How to Practice Inner Peace

I used to think that everything in my life had to calm down in order to experience inner peace. I’d even go to great lengths to create an easy schedule, so easy that I could become a hermit to preserve my peace. That’s when I realized I was missing out on life.

While going into a cocoon is a part of growth and transformation, I realized I had to come out of it and participate in life too. Find my tribe. Hold hands with them. Learn to cultivate an inner peace regardless of life circumstances.

How to Practice

Here’s an exercise that really helped me learn to create inner peace in the midst of chaos. I learned it from meditation expert, Susan Piver.

  • Breathe deeply until you feel inner calm.
  • Now turn on some heavy metal music or some other fast-paced music. This usually creates a kind of chaos energetically.
  • Listen to the music and practice breathing, calming your body, mind and spirit. Calming your heart. Tell your body that you are safe. See if you can feel calm inside, even with the chaotic music.
  • This is especially helpful for ENERGETICALLY SENSITIVE, intuitive or psychic people who feel porous and pick up a lot of energy.

This is a great exercise to do in your own home so that you can practice for those times out in groups (or malls!), at work, or any time you are feeling chaos in your life circumstances.

Would you be willing to try this? I’d love to hear how this goes for you. Or if you’ve tried something like this, how did it work for you?

Sending BIG LOVE to all! ♥

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