How to Make Every Day an Adventure in Happiness

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  • Episode Name: “How to Make Every Day an Adventure in Happiness”
  • Live Broadcast: April 4th, 2016 at 3:00 pm Pacific Time

Episode Summary Re-cap

Would you like to stress less and enjoy life more? What if you had permission to break the rules? Discover how to use Tapping and other techniques to shake off stress, experience self-love and embrace your playful inner child.

Special Guest: Jessica Ortner. Jessica Ortner is a producer of The Tapping Solution, the breakthrough documentary film on EFT/meridian Tapping ( She is the author of the New York Times bestseller, The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss and Body Confidence –a book based on her revolutionary online program, which has helped thousands of women tackle the stress that lead to weight gain.

Jessica is also the host of The Tapping World Summit, an annual online event that has attracted more than 500,000 attendees from around the world. She has been interviewing experts in the personal development field since 2007, having conducted over more than 200 broadcast interviews to date.
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Jessica’s Tips: How to Stress Less & Enjoy Life More

Surround Yourself With Like-Minded People

When you are making big changes in your life, it helps to surround yourself with people who support you in moving forward with your dreams. This could be inspirational teachers, a like-minded group or friends and family who encourage you to follow your heart. Listening to shows or podcasts where people share their stories of triumphing against the odds can help too.

Understand Human Nature

As humans, we are wired to want to be part of a tribe. Our ancestors needed their tribe for survival and being kicked out of a tribe could mean great loss, possibly loss of life. This survival behavior is no longer relevant today, but it’s still encoded in us to want to stick to the group. This is often why we play small to fit in, rather than striking out on our own path. Once you understand that you are wired to stick to your tribe, you can begin to step away from this behavior so that you can follow your heart, knowing that you are safe.

Have Compassion For Those Who Don’t Understand You

Once you understand that humans are wired to want to stick together and fit in, it can help to recognize that friends and family may worry when you strike out on your own. They may judge or criticize you, not because your ideas are bad, but because they fear you leaving the tribe or moving beyond them. Understanding this can allow you to have compassion for them, instead of trying to change their mind. Express yourself, but if they don’t agree, trust that it’s okay. Changing their mind is not required for you to move forward.

When you focus on compassion, you may even find that your loved ones can open their hearts, even if they don’t agree with what you’re doing.

Remove Your Sense Of Responsibility For Other People’s Happiness

It’s important to remember that you are only responsible for your own happiness and that you are not in control of how others feel. As you embrace this concept, it can free you up to follow your heart and give you courage to follow our own rules.

How to Make Life an Adventure, Stress Less and Life:
Use Your Tools, Like Tapping!

We all experience pain, fear and doubt. We all face setbacks. This does not make us bad, wrong or “not good enough.” It’s a normal part of life – and if you find yourself facing a challenge, feeling stress, experiencing pain or doubting yourself, try a simple, effective technique, like Tapping! EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or Meridian Tapping is a system of using your fingertips to tap on acupuncture meridians that have been shown to reduce stress in the brain.

Tapping on these points can bring relief from pain, anxiety, depression, addictions and trauma. Tapping can also help to shift limiting beliefs that keep us from enjoying our lives.

Here Are Some Wonderful Videos Of Jessica Ortner And Nick Ortner
Explaining And Demonstrating Tapping, Including A Picture Of The Tapping Points.

Tapping for Stress Relief & Tapping for Weight Loss and Body Confidence – When you sign up for Jessica Ortner’s newsletter, you receive a couple of chapters from her New York Times Bestselling book, The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss and Body Confidence and her Tapping for Stress Relief CD download (it’s incredible!).

Nutrition Tips to Reduce Stress and Boost Mood

  • Bone broth helps to heal and seal the gut lining, boost immunity and improve energy. The gelatin in bone broth lays a protective coating on the small intestine, helping to boost the nutrition of all of the food you eat and protecting your body from any pathogens from food. Over time, as your gut heals and seals, your brain benefits as well. By reducing inflammation from a leaky gut and boosting immunity, your blood brain barrier begins to heal and seal up too. This is one of the reasons why bone broth has so many health and mood benefits. Click here for a bone broth recipe.  You can also get some free recipes and learn more about The Bone Broth Secret here.
  • One additional nutritional tip, if you are experiencing anxiety, a great deal of stress, digestive issues or adrenal fatigue, particularly if you have symptoms involving the gut and the brain, is Jarrow MagMind. This is magnesium L-threonate and it’s especially good for reducing stress, feeling calmer and improving brain health.

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