Highly Sensitive People: Discover Your Inner Nature

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  • Episode Name: “Health for Highly Sensitive People: Discover Your Inner Nature”
  • Live Broadcast: February 22, 2016 at 3:00 pm Pacific Time

Jean HanerSpecial Guest: Jean Haner – Jean has two Clear Home Clear Heart Energy Clearing Retreats coming up that teach you how to recognize, work with and clear subtle energy. JeanHaner.com | Facebook

About Jean

Jean Haner teaches powerful techniques to “read” people’s inner natures. With a 25-year background in the ancient Chinese principles of balance and health, Jean places an emphasis on compassionate and affirming ways for people to live in alignment with their own true selves.

She is well known as a warm and inspirational teacher, providing grounded, practical information that can be put to immediate use.

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Episode Summary Re-cap

Today, Heather Dane is joined by Hay House author and Inner Design expert, Jean Haner. Join Heather and Jean as they discuss how to understand the different ways people experience energy, identify which type you are and how to work with your unique inner design.

Learn gentle health solutions to create balance, improve your wellbeing and stay true to your inner nature.

Jean’s Tips for Highly Sensitive People

Identify Your Type of Sensitivity

  • Physical Empath – Physically sensitive to the energy around you. May feel other people’s symptoms as if they are your own. Your body is very responsive and you may feel unwell more often. Your system deals with other people’s energy all day and this can be stressful to the body. You may have trouble with energetic boundaries. You may benefit from plenty of alone time. If you have facial features like a prominent nose, prominent cheekbones or hollow cheeks, this may be you. Your birth date could also indicate you are a physical empath, for example, people born in 1975, 1976, 1984 and 1985. You can learn more in Jean’s book, Your Hidden Symmetry.
  • Emotional Empath – If this is you, you may feel like a sponge for other people’s emotions. You may pick up the thoughts and feelings of people around you. For example, you may feel upset from picking it up from someone else, even if nothing upsetting has happened to you. You may know who’s calling when the phone rings. Like the physical empathy, you may have trouble with energetic boundaries. The good news is that you have a huge heart! Some facial features that show you may be an emotional empathy are: large eyes compared to other features on your face, a cleft chin, a pointy nose or red or curly hair. Your birth date can indicate if you have this sensitivity, for example, people born in 1973, 1982 and 1991. You can learn more in Jean’s book, Your Hidden Symmetry.
  • Sensitive to Other Realms – this could be a psychic medium. Not sensitive to energy around you in the outside world, but may be sensitive to energy in other worlds/realms. Perhaps you are able to communicate with people who have died. If this describes you, you may feel like you don’t belong, which could feel lonely, or as if you are left our or ostracized. It’s important to be aware of the difference between your vivid imagination and psychic hits from other realms. Some facial features you may have with this sensitivity are: rounded upper forehead, shadows or puffiness under the eyes or a prominent chin. Your birth date can indicate if you have this sensitivity, for example, people born in 1981, 1990 and 1999. You can learn more in Jean’s book, Your Hidden Symmetry.

Techniques for Working With Your Sensitivity

  • Scan your body – before you leave home, when you are alone, scan your body. Check your breathing, your emotions and any other sensations you are having. When you get to work or your destination, scan your body again. Check for your breathing, emotions and other sensations. Notice if anything has changed. Check in often through your day and learn how your body and emotions respond to different situations. Have fun with this – you are learning about your body and energetic sensitivity!
  • Feel your emotions and sensations, trusting you are safe – Remember, emotions, physical sensations and other things you pick up are “information.” If you see them as information and feel them, without fear or resistance, you allow yourself the opportunity to experience the message or information you’re receiving, without getting carried away by it or having it sink in, because it may not even be yours! Learn what you need to know and see if you can allow it to dissipate once you have the message. Energy is supposed to move, so allow yourself to feel it and let it move on.
  • The 3 B’s: Breathe, Become Aware of Gravity, Become Aware of Your Energy Field – The first thing to do is breathe. Focus on your breath and feel yourself breathing. Then become aware of gravity’s force on your body. Feel how heavy you are and feel your feet on the ground. And finally, become aware of your energy field. Gather your energy closer around your body, like an egg, imagining it 12-15 inches around your body.

