Myths and Truths: GMO Foods and Glyphosate

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  • Episode Name: “Myths and Truths: GMO Foods and Glyphosate”
  • Live Broadcast: June 12th, 2018 at 12:00 pm Pacific Time
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Do GMO foods (genetically modified organisms) contribute to cancer, gut issues, obesity, hormonal imbalance, non-alcoholic fatty liver, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s? Are GMO foods and glyphosate safe and important for the future of feeding the world? Are GMO foods impacting the purity of organic crops? If you have health issues and you eat corn, soy, wheat and other non-organic foods, you will want to tune in as Dr. Paul Mills takes us through the recent science about glyphosate and the state of our diet.

Special Guest: Dr. Paul Mills

Paul J. Mills is Professor of Family Medicine and Public Health, Director of the UC San Diego Center of Excellence for Research and Training in Integrative Health, Chief of the Division of Behavioral Medicine, Director of the Integrative Health and Mind-Body Biomarker Laboratory, and Co-Director of the Translational Research Technologies Division at the UC San Diego Clinical and Translational Research Institute. He has expertise in Integrative Medicine and psychoneuroimmune processes in wellness and disease, publishing extensively on these topics.

The Center of Excellence’s many projects includes the ‘Herbicide Awareness and Research Project’, which is conducting research on human exposure to glyphosate (the primary ingredient of weedkiller Roundup), and its potential effects on health and wellbeing.

UC San Diego

What are GMO Foods?

When it comes to Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), we are talking about selectively engineered foods (e.g., changing some genes). While not all selectively engineered foods use the toxic weed killer, glyphosate, there is one thing for sure: GMO foods have not been studied enough to know the full story about harmful effects.

Let’s talk about glyphosate for a moment, because much of the discussion about health issues related to GMO foods right now involve a concern about this toxic herbicide, Roundup, made by Monsanto (recently purchased by Bayer).

Because glyphosate kills everything it is sprayed on – weed or not – Monsanto (now Bayer) decided to selectively engineer food seeds (called Roundup Ready seeds) so that the plant would stay alive despite the spraying. You don’t need to be a scientist to think about what happens when a living thing is changed to withstand a poison.

While we hear the argument that GM foods are helpful for crop yields, new studies are showing that the overall cost of GM crops are bigger than the overall costs of organic foods, according to Dr. Paul Mills. “Studies out of Netherlands and UK show that if you consider the negative effects of GMO foods, the cost is actually twice as much as the cost for organic. But the governments are managing those costs through subsidies.”

Little-Known Facts About Glyphosate

Glyphosate is in the Roundup weed killer and in 750 other products. Dr. Paul Mills was surprised to find out that there was no research into the exposure of humans to glyphosate, so he became passionate about researching to see how it was affecting our health.

According to Dr. Mills, GM foods were introduced into the food supply in 1994 – 95. “It’s as if we in the United States have been in an unconsented experiment,” he said. These foods never went under the scrutiny that pharmaceutical drugs go through, so we have no idea about their effect on human health. We don’t know if there are significant short or long-term effects from ingesting GMO foods, yet we’ve been eating them for over two decades.

