Listening to Your Body

Everything has a voice. Listen with the soft ears of your inner-spirit.

Someone recently asked me how to identify the root cause of a health condition or how to match symptoms to root causes. This is a very good and very complicated question. Many times, there are layers and layers to a health issue. However, having immersed myself in Native American medicine, I like to look at the following things:

  • Diet – how are you nourishing yourself?
  • Life – what is the overall quality or theme of your life right now?
  • Lifestyle – how do you feel about your lifestyle? Are you getting enough time for YOU?
  • What are the qualities and characteristics of the symptoms you experience?

Let’s use Hashimoto’s disease. This is an autoimmune condition involving inflammation of the thyroid gland. One of the first questions I would have is…are you speaking up for yourself? Do you feel you can express your true needs? Are you setting boundaries? Do you work your to do list or do many things for others before taking care of yourself? Are you in a toxic relationship?

An autoimmune condition is when the body no longer recognizes itself. It no longer recognizes what is helpful and what is not helpful. I feel like it’s when you have given up your own needs so often that your body says, “NO MORE.” It becomes so worried about your safety that it becomes overprotective. Your body worries that you don’t know how to protect yourself, so it starts going into overdrive to protect you. Because nothing is safe. There are no boundaries.

Think about this. This is essentially the way some homeopathy experts describe cancer. By the time it gets to cancer, there are absolutely no boundaries at all. Everything is growing out of bounds. Your body has not learned how to set and keep boundaries.

I want to stop here for a moment to say something:


A health condition is not your fault. There is never a reason to blame. It’s only a wake up call to lovingly show you where you can adjust so that you can be at your best. This is an opportunity to choose. To choose yourself. To stop telling yourself that everyone and everything matters more than you do. That their voices matter more than your own. That rules matter more than what’s in your heart. This is a time to get to know yourself again. This is true love. Taking the time to know yourself and give yourself what you need. This is where a health condition can be a miracle. Because nothing feels better than falling in love with yourself and caring for yourself. There is no one who can do this better than you can do it for yourself.

More than 15 years ago, I had to make this choice. I had to decide if I was worth putting my health before my job, my responsibilities and my limiting beliefs. And then I had to start peeling away the layers that got me there to begin with. It was a miraculous process. And I’m still learning today. Every day. I’m still learning how to navigate this life, keeping myself in alignment with my heart. Trusting that everything will be OK if I express my truth, especially when it’s not going to be popular.

I’m still learning to stand beside myself, even if I break the “rules”…even if I think no one else will.

Going back to Hashimoto’s or thyroid issues, here’s the question: are there areas in your life where you are not speaking your truth? Are you hiding who you really are? Are you yearning for something you are not giving yourself (I’m not talking about material things here)? Do you know what’s really in your heart, beyond what others have taught you is right and important? Are you constantly giving yourself up to take care of someone else and feeling depleted (moms, this means you too…anything we say is a HAVE to, that also depletes us is worthy of thinking about)?

What is depleting your energy? Your hope? Where are you ignoring yourself?

Yes, diet matters. It matters because it’s a form of nourishment. It teaches your body that you are willing to give it what it needs. It does need nutrients…not chemicals. When you listen and give your body what it needs, in the form of nutrients and in life, you tell it that you matter. That you care about feeding and fulfilling it.

At the very heart of things, this is what health or illness (imbalance) is. It’s a way to awaken us to what we really need. It’s asking us to pay attention to ourselves in a world that often distracts us and asks us to put ourselves last.

If you have Hashimoto’s, by all means, consider healthy foods, wholefood Vitamin C, good, unrefined fats, minerals (particularly, magnesium and iodine). Eat seaweed, like bladderwrack. And remember, your thyroid — your 5th chakra (all about speaking your truth) — is speaking to you. And asking you to get to know yourself better, so that you can evaluate your life…your lifestyle…and make decisions that feel loving and supportive. To remind your body that you are safe, you are protecting yourself…so that it doesn’t need to go into overdrive.

Today, let’s all affirm: I love myself, therefore, I listen to my body and trust that it knows how to help me heal. I love my body, therefore, I put myself first. I love my body, therefore, I set healthy boundaries. I am safe.

The first step is just the act of deciding you are willing to learn to love yourself.
What messages do you feel your body or life are giving you?
Someone recently asked me how to identify the root cause of a health condition or how to match symptoms to root causes. It is about listening to your body.
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