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  • Episode Name: Toxins & Natural Detox Strategies
  • Live Broadcast: October 3rd, 2016 at 3:00 pm Pacific Time

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These days, toxins seem to hide everywhere: in our food, water, the air we breathe — even our thoughts! How do you know if toxins are affecting your health? Today, discover how to minimize toxins and a step-by-step approach to detoxing your body and mind naturally.

Corinne BsuhSpecial Guest: Corinne Bush, Integrative Clinical Nutritionist

Corinne Bush, MS, CNS is an integrative nutritionist. Her mission to transform complex, chronic disease through nutrition is realized through her work in clinical practice and as a leader in key nutrition organizations who are moving nutrition to the core of healthcare.

Corinne is the Executive Vice President of the Certification Board for Nutrition Specialists, the foremost credentialing body for advanced nutrition professionals and serves on the Board of Directors of the American College of Nutrition, an organization focused on stimulating nutrition research and publication, elevating nutrition knowledge among clinicians and researchers, and providing practical guidance on clinical nutrition.

Corinne received her B.S. Degree in Nutrition from Montclair University in Montclair,New Jersey and the M.S. Degree in Nutrition from Rutgers University in New Brunswick,New Jersey. Corinne is a Certified Nutrition Specialist through the Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists and has completed AFMCP advanced training at the Institute for Functional Medicine.

She is a contributing author in the medical textbook Obesity, Epidemiology, Pathophysiology, and Prevention, 2nd edition.

Corinne may be reached at: [email protected] or (908)-246-7518.

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Toxins & Natural Detox Strategies

What is a Toxin?

A toxin is any chemical that negatively impacts health.

This can be from internal or external chemicals.

Examples of toxins are:
  • Mold – in the environment and food
  • Heavy metals – like mercury and aluminum
  • Internal toxins – pathogenic bacteria and yeast that reside inside of us and create adverse affects.
  • Standard American Diet – chemicals in processed foods like high fructose corn syrup, MSG (monosodium glutamate), chemical additives like preservatives and colors, inflammatory molecules (e.g., gluten, casein).
  • Plastics
  • Pesticide residue from GMO and conventional foods
  • Medications – must be detoxified and often through one enzyme pathway. As this load increases, so do side effects from the medications.
  • Mental and emotional toxins – negative thinking, lack of self-care, stress, anger, hostility. These molecules of emotion are chemical toxins and can build up in the body.

Common Toxins in our Food Supply

GMO Foods – Genetically Modified Organisms

They are organisms whose genes have been altered to confer desired characteristics. The crops in the United States whose genes have been modified to withstand the toxic herbicide, glyphosate (especially corn, soy, cotton and canola). The goal is to increase the yield of the crops.

Glyphosate was synthesized in the 1950’s to sequester minerals. It was believed to be safe for humans because humans don’t have an enzymatic pathway to process glyphosate, however, later, it was found that bacteria – the good guys that help us stay healthy – do have a pathway to digest glyphosate. Since a healthy community of bacteria (called the microbiome) is critical for good health and we humans have trillions of bacteria, this point becomes pretty important. What is glyphosate doing to the health of our microbiome? This is especially critical because bacteria act as auxiliary DNA and can turn on or turn off genetic switches. They are also responsible for our brain function, immune function and gut health. They are part of our epigenetics!

In farming use today, we are seeing that it depletes minerals in the soil. We are also seeing evidence that GMO foods are depleting minerals in the human body due to the glyphosate.

When plants are sprayed with pesticides, herbicides or genetically modified, they plants learn to no longer protect themselves. They essentially become lazy and stop producing important components, like antioxidants. Antioxidants fight free radicals and protect us from the aging process. This means that in addition to having less minerals, our plants also have less important nutrients.

Non-GMO, Wild Craftedor, Organic

Organic is the gold standard, but if you cannot get organic food, you may find a local farmer who does not spray with toxic herbicides or pesticides. Getting organic certification is expensive and some farmers have “organic” practices, but are not certified. Ask questions, visit the farm and talk to your local community to choose a local farmer.

