The Weight Gain-Lymph Connection Part 2

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  • Episode Name: “The Weight Gain-Lymph Connection Part 2”
  • Live Broadcast: October 23rd, 2018 at 12:00 pm Pacific Time
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Episode Summary Re-cap

Your lymphatic system health is critical for ideal weight, immunity, and overall health.
In part 1 of this fascinating show, Lymphatic system and fat disorders expert, Linda Anne Kahn revealed how lymph works with tips to improve your heath naturally. But we only scratched the surface. Today, we dive deeper into a lymph-supporting diet, how to use essential oils, and how to bring your immune system back into balance. Learn natural strategies to reduce edema, swelling, pain, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, unexplained weight gain, fatigue, digestive problems, and other symptoms related to sluggish or malfunctioning lymphatics.

Linda-Anne KahnSpecial Guest: Linda-Anne Kahn

Linda-Anne Kahn is an internationally trained Beauty Therapist, Aromatherapist, Holistic Health Practitioner, and Lymphedema Therapist. As a leading authority in the health, beauty, and wellness fields, she’s a sought-after speaker at many professional conventions and events, including national and international lymphedema and aromatherapy conferences and fat disorder conferences.

Linda-Anne is a Board Certified and internationally recognized Cidesco Diplomat. She’s also a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist from Eve Taylor in London. She holds an international certification as a Manual Lymph Drainage Therapist and Lymphedema Specialist from the Dr. Vodder School in Austria and the Foldi School in Germany. She has also holds a certification as a Lymphedema specialist from Drs. Judith and John Casley-Smith at the University of Adelaide in Australia. She holds a National Certification by Lymphology Association of North America (LANA). She is on the advisory board for the FDRS (Fat Disorder Research Society) and Lymph Notes.

Linda-Anne specializes in the treatment of Lymphedema, autoimmune diseases, post-surgical care, acne, sinus problems and migraines, arthritis, edemas, and Lyme Disease. Additionally, she is a specialist in the treatment of fat disorders, such as Lipedema and Dercum’s disease.

Linda-Anne is owner of the Beauty Kliniek Aromatherapy Day Spa and Wellness Center in San Diego, CA, where she customizes essential oil blends for her clients for balance, harmony, and complementary therapy for various conditions. In addition, she is the creator of Varenya Essentials anti-aging skin care and aromatherapy blends. She is also the founder of Lymphatic therapy services as well as Varenya post graduate training Center.

Linda-Anne’s Lymphatic Therapy Services Website

Linda-Anne’s book, Nutrition Guide for Lymphedema and Lipedema

Beauty Kliniek Website


Your Lymphatic System is More Important than You Think

Your lymphatic system is a network of tissues and organs that helps rid your body of toxins. It’s an important part of your immune system, fluid balance, and nutrient absorption.

Like your circulatory system, your lymphatic system reaches and supports your whole body. Unlike your circulatory system, which is pumped by your heart, the lymphatic system does not have its own pump. This means you have to move your body in order to move your lymph.

The Lymph-Weight Gain Connection Part 1

Learn more about your lymphatic system and symptoms of stagnant lymph, which is more common than you think in Part 1 of The Lymph-Weight Gain Connection.

In Part 1, we covered:
  • Fat disorders like lipedema, lymphedema, and Dercum’s disease.
  • Nutrition to support your lymphatic system
  • Why essential fatty acids are key
  • Important wellness habits for lymph health, including: manual lymphatic drainage, dry skin brushing, exercise, whole body vibration, deep breathing, and light compression leggings.

The Lymph-Weight Gain Connection Part 2

70% of your lymph is concentrated in your gut. If you eat a diet high in sugar, gluten, refined and trans fats, and processed foods, your lymph can become overburdened. Inflammation results and you can experience swelling in your abdomen or other areas of your body.

Linda Anne explained that a study in mice showed that stagnant or inflammatory lymph can contribute to weight gain and obesity. A study in Cell Metabolism (volume 26, issue 4, October 3, 2017) shows that your lymphatics are an important factor in metabolism and your weight.

“Leakage of lymph stimulates cells to store fat, leading to obesity,” Linda Anne explained. “Eating a diet of processed foods, trauma from surgery, and lack of exercise can cause a strain on your lymphatic system.”