  • Glyphosate is an Antibiotic – Many people don’t realize that glyphosate was originally created as an antibiotic, which means it can kill pathogens, but also kills the good bacteria that helps living things thrive.
  • Glyphosate kills the good bacteria in your gut – Studies are showing that, given the antibiotic nature of glyphosate, it contributes to gut dysbiosis by killing the good bacteria in your gut. Lack of gut diversity creates digestive issues.
  • Glyphosate kills the good bacteria in the soil – Just as glyphosate creates gut dysbiosis, it creates soil dysbiosis by reducing the helpful bacteria in the soil. Science is realizing just how important these soil microorganisms are for the health of our ecosystem, along with human health.
  • Glyphosate causes inflammation and Gluten Sensitivity – Studies from scientists like Michael Antiniou and Stephanie Seneff show that glyphosate is linked to an increase in inflammation and Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity (NCGS).
  • Glyphosate is causing harm to animals – Just as evidence is mounting that glyphosate causes gut dysbiosis in humans, research is showing it’s causing dysbiosis in animals. This is bad news for eating animal protein that is not organic.
  • Glyphosate is a probable cancer-causer – In 2015 a report from the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer revealed that glyphosate is a probable carcinogen. Since then, there has been a class action lawsuit against Monsanto from the people exposed to glyphosate who’ve been diagnosed with cancer.
  • Glyphosate is very likely behind symptoms like food allergies – Dr. Mills has already done studies showing that glyphosate builds up in the body and is excreted in urine. Based on his research and some research from other scientists in the field, he suspects that food allergies and other problematic health symptoms are related to the buildup of glyphosate in the body. His upcoming research is being conducted to find out for sure. You can support his research here.
  • Glyphosate is may be a contributor to Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) – Dr. Mills suspects that the toxic weed killer contributes to NAFLD, a condition that is on the rise and for which doctors cannot find the cause. We already have evidence from an animal study in 2017 showing “chronic consumption of extremely low levels of a GBH formulation (Roundup), at admissible glyphosate-equivalent concentrations, are associated with marked alterations of the liver proteome and metabolome. These changes in molecular profile overlap substantially with biomarkers of NAFLD and its progression to NASH.” Dr Mills has an upcoming research project to look at the correlation in humans.
  • Glyphosate negatively impacts your skin, hair, nails, bones, teeth and more – this is because it has a negative impact on collagen. Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body and makes up your hair, skin, nails, teeth, bones, digestive organs, lymph, blood, heart, and eyes.
  • Non-GMO does not necessarily mean that glyphosate wasn’t used in manufacturing – non-organic foods like oats and wheat, and healing remedies, like medicinal mushrooms and medical cannabis are often sprayed with glyphosate just before harvest to make harvesting easier or to dry the plants faster. Look for organic certification to avoid glyphosate altogether.

Does Monsanto (now Bayer) Know How Toxic Glyphosate is? Yes…

Because of the current class-action lawsuit against Monsanto, we know for sure that they did know about the adverse effects of glyphosate. Lawyers leading the personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits claiming that Roundup causes non-Hodgkin lymphoma posted a collection of documents known as The Monsanto Papers or The Monsanto Secret Documents, where you can read the internal e-mails and memos for yourself.

There was knowledge early in Monsanto’s research that glyphosate could be stored in the body and it wasn’t harmless. Even when they sought FDA approval, some of this information was known.

Also, the memos show that they are monitoring scientific literature and creating pushback by intimidating the scientists. Memos show that they want to target scientists by undermining their reputation. Or to get research retracted.

While we wish Monsanto would do their own research, they aren’t doing it. Instead, there is endless pushback to the findings of scientists. The profits make this a high-stakes game. And Monsanto has the money to hire researchers, lawyers, and others who can discredit people who are working to uncover truths about adverse health effects of glyphosate.

What Can You Do to GMO Foods and Glyphosate or Detox from Glyphosate?

  • Read labels – Remember that “Non-GMO” does not mean the same thing as organic or that it hasn’t been exposed to glyphosate. This is true for your natural supplements as well. Loving Yourself to Great Health has a great shopping list with foods to choose and avoid, along with what to look for on labels.
  • Choose Organic Foods – Eating organic foods gives you the best protection from glyphosate and any adverse effects of genetic engineering. Studies show you can decrease acute exposure to glyphosate within 2 weeks of eating organic foods.
  • Keep a Food Log – Write down what you’re eating for a couple of weeks and learn how your diet influences your health and wellbeing. This is a great way to get to know your body. This may seem way too simple, but the results are profound because you learn how your body is speaking to you in symptoms, which is a great way to improve your nutrition intuition. You can learn more about keeping a food diary and how to improve your diet and resolve symptoms in Loving Yourself to Great Health.
You can support further research by Dr. Paul Mills and his team into how GMO foods and glyphosate are impacting your health here.

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