Sage Ceremony

In tonight’s sage ceremony, my Native American cousins in upstate NY were also doing a healing ceremony for women. As they burned sage, we joined minds and hearts. I included all of us in the healing they received and then did our ceremony. Tonight’s ceremony focused on the medicine wheel and the four directions. As I read all of your names, I imagined us all walking within the medicine wheel. We walked from East to West, the Path of Constant Change. As we walk in this direction, we ask for more balance, strength and resilience as we step into our power and thank the Creator for these beneficial changes. Walking from East to West, we look at change in the physical world around us and move into the changes within us (physical and mental internal changes).

We then walked the line from South to North, focusing on the Sacred Path of Unbending Tradition. This is the direction of resisting change. It is here that we focus on our spiritual growth. It is the balance between Constant Change and Unbending Tradition that we find in the center of the medicine wheel. So we stand in that center, inviting in balance, harmony for all beings. To bring our feminine strength and power forward into this state of balance. To keep this balance, we recognize we must spend time in both realms: Constant Change and Unbending Tradition.

May we all walk these paths in balance. May we all reclaim our sovereign mind. Sovereignty of mind means that we know who we are and believe in ourselves and our knowledge with all our being. No one can take that away from us. Regardless of who is in power or what the current rules are.

You may feel yourself walking this path anytime, feeling your feet touching the earth, reconnecting with the Mother who nourishes us all. We know her. She is our relative and she keeps us safe, grounded and balanced. As your feet walk upon her, remember to be of sovereign mind. Strong, resilient, balanced on your Sacred Path.

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