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  • Episode Name: “What’s Your Medicine?”
  • Live Broadcast: March 6th, 2018 at 12:00 pm Pacific Time
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Episode Summary Re-cap

How do you tap into your own intuition and become your own medicine person?
Are you confused by all the different options for healing, nutrition, medications, diets, or supplements you have to wade through? How do you have confidence about what’s going to work for you? How do you tap into your own intuition and become your own medicine person? In this engaging show, Heather will talk about how she awakened to a process of being led to the holistic health solutions that could help her heal from a genetic condition thought “incurable and untreatable” by modern medicine. Experience a meditation that helps you trust your intuition, emotions, ancestors, and guides.

How to Find Your Medicine Using Intuition, Ancestors and Guides

Several years ago, my great-grandmother began coming to me in dreams. A Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) activist and seer (psychic) who lived to 102, she was someone I always admired. When she first showed up in my dreams, she was performing a ceremony for me, but I wasn’t sure what was going on. She’d place me in a circle and ask my ancestors to surround us. They’d stand in a circle around me, their backs to me, which told me they were watching out for me, so that my great-grandmother could perform her ceremony with me and we would be completely protected.

This ceremony continued in my dreams for weeks. Eventually, I was led to understand what she was doing. It was a medicine wheel ceremony and in this ceremony, she was connecting me with my ancestors and guides – and preparing me for journeying into the unseen.

The unseen world is like a web, where there’s tremendous power. In the web is Creator-energy, where all things begin. It is the power that turns nothing into something. In the unseen, we can gather faith, love, courage, self-worth, and belief and take it into the seen world. It is full of space, life, and energy.

Before my great-grandmother came to me, I believed the unseen was an empty, dark, unknown space. As she held my hand and took me into the unseen, I began to see a web, a place where I felt supported. Where everything and everyone was connected. This connection reminded me of the importance of love and forgiveness. Because what we do to one, is done to ourselves and others.

My great-grandmother taught me that because everything is connected in the unseen world, I could go there to find solutions and healing. All I had to do was ask. I learned that even if she stopped showing up in my dreams, all I had to do was ask her to come take me into the unseen web. When I arrived, I’d ask for help in the unseen, to resolve my challenge and allow the resolution to manifest in the seen world.

I realized many miracles as these ceremonies and journeys took place. I began to have faith that any time I needed, I could ask to go into the unseen to resolve things.

Show Me the Medicine

Over time, I began to ask my great-grandmother to show me the medicine I needed to resolve whatever challenge I was experiencing: a stuck emotion, chronic symptom, or life challenge. Sometimes, the things she showed me didn’t make sense, so I’d ask to be shown what it meant during the coming days. As long as I was paying attention and not going into autopilot during the day, I’d find myself being led to the exact medicine she wanted to reveal to me.

One time, it was an herb to heal colds, flu, and digestive issues, while supporting collagen (the most abundant protein in the body that holds us up and together).

Another time, she showed me a half moon of cedar for ceremony to support a challenge I was having with group dynamics. While I didn’t know what that meant, I read some old teachings when I awoke and learned the half circle means a new moon. As I looked up the new moon, it was that day! I knew then that I was to perform a cedar burning ceremony for this new moon, which was the day before a meeting where the group dynamic was challenged. Upon performing the ceremony, I knew exactly how to approach the group meeting and it went incredibly well.

On another occasion, she showed me flying atop an eagle’s back, reminding me to change my perspective by getting the bigger picture about a challenge I was facing. That one helped me for weeks afterward! All I’d have to do was imagine flying with that eagle and I’d feel shifted.

Medicine is not just something you take. It’s anything that has a voice, meaning, or power. In my Hausenosaunee culture, we call this Orenda – spirit. It’s anything that carries value for you and helps you navigate your situation.

What’s Your Medicine?

In this show, we did a meditation so that you could call on your ancestors and guides, take a journey into the unseen web, and find your medicine.

Here are some questions to ask yourself if you want to learn your medicine:
  • When was the last time I danced, sang, laughed? What was I doing, feeling? Who was I being?
  • When was the last time I felt like I truly loved myself?
  • Do I have unfulfilled desires of the soul? What are they?
  • Who are the people who have my back? Who are my “rocks?” The people I feel are equals with me in giving and receiving?
  • Do I have faith that I am safe? That things are working out for my greatest good?
  • Do I believe in myself?
  • Am I willing to listen to the small, subtle signals of my intuition?
  • Do I trust and follow my intuition?
  • Am I aligned in emotions, heart, and spirit?
  • Am I willing to be led — and not have all the answers or plans ahead of time?

These questions are asking you to tap in to your inner self and trust your inner wisdom. If you are not ready, that’s okay! It took me time to feel ready too. The key is to keep showing up. Keep surrounding yourself by your ancestors and guides. Trust they are there for you. Notice the information you are given.

I would often go to old writings, teachings, or ask my elders, cousins, and Haudenosaunee sisterhood to help me decipher the messages I was getting. If no answers came, I would ask to happen across them. And as long as I paid attention and trusted the process, I would be led to the right thing. I might open a book to exactly what I needed. Or someone would say something that caught my attention. The answers were always there.

And they will be there for you, if you listen to your heart, your gut, your intuition.

What if You Have Anxiety, Overwhelm, Fatigue, Brain Fog?

If you feel that you don’t have the focus to even do this meditation, or you feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious or unsettled, there are two good places to start:

#1 – Remineralize Your Body

Mineral deficiency is a very common worldwide epidemic. Our soil and food lacks the minerals our ancestors had. On top of this, chronic stress burns through more minerals. Mineral deficiency often comes with symptoms like: digestive issues, anxiety, depression, fatigue, brain fog, food allergies, histamine intolerance, cravings, and overwhelm. You can start to remineralize your body by using sea salt instead of table salt. You can even put ¼ teaspoon sea salt in an 8 oz. glass of water with some lemon juice and sip that for added minerals. I’ve also seen excellent results in my clients with using Anderson’s Sea MD. Start low and slow with 1 dropperful across all your 8 oz. glasses of water for the day (e.g., 5 drops per glass). Work up to 2 dropperfuls if you feel it’s helping. If you have kidney issues, talk to your doctor before taking this and any other supplement.

#2 – Support Your Nervous System

Under stress, the body also dumps B vitamins, especially vitamins B12 and B6. A good B complex supplement, like Innate Response B Complex, and an added sublingual vitamin B12 supplement, like Jarrow Methyl B12 can be very helpful. B vitamins support energy, moods, and feeling grounded. Vitamin B12, in particular, supports your nervous system, which is important for energetically sensitive people and anyone experiencing nerve pain or digestive issues.

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