Stagnant lymph can cause fluids to build up, causing a wide variety of symptoms like chronic fatigue, digestive issues, weight gain, fat disorders, brain fog, and other brain issues.

A Lifestyle that Supports Lymph Health is Critical

If you have experienced weight gain, cancer or surgery with resulting lymphedema, or have a fat disorder like lipedema or Dercum’s disease, daily health habits are essential for reducing symptoms. These are not one-time cures, they are important regular practices to incorporate into your routine. Chose a few that resonate with you. Change them up to try new things and see what works best for you.

#1 – Essential Oil Therapies

Linda Anne provided her favorite and most effective essential oils for lymph support. She suggests putting 10 – 12 drops of essential oils into a carrier oil (cocnut oil, sesame oil, almond oil, moringa oil, etc.) for the safest use. You can also put essential oils into a diffuser for aromatherapy, which can be especially helpful for emotional support. Adding essential oils to your bath (8 – 12 drops) can be incredibly helpful as well. Just make sure to add an emulsifier, like Solubol (organic dispersant) to distribute the essential oils into the water.

Here are some essential oil options:
  • Grapefruit
  • Ravensara
  • Lemon
  • Ginger
  • Tumeric
  • Helichrysum
  • Angelica
  • Plai

Try Body Bliss and Mountain Rose Herbs for high-quality essential oils.

#2 – Supplements

In part 1, we discussed diosmin, butcher’s broom, horse chestnut, and minerals like 40,000 Volts and/or Anderson’s Sea MD for lymph health. Linda Anne also recommends systemic enzymes, which help sweep toxins out of your body and support your connective tissue.

Great systemic enzyme options are:

#3 – Lymphatic, Connective Tissue, and Liver Support

Coffee enemas are a great way to help your body detoxify. They support your liver in releasing toxins, get rid of excess bile, stimulate your vagus nerve, and create glutathione (your body’s master detox antioxidant). Many clients have said coffee enemas reduce swelling and painful fat.

Andrographis – My Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) great-grandmother came to me in a dream years ago and showed me the plant, andrographis. When I looked up what it did, I was amazed to see that it supports immunity, connective tissue, lymph, your liver, and digestive health. It can also relieve headaches and migraines. Andrographis is called the “king of bitters” and is a prized herb in Asia. Taking andrographis in tincture form is a great option, just be aware that it is very bitter. In Chinese medicine, the taste of an herb is part of its health benefits, so drink quickly and have a chaser to cleanse your palate, if needed! I recommend drinking 2 cups of water with 30 drops of andrograhis for 2 weeks, then taking 2 weeks to a month off before resuming for another 2 weeks.

#4 – Love Yourself and Your Body

This is profoundly important! So much of weight gain these days is a result of inflammation. Many women may have fat disorders like lipedema or Dercum’s disease or lymph issues and not even know it. Often, doctors and others blame you for eating too much, or not exercising enough. Fat disorders are especially challenging because it can be incredibly challenging to lose weight, no matter how few calories consumed or how much exercise you do. The first and most critical step you can take is to accept your body and love it. Love yourself unconditionally, no matter what. Your body is your vessel in this life and when you show it love and acceptance, you are creating healing. Remember, scientists in the Human Genome project found that your thoughts, food, and lifestyle are key to resolving genetic symptoms. How you think matters. Look at your body and say, “Thank you body, I love you body.” Look in the mirror and tell yourself how much you love and accept yourself, just as you are.

Both Linda Anne (with lipedema) and I (with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Dercum’s disease) have found that this one practice has been helpful on our healing journeys. This step is foundational for every other step you can take to manage symptoms and feel your best.

#5 – Support Your Fascia

Your lymph is in superficial fascia (also connective tissue), just under your skin from head to toe and around organs and muscles. When your fascia is tight, muscles are tight and lymph doesn’t flow properly.

Here are some options for supporting fascia:
  • Fascia Blaster – Linda Anne says this can be beneficial, but is often too painful and possibly problematic for people with lipedema and Dercum’s disease
  • Triactive Laser – you can get this treatment at Linda Anne’s Beauty Kliniek and other spas.
  • Tui Na massage – pronounced twee-nah, this Chinese medicine massage can be used to improve fascia, lymph flow, and energy flow.

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