How to Let Go of Anger and Forgive

At the recent Hay House I Can Do It in Pasadena, I took the audience through a meditation that Louise Hay wrote called “Accepting My Physical Perfection.”

There is one line in the meditation that says:

I forgive everyone and everything I have forgotten to forgive.

This part is always striking to me because when we’ve been holding onto something with fear, anger and upset, there is nothing like the relief that comes from forgiveness.

Letting Go of Anger

Years ago, during a particularly challenging and stressful move into a new home, I found myself unable to really let go of anger. One night, I played this song by my cousin, Grammy-award winning Native American singer, Joanne Shenandoah. The song is in our native Iroquois language, so I did not understand the words at all. I also did not know the title of the song when it came on.

What I did notice is that all the anger I felt dissolved. I felt myself forgiving and letting go. And I felt the beautiful relief that comes with forgiveness.

When I looked at the song, it was called Aiionwatha (Haiwatha) Forgives. (!!!) One of the key stories about Haiwatha is that his daughters were murdered by his mortal enemy. In his deep grief, he met a spiritual teacher who helped him heal and forgive. This process allowed him to come forward as the Peacemaker, uniting the 5 confederacies of Iroquois tribes and drafting a lasting peaceful constitution.

What struck me is that it wasn’t the words that healed me, but the feeling behind the words.

Forgiveness Does Not Need Words, Only an Open Heart

If there is someone or something you need to forgive, in order to start your healing process, I hope this song will support you in doing that.

Aiionwatha (Haiwatha) Forgives, by Joanne Shenandoah


Meditations for Loving Yourself to Great Health“Accepting My Physical Perfection” Meditation

Louise’s beautiful meditation is in our new book, Loving Yourself to Great Health: Thoughts & Food–The Ultimate Diet.


Forgiveness Needs No Words Meme

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