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  • Episode Name: “Heart Doctor Health Secrets”
  • Live Broadcast: June 13th, 2017 at 3:00 pm Pacific Time
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Episode Summary Re-cap

Louise Hay’s doctor joins Heather to reveal the keys to a healthy heart, mind, and body.
Learn secrets about food, inflammation, relationships, sleep, and stress that bridge mainstream medicine and natural healing. Discover Dr. Mimi’s top 5 steps to awaken the healing potential of your body, mind, and spirit.
Special Guest: Mimi Guarneri, MD, FACC, ABOIM

Board-certified in cardiovascular disease, internal medicine, nuclear cardiology, and Integrative Holistic Medicine, Mimi Guarneri, MD, FACC, ABOIM is President of the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine (AIHM) and the Past President of the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine (ABIHM) and served as Senior Advisor to the Atlantic Health System for the Chambers Center for Well Being, among other healthcare systems.

Dr. Guarneri currently serves on the Founding Board of the American Board Physician Specialties in Integrative Medicine (ABOIM), and is a Clinical Associate Professor at University of California, San Diego (UCSD). She is the co-founder and medical director of Guarneri Integrative Health, Inc. at Pacific Pearl La Jolla in La Jolla, California, U.S.A. since 2014, where she leads a team of experts in conventional, integrative and natural medicine.

Dr. Guarneri was an English Literature major as an undergraduate at New York University. Her medical degree is from SUNY Medical Center in New York, where she graduated number one in her class. Dr. Guarneri served her internship and residency at Cornell Medical Center, where she later became chief medical resident. She served cardiology fellowships at both New York University Medical Center and Scripps Clinic. She is a fellow member of the American College of Cardiology, Alpha Omega Alpha, the American Medical Women’s Association and Fellow of the American College of Nutrition.

She co-founded the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine and served as medical director for 15 years. She began her career at Scripps Clinic as an attending in interventional cardiology, where she placed thousands of coronary stents. Recognizing the need for a more comprehensive and more holistic approach to cardiovascular disease, Dr. Guarneri pioneered the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine where state-of-the-art cardiac imaging technology and lifestyle change programs are used to aggressively diagnose, prevent and treat cardiovascular disease.

Her new book, 108 Pearls to Awaken Your Healing Potential, was published by Hay House in April of 2017. Also the author of “The Heart Speaks,” Dr. Guarneri’s work has been featured on television with NBC Today and PBS. She is the Professor of The Great Courses DVD series, “The Science of Natural Healing.” She is co-author of the book, “Total Engagement: The Healthcare Practitioner’s Guide to Heal Yourself, Your Patients & Your Practice,” published in 2014.

Among many awards and honors, Dr. Guarneri has been recognized for her national leadership in Integrative Medicine by the Bravewell Collaborative and has served as chair of the Bravewell Clinical Network for Integrative Medicine. In 2009, Dr. Guarneri was honored as the ARCS Foundation Scientist of the Year.

In 2011, Dr. Guarneri was the winner of the Bravewell Physician Leadership Award which honors a physician leader who has made significant contributions to the transformation of the U.S. health care system. More recently, she received the 2012 Linus Pauling Functional Medicine Lifetime Achievement Award from the Institute for Functional Medicine and the Grace A. Goldsmith award from the American College of Nutrition. Ranked as number six of the 100 Top Physicians Practicing Integrative Medicine by Newsmax in 2015, she also was honored with San Diego Magazine’s Woman of the Year Awards as Health and Wellness Pioneer 2016 for her outstanding leadership. Dr. Guarneri is a co-founder and serves on the board of Miraglo Foundation, a nonprofit, charitable organization.

MimiGuarneriMD.com | PacificPearlLaJolla.com | Facebook | Twitter | 108 Pearls to Awaken Your Healing Potential

Heart Doctor Health Secrets

Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States. While it looked like there was progress and heart disease rates were declining, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have reported that they’re on the rise again.

The American Heart Association gives a grim report from evidence showing that heart failure could increase by 46% by the year 2030. But guess what? They also tell us that we have more control over our heart health – and overall health – than we think! Their “Life’s Simple 7” program shows that behavioral changes, like exercise, a healthy diet, and avoiding inflammatory triggers can reduce your risk for heart failure.

Today, we’re going to look at just how to do this with an expert cardiologist, integrative health pioneer, and author, Dr. Mimi Guarneri.

Dr. Mimi Guarneri’s 5 Tips for Mind-Body Heart Health

#1. Identify What’s important to you

Imagine waking up in the morning and had the life you’ve always imagined. Ask yourself:

  • