Tips for Energetically Sensitive People

It took me a long time to realize how energetically sensitive I was. Years ago, I moved from the mountains of rural New Hampshire to Los Angeles, California to collaborate with a team of health experts. I had never lived in LA before, so I was excited to explore a new area. However, I began to notice that my energy was off. I could sense and feel things that were odd to me.

One day, I was driving from Los Angeles to Carlsbad, CA to visit Hay House Publishing and I noticed that at a certain point in the trip, the energy completely shifted and I felt calmer and more grounded. Fortunately, I had Louise Hay and several other friends who understood energy and could talk to me about what I was experiencing. Each person I talked with had their own area of expertise and gave me a piece of the puzzle:

  • Electromagnetic Energy (Electricity/Radiation, cell towers, etc.) – there are more electromagnetic fields in Los Angeles (which affects energy in a number of ways).
  • Earth Energy (Geopathic Stress) – The San Andreas Fault (narrow break between the North America Plate and Pacific plate) is always moving. It continuously creeps in movement, which can feel like you have no solid ground to stand on.
  • Psychic Field – Many experts in energy healing said that whenever they worked with clients in LA, there was a specific type of energy they’d experience (one woman’s leg would shake the entire time working with LA clients!).

Keep in mind that I had come from the mountains of New Hampshire — a rural area. So all of this energy was very new to me. It was incredibly valuable to feel it though and I am truly grateful that I was able to feel the contrast. (None of this is a judgment about LA, by the way — this is to illustrate that places we live can affect our energy differently!)

Other energetically sensitive people also experienced the shift in energy between Los Angeles and Carlsbad. It was freaky and really cool.

From this point on, I began diving into energy and how places, people and objects (e.g., crystals, etc.) impacted people’s energy. We all feel and sense energy. Sometimes we don’t even realize how much. It took feeling the contrast for me to really get how my body experienced it. We all experience energy differently and it affects us differently.

Why Keeping Some Attention on Your Inner Body is So Helpful!

  • Everything you consume affects your energy in some way. It can either give you energy, deplete energy or impact your moods, symptoms or ability to feel calm, centered and grounded.
  • This includes the food you eat, the beverages you drink, the people you are with, the work you do, the buildings you are in, the places you live or visit…it also includes the thoughts you think…all of this affects our energy!
  • If you keep some attention on your inner body, you can notice how your body is responding to something and work with your energy. This can be a lot of fun and very cool if you are willing to play with it! Have fun — this allows you to develop a really beautiful, loving relationship with your body. It also helps you become aware that sometimes, you are picking up on something — and having a related symptom — that has NOTHING to do with you. When you realize you just picked that symptom up from someone or something else, it’s easier to let it dissolve immediately. I used to carry these symptoms around thinking they were mine, until I learned about this.

** One time, I was sitting in a big meeting in Los Angeles and I suddenly felt so exhausted that I thought I might want to get up and get some coffee. This baffled me because I wasn’t tired just moments ago. I looked up at the CEO and instantly realized I had picked up on his energy. He had just arrived from a red eye flight from the East coast, so of course he was exhausted. Once I realized that, my feeling of exhaustion went away (thank heavens!). In the past, I would have held on to that symptom like it was mine, never questioning whether it was a signal about something else.

We all have these. Some maybe more than others. Some of you may have a number of types of ESP as well. If so, here’s something important to know…

Energy Comes in Through the Nervous System

In Chinese medicine, they teach that energy from the outside world comes in through our nervous system. We then take life-fueling energy (food, water, air) in through our mouth. If these systems are not in balance, cravings and food issues may arise!

For energetically sensitive people, the nervous system can get zinged all day long. I find that many either need to heal their nervous system (and adrenals!) or need a great deal of continuous nervous system support.

Three of the Most Incredibly Grounding Tools for Energetic Sensitivity

1. Vitamin B12

Incredibly grounding! When I started taking B12, I could still feel energy, but it didn’t zing me around and bother me as much as it had before. Here’s more about B12 and the symptoms of B12 deficiency.

2. Minerals

Here’s a magnesium article to give you an idea of how important minerals are. Magnesium is considered a “gateway mineral” and an ambassador to the others. My favorite mineral supplements are 1/4 tsp sea salt in 8 oz water (at home remedy – no table salt, that makes things worse!) and even better, Anderson’s Concentrated Mineral Drops (also called Sea MD). Aussie Minerals and ConcenTrace are two other nice brands. They all include a WIDE base of minerals, rather than just one. MINERALS ARE THE ENERGY SPARK PLUGS AND THE ENERGY ANCHORS IN OUR BODY! And they nourish the adrenals and thyroid.

3. Keep Your Blood Sugar Strong

Remember the principle in Chinese medicine. How we take energy into our body is a combination of our nervous system and what we consume to fuel our lives. As you start to recognize the symptoms of low blood sugar, you may find that your blood sugar drops when you experience certain types of energy. Your body is signaling that it needs to be refueled. If you listen and respond with a healthy snack (I find that protein fats, like nut/seed butters, eggs or something strengthening with sea salt tends to work really well), your body will be less taxed and feel supported.

Today’s Exercise

Have fun with this! Notice how your energy is affected as you go through your day. Notice if you suddenly get a symptom or a thought/feeling/energy change. Ask your body what it’s all about. Don’t assume it belongs to you! Listen to your body and if nothing comes to you, just tell your body you’re here, ready to listen and trust it will come.

Continue with your food diary – you are learning how the energy of certain foods affect you. Remember, we are all different, so you are learning how things uniquely affect you.

Remember, your taste buds signal your right, intuitive brain. Everything we are doing in this 31-day exercise is supporting you in strengthening your intuition. Especially your intuition about what supports your best health!

Sending big love — I’d be very curious to hear what you think about all of this and any stories you have to share!


This article started from a conversation we had on Facebook! We’re in the middle of a ‘31-Day Process Food Challenge‘ – check it out…


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