Understanding Your Microbiome (the Angels Within)

We humans are made up of 90% bacteria cells and 10% human cells.

At one time, we thought all bacteria was bad and now, more scientists, researchers and doctors are realizing that a good deal of bacteria in our bodies is quite benevolent and fully understanding your microbiome is critical.

Let’s Zero in on the Gut

So let’s zero in on the gut…inside the gut is a community of bacteria, both good and bad, living in harmony. These gut bacteria handle a lot of complex tasks on behalf of our health — extracting nutrients from our food, getting us nutrients we are missing, talking to our brain and giving it signals for how to feel (moods, sleep, self-esteem, motivation, etc.), aiding immunity and even helping maintain a healthy weight! They do a lot. I kind of think these are not bugs, but maybe they are really angels, working on our behalf! After all, many of us have been brought up to fear bugs…so why not think of these benevolent beings as fluffy, loving angels?

How do we take care of them so they can stay well nourished and nurtured? Well, here’s the thing. A researcher in the UK found that junk food and fast food kills off these angels within a matter of days. His focus was the bacteria that keep you naturally slim vs. the bacteria that encourage weight gain. The slim-producing good guys die off when junk food makes its way into the gut day after day.

The same has been found for all of the good guys. They die off with a diet of processed foods because they need real, whole foods to live, thrive and do their important work of keeping us living and thriving.

Go Team Angel!

What if we knew that we had this giant team of angels supporting us every day? What if every time we chose the food we eat, we thought of it as feeding a community that was working on our behalf? That the simple act of eating was fueling a team of angels to do all kinds of benevolent work for us? How cool is that?

In our book, Loving Yourself to Great Health, I and my co-authors, Louise Hay and Ahlea Khadro, talk more about the microbiome — the community that resides in your gut — and how to listen to your body and choose whole foods that will nourish you in mind, body and spirit. Plus a whole bunch of other feel-good ideas for living a beautiful, happy life.

You are encoded to be healthy,
with a whole team of angels on your side!

Feeding them well and loving them is a great way to ultimately, love yourself. xo


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