Are You Energetically Sensitive to People and Places?

Nutrition Tips and Supplements for Managing Sensitivity and Boosting Mood

The “witching hour” is what I like to call the time between 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm when highly sensitive people tend to feel so stressed that they want to reach for something that will bring relief. For some, this may result in self-medicating the overwhelm of stress by reaching for food, alcohol, marijuana or other substances.

However, rather than doing this, there are some all natural ways that you can keep your body feeling strong and reduce stress.

Make sure to check out the nutrition tips from the previous “Health for Highly Sensitive People” radio shows:

Supplements can help manage the stress or overwhelm experienced by highly sensitive people, especially during the witching hours, between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm (talk to your doctor or health practitioner before taking these)

D-phenylalanine (DPA)

Make sure to check for contraindications with your health practitioner and online before taking this. It’s an all-natural amino acid that is non-energizing and allows you to build dopamine, which can lift moods, reduce physical and emotional pain and it has an effect that keeps you in your own energy.

Keep in mind that DL-phenylalanine (DLPA) is more readily available, but the DLPA is energizing and should not be taken too late in the day. If you find you are addicted to artificial sweeteners (or things like Diet Coke) and need energy and a mood boost in the morning, you may want to look into DLPA first thing in the morning (again, checking for contraindications and talking with your health practitioner). You can get this on Amazon or other online vendors.

Other Supplements that Boost or Balance Dopamine

Mucuna purines (a tropical legume), ginko biloba (an adaptogenic herb), bacopa monnieri (an Ayurvedic herb)  and methyl folate (methyl folate is the active form of folate). You could also consider phosphytidylserine, which is a gentle way to boost dopamine without an energy hit and can be taken later in the day or at night. You can get a non-soy version from Sunflower Lecithin from Now Brand online.

Serotonin Supporters

Serotonin is your happiness hormone. L-tryptophan, 5-HTP, St. John’s Wort or Passion Flower.

Nature’s Valium – GABA

GABA (gamma-Aminobutyric acid) is a natural amino acid that helps to calm you down from stress and relive stress-related cravings. This typically only works if you leaky gut and leaky brain. You can try it and if you feel more calm and at ease within 20 – 30 minutes, it’s an indicator that it may work for you until your gut is healed.

This would not be a good option if you are already feeling exhausted or have chronic fatigue. Other options are valerian root, L-theanine and adaptogenic herbs, which will be covered next week.


Niacin is a B vitamin with many benefits for the body. One of them is if your dopamine is so high that you feel like life sucks and nothing can change your mind about that, or if you feel you can’t stop yourself from yelling at or being annoyed by people.

Niacin, in the form of nicotinic acid (niacinamide works, but there is anecdotal evidence that nicotinic acid is more effective) tends to work very quickly to bring relief and improve your mood. Think of feeling like you’re in a pressure cooker and finally getting the relief you need. That is what niacin can do.

Keep Your Blood Sugar Stable!

I’ve said this before and I can’t emphasize it enough. This helps you feel more grounded so that your body can handle the extra energy you are picking up.

Biologist and professor Ray Peat says that the degenerative and inflammatory diseases on the rise in industrialized societies could be corrected by the use of gelatin-rich foods like bone broth due to the presence of restorative amino acids such as glycine, alanine, proline, and hydroxyproline. Studies show that bone broth can help regulate blood sugar and insulin, which can also be useful for diabetes.

Here’s a recipe from the Medicinal Finishers and Healing Elixirs section (Chapter 5) of The Bone Broth Secret to support stable blood sugar levels

Blood Sugar Balance & Weight Loss


  • 1 cup bone broth (you can use vegan vegetable broth too, but it does not have gelatin/collagen)
  • ½ tsp. cinnamon
  • 1 ⁄8  tsp. ground dulse (seaweed)
  • 1 ⁄8  tsp. ground fennel
  • 1 ⁄8  tsp. ground fenugreek
  • 1 ⁄8  tsp. ground cardamom
  • 1 tablespoon raw butter or coconut oil


Mix all ingredients well or even better, put them in a blender and blend well. If using a blender with hot contents, remove the center piece and cover it with a tea towel to keep the top from blowing off. This makes one cup of healing blood sugar-balancing elixir.

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