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  • Live Broadcast: January 29th, 2018 at 12:00 pm Pacific Time
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Have you been getting the rest you need?
Have you been getting the rest, renewal, and nourishment you need to heal your adrenals this winter? Or have stress, anxiety and depression drained your energy? Today, we take time out to clear your chakras, nourish your adrenals, boost your moods and improve your vitality with Eden Energy Medicine and the five elements!

Dondi Dahlin PortraitSpecial Guest: Dondi Dahlin

Dondi is the daughter of Donna Eden a leader in the field of Energy Medicine and founder of Eden Energy Medicine. Dondi has a diverse background, having grown up in the world of Energy Medicine and show business!

She is a member of the Screen Actors Guild, and won the titles of both “Belly Dancer of the Universe” and “Outstanding Speaker in the Nation.” She has performed in over 30 countries, and is one of the few American dancers to have had a successful career in the Middle East. She has even performed for celebrities, such as: Omar Sharif, Angie Dickinson, Peter Fonda, and Jimmy Buffet.

Dondi is author of The Five Elements, published by Tarcher in 2016. She also co-authored The Little Book of Energy Medicine with her mother, Donna. Dondi created “The Wednesday Energy Minutes” which are 60-second clips based on Energy Medicine techniques and filmed at locations across the globe.

Dondi travels with her Mom, Donna Eden spreading Eden Energy Medicine and the Five Elements through international workshops, and she is a sought-after speaker and MC for conventions and conferences. | Facebook | Watch Dondi Teach the Five Elements

Build Energy by Embracing the Lesson and Power of Winter

There are jokes going around Facebook, like “Today feels like the 74th day of January.” Winter feels that way sometimes, doesn’t it? I mean, c’mon winter, we’re over all this cold and dark already!

But wait. There’s something really special, powerful, and important about the winter season. This cold, dark weather is a guru. It’s as if life is throwing a metaphor right in our faces and forcing us to really see it. Like most uncomfortable things, we may want to run screaming in the other direction, looking for relief. However, meeting winter with reverence can be the key to transformation.

According to Eden Energy Medicine consultant and best-selling author, Dondi Dahlin, winter is a powerful time of possibility with great potential for new growth. “It’s like a seed under the frozen earth, getting ready to burst out.”

In fact, winter, in Chinese medicine, is a water element season – a time to revitalize your energy centers, the adrenals and kidneys. Dondi outlined the five elements: water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. In the thousands of years old system of Chinese medicine, each element is based on patterns in nature. Every season and every person reflects these patterns. (If you want to find out which elements are most aligned to your personality, check out Dondi’s five elements quiz.

As a water element season, winter can feel deep, dark, quiet, still, inward-looking, and cold. If we ignore the opportunity to honor the transformative gifts of winter, it can result in feeling fear, stress, doubt, fatigue, anxiety, depression, depletion, and even symptoms of hormonal imbalance.

“America is a wood element society that celebrates being stressed and busy,” Dondi tells us. Our modern go-go society doesn’t often honor slowing down and taking time for the rest, relaxation, reflection, and quietude of winter. It’s when you go with the flow of winter’s water-element-energy that real healing begins and real energy builds. Think of it as the foundation on which to build future plans and action toward your dreams.

6 Energy Medicine Techniques to Build Energy Now

Build Energy Technique #1 – Conserve Energy

We often want to DO something in order to build energy. In this case, you’re going to do nothing or almost nothing because water element invites us to save our energy up for the coming demands of taking action (growth!). Getting still comes in many forms. Here are some Dondi recommends these simple steps that have brain-nourishing, creativity-enhancing benefits:

  • Take a nap
  • Get more sleep
  • Journal
  • Meditate
  • Read

If you live in a warm sunny climate, you may miss the cues of winter’s stillness. Try closing all the shades in your home and sitting in a quiet, dark room to meditate or take a nap. You can even pretend there’s snow outside if it helps you to feel like staying cozy indoors.

You’d be surprised at how much inspiration comes from the act of slowing down, getting still, and conserving energy.

Build Energy Technique #2 – Surround Yourself with Joy

Grab a friend who’s always laughing, make a joy-music playlist, watch a funny show, say joyful affirmations, or do anything that makes you feel happy. Joy moves energy and creates a feeling of expansiveness. It also has the ability to melt fear and stress.

Dondi has many tips for using Energy Medicine to build love and joy with radiant circuits here.

Build Energy Technique #3 – If You Don’t Know What to do, Hook Up

If you’re overwhelmed or at the end of your rope, the hook up is Dondi’s go-to favorite Eden Energy Medicine technique. According to Dondi, the hook up creates a connection between the central (front) and governing (back) meridians in your body, strengthens your aura (you can feel “off” if your aura isn’t strong), and increases coordination. Dondi adds that the hook up also supports your central nervous system. The neurological benefits include: improving your ability to think, balancing circadian rhythms (improved sleep cycle), warding off fainting, and supporting your pineal gland (think hormone balance).

Build Energy Technique #4 – Cross Crawl is a Perfect Catch-All

Our energy is supposed to cross over (think of the letter X). You can see crossover patterns from your aura (if it’s strong and healthy) right down to your DNA. However, many people who feel drained or depressed are expressing a homolateral pattern of energy (think two vertical lines like the number 11). The cross crawl is an Eden Energy Medicine technique that retrains your energy to crossover the way it’s supposed to, opening your flows of energy.

Dondi shared a story of an Eden Energy Medicine student who had an autoimmune condition and extreme fatigue. Doing only the cross crawl for three months, she was able to recover her energy. The shift was so profound that she eventually became an Eden Energy Medicine teacher.

Here’s how to do the Cross Crawl

Build Energy Technique #5– Figure 8’s are Great

Figure eight’s are being studied in kinesiology because of their ability to create crossover patterns (see #4) and build expansive energy, Dondi tells us. You can draw figure 8’s over your body, doodle them, or draw them with your eyes.

Do Figure 8’s with Dondi Dahlin

Build Energy Technique #6 – Healing Hands on Your Adrenals

Your adrenals are two walnut-sized organs that sit on top of your kidneys. Together, these organs are responsible for your energy and they are the organs of focus for the winter season. Conserving your energy allows you to send them love and support for the coming seasons of growth and action.

“Adrenals secrete stress hormones, which is only supposed to happen in times of crisis, but these days, we’re in chronic stress,” Dondi shared. Over time, this chronic stress can contribute to adrenal burnout, leading to fatigue, depression, anxiety, and hormone imbalance.

“Remember, your hands are healing hands,” Dondi reminds us.

She taught us an adrenal health technique: Rub your hands together to create warmth, then with both hands, find your belly button and go one inch out and one inch up. Massage deeply in that point. Or if you have pain or recent surgery in that area, just place your warm hands over those points. You’re giving your adrenals love, energy, and support with this technique.

Here’s how to Boost Your Adrenals

Bonus Recipe

To support your adrenals and energy in times of stress, you’ll also love this adrenal cocktail.

  • 16 oz. water
  • Juice of ½ lemon
  • 1 tsp 40,000 Volts (wide base of liquid minerals with extra magnesium and potassium)
  • 1/4 tsp sea salt

Mix and drink at 10 am and if you’re still tired later in the day, drink again at 3 pm. If you have perimenopausal or menopausal hot flashes, make one cocktail and sip a bit of this each time you feel a hot flash coming on. Slowly sip the whole cocktail during the day until you finish it.

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