Toxic Relationships Part 2: Heal Your Mind

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  • Episode Name: “Toxic Relationships Part 2: Heal Your Mind”
  • Live Broadcast: Monday, October 10th, 2016 at 3:00 pm PT / 6:00 pm ET

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Episode Summary Re-cap

Toxic relationships affect up to 89% of people

Toxic relationships reportedly affect up to 89% of people, so its no surprise so many of you requested a part 2 of this topic! Today, Heather and special guest, Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz cover solutions, solutions, solutions! Learn how to use medical intuition and nutrition to heal the stress, brain changes, and health issues that can arise in toxic relationships. Learn tips from Dr. Mona Lisa’s new book with Louise Hay, Heal Your Mind, to rebuild your strength, confidence and well-being.

Dr. Mona Lisa SchulzSpecial Guest: Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz

Mona Lisa Schulz (Dr. Mona Lisa), is a medical intuitive. Dr. Schulz received her doctorates, an MD and a PhD (Behavioral Neuroscience) from Boston University’s School of Medicine in 1993.

In addition to her extensive background in health and brain research, Dr. Schulz has been a practicing medical intuitive since 1987. During a medical intuitive consultation, knowing only someone’s name and age, Mona Lisa discerns both a person’s physical condition and the emotional state of his or her life, explaining how the two are linked.

Dr. Schulz teaches us how to become aware of how our symptoms of illness are part of our intuition network, letting us know when something in our lives is out of balance.

During a medical intuitive consultation, there is no physician/patient relationship, nor is any psychotherapy being performed. Mona Lisa will educate you in how specific emotional situations in your life are associated with the increased risk of illness in a specific organ in your body. One of the many joys in Dr. Mona Lisa’s life is teaching individuals how to acknowledge, trust, and develop their intuitive skills.

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Toxic Relationships: Solutions to Heal Your Mind

A couple of weeks ago, Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz and I did a show on toxic relationships. We both got so much feedback from all of you that you want us to share more, so today, we are going to talk all about SOLUTIONS for healing your mind with medical intuition and nutrition.

The thing is, when you are in a toxic relationship, it actually changes your brain. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies may leave you feeling depleted. Weight gain, anxiety, and depression are common. Where once, you may have felt successful and pretty confident, you may be left feeling powerless and stuck.

We talked last time about how many of the most empathic, intuitive, smart, responsible, caring, and successful people are targeted by manipulative people because these traits are attractive to them. However, once in a toxic relationship – whether a marriage, friend or colleague – it can feel very hard to get out. In fact, we can be addicted to the addictive cocktail that they elicit in our brains. So sometimes, we may not be fully aware of what’s happening. Often, we find ourselves feeling alone and isolated.

Today, we’re going to talk about toxic relationship patterns – and more importantly, we’re going to cover solutions — using medical intuition and nutrition to heal your body and mind!


The 5 Warning Signs of a Narcissistic Relationship

Often, we look for someone who seems incredibly good in areas where we lack confidence. Since narcissistic people have an exaggerated sense of self, they often seem much more confident about everything, which can be appealing to you if you lack confidence. Look beyond what you are seeing for a moment and notice if any of these signs (some of these are featured in the latest issue of Oprah’s O Magazine):

  • The first place it will hit you is your stomach. Often your self-esteem will plummet. You will carry responsibility for that person or you feel sick. You may feel like you want to throw up.
  • Is it all about them? Their career, their beauty, their life situation. Do you feel less than them in many areas? You could be attracted to a narcissist if they have a quality you wish you had.
  • They feel very special and you do not. They want everyone to look at me, look at me – and you are shy and don’t want people to look at you.
  • Do they take advantage of you? You are always available to them, always doing things for them, always there for them emotionally. Perhaps they are not there for you when you need them. At work, they may seem great in the group brainstorming part of the project, but then when it comes time to work the project plan, meet deadlines and turn in portions of the project, they fail. There may be many excuses or blaming of others. A narcissist often relies on others to carry the load.
  • They seem very empathetic and like good listeners at first. This may be very genuine, but their empathy will go away as soon as they are concerned about something. They may actually turn on you. This can happen when you give them feedback or ask questions where they feel criticized or afraid of being found out.

Theme Songs– Pick a theme song to help you build strength! Here are songs to encourage you to love yourself, put yourself first as you heal and bring out your spiritual warrior.

Love Myself by Hailee Steinfeld | Fight Song by Rachel Platten

Nutritional to Support To Help Heal Your Body & Mind

When someone has been impacted by a toxic or narcissistic relationship, it can set up the body and brain for several deficiencies related to PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) or Complex PTSD.

How to Resolve Common Deficiencies

B vitamins: Grounding, stabilizing, and helps with your nervous system, sleep, self-esteem and detoxification.

Minerals: Adrenal fatigue and hormone imbalances are not uncommon when dealing with a toxic relationship. Magnesium and zinc are often the first to go.

  • Anderson’s Sea MD – add some drops to water (up to one dropperful spread out over all of your glasses of water for the day). Adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues and hormone imbalances are common. A wide base of minerals can help with adrenal and thyroid issues. Iodine can also help with thyroid issues. Another way to support your thyroid is to stop eating enriched flour products that have bromine. Bromine competes with iodine in the thyroid and can starve the thyroid of iodine.
  • Get an HTMA  to assess your mineral levels, particularly zinc and copper (and the zinc-copper ratio). Zinc/Copper ratio issues are common in toxic relationships, which affect the brain (anxiety, depression). (minerals, adaptogens, essential fatty acids, support gallbladder/fat metabolism).

Essential fatty acids from animal fats (raw organic grassfed butter or ghee, grass/pasture-fed animal fats like beef tallow, pork lard, chicken schmaltz and duck fat). Also plant fats like extra virgin olive oil, unrefined flax seed oil and hemp seed oil.

Antioxidants – to boost your mitochondrial (cellur level) health from vegetables and berries the color of the rainbow.

Nervous system support from triphala (Ayurvedic herb) and L-theanine (amino acid)

Sleep Support – Natural remedies are 5-HTP, melatonin, and tinctures like passion flower and oat straw.

Support Systemand Digestive Support – Bone broth provides healing collagen, the most abundant protein in the body that provides first chakra support and gut-healing benefits. Louise Hay and I call collagen “the great supporter, because it holds everything in the body up and together. Other great options are supplements like HCl with Betaine and Pepsin (stomach acid), digestive enzymes, herbal bitters, and ox bile for gallbladder support (and fat digestion).

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Tune in next week to Loving Yourself to Great Health, Dr. Terry Wahls joins Heather to share how she recovered from MS and along the way,discovered a key nutritional protocol to help people heal from autoimmune conditions.


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