How I Improved My Eyesight by 35%
my eyesight is better?
A couple of months ago, I was driving with a friend. I said, “You know, it’s weird, but I think my eyesight is better.” Suddenly, I could read road signs without my glasses that I could never read before. I began to feel like I didn’t need my glasses to drive, even though my driver’s license says that I must drive with corrective lenses. I wasn’t sure if it was a fluke, so I went to the eye doctor.

He looked at me with big eyes after the exam and said, “I can’t believe this, but your prescription from 10 years ago is too strong. Your eyesight has improved by 35%, which is significant. What are you doing?

The only major change I’ve made is drinking more bone broth and taking Collagen Peptides. (Vital Proteins or Perfect Supplements brands are excellent options by the way!)

I told him that while Louise Hay and I were writing our book, The Bone Broth Secret (he’s her eye doctor too!), I began having more bone broth than usual because we were doing so much recipe creation and testing. I had felt so good with the extra broth that I kept it up. I began adding 2 scoops of Collagen Peptides to my daily routine.

I knew from my research that collagen is a major part of eye health, but I never expected it would improve my eyesight!

I wanted to share with all of you because in a world that often reinforces negative aspects of aging and medical solutions, it’s nice to know that something as easy as sipping bone broth can have so many unexpected benefits.

Real Food Heals!

My eye doctor – an avid runner and surfer, who recently starting having knee issues – is going out to get some bone broth today.

Let’s inspire and celebrate each other — I’d love to hear your healing stories, whether emotional growth or physical healing!

* Someone painted this picture of my cat, Willie, on an antique book.



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