  • Non-GMO means it has not been genetically modified, but it may still be sprayed with toxic pesticides or herbicides.
  • Wild crafted means that it’s been grown without the use of toxic herbicides or pesticides, but does not have the organic certification (higher standard).
  • Organic means that the food and soil have gone through a certification process to meet standards for clean soil, no toxic pesticides or herbicides, and are not genetically modified (non-GMO).

Heavy Metals are natural constituents of the earth’s crust, but human activity has drastically altered their biochemical balance (e.g., burning of fossil fuels, industrial use of lead in paint and arsenic in treated wood). Heavy metals are in our food supply and disrupt the body in two major ways: (1) they accumulate in our bodies and do not get detoxified readily. They store in heart, brain, kidneys, bone, liver, disrupting the function of vital organs and glands; and (2) they displace vital nutritional minerals, hindering biological function, which is critical for our health. They are found in many foods and places in our environment. They also act as neurotoxins and can contribute to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cancer, and diabetes.

You Can Detoxify Heavy Metals with Diet and IV Chelation

Diet is a gentle way to detox heavy metals, although some people may need more support.

An expert practitioner in chelation is critical if you are going to go the route of chelation. IV chelation can be helpful, but should only be done in the hands of an expert who can choose the proper chelation agent, replace minerals and support the gastrointestinal tract.

Dr. Stephen Genius Research on Probiotics and Nutrients for Heavy Metal Detox
  • Lead – L. rhamnosus GG
  • Cadmium – L. planetarum (typically rich in cultured vegetables)
  • Arsenic – L. casei and folate (as 5-mthf, not folic acid)
  • Mercury – Selenium (Brazil nuts are rich in selenium)
  • Aluminum – Malic Acid (found in fruits and vegetables, like apples)
  • There’s insufficient evidence that cilantro, alfalfa, or rutin are always successful at removing toxicants.

Symptoms that Suggest You May Need to Detox

  • Headaches
  • Skin issues
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Fatigue
  • Digestive issues – diarrhea, constipation, digestive pain, candida, SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth), food allergies, GERD
  • COS, endometriosis or systematic hormonal issues – phthalates, PCBs, estrogenic foods like soy, plastics and copper toxicity can create estrogen dominance, contributing to hormone issues.
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Chronic symptoms and mystery illnesses

How to use Nutrition for Detoxification

If we were not so exposed to toxins, our bodies would handle detoxification without needing much help. These days, we have more toxins in our food, water, and environment, which can overwhelm our detox pathways. Also, each person varies greatly in their ability to detoxify. Multiple chemical sensitivities can be a sign that detox pathways are overloaded, for example.

  • Inflammatory foods or foods you are allergic or intolerant to: often this is dairy, gluten and casein.
  • Processed foods – especially processed flour products like bread, cookies, and cakes.
  • Sugar, high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners.
  • Cruciferous vegetables – broccoli, cauliflower, kale, collards, Brussels sprouts, Swiss chard, cabbage
  • Allium family – onions, leeks, garlic and shallots support detoxification and are phytonutrient-rich
  • Green tea
  • Berries
  • Pomegranate
  • Herbs and spices – rosemary, thyme, cilantro, turmeric, ginger, parsley
  • Soluble fiber, like chia seeds
  • Probiotics – sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha
  • Methyl-folate (active folate rather than folic acid)
  • Berberine – great for cleaning up gut bacteria and wonderful anti-inflammatory
Support Digestion
  • Betaine HCl
  • Digestive bitters
  • Digestive enzymes
Keep Your Bowels Moving
  • Clean water – filtered water or spring water is best
  • Soluble and insoluble fiber – chia and flax seeds
  • Magnesium
Gut-Health Tips
  • Heal leaky gut with foods like bone broth (see recipes below).
  • Support a healthy microbiome with good soluble and insoluble fiber and healthy probiotics (see above).

Recipes of the Day

Bone broth is a wonderful detoxifier because it helps to decrease inflammation and heal and seal leaky gut. It also helps to pull more nutrients out of every food we eat, making it a wonderful way to heal.

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