodies (food through the digestive system) with what we take into the back of our bodies (energy from the outside world through the nervous system). If we are imbalanced with these two important energy channels, we don’t feel aligned. This is one of the reasons that a lot of energy from the outside can tip blood sugar out of balance or imbalanced blood sugar can make us more prone to energy from others/environment.

I find that eating some protein fat, like almond butter, with sea salt works really well to fuel my blood sugar when there’s a lot of energy flowing — from crystals, people, the environment, etc.

The more you think about balance — balanced blood sugar, balanced intake of energy through your nervous system — the more grounded you’ll feel. Being aware and present really helps — and if you went into autopilot, symptoms can be a nice wakeup call to get your attention and ask you to tune into whether the symptom is yours or if you are picking up on outside energy.

Play with it — have fun with it as much as you can!

You will get better and better with practice and it starts to feel rather magical over time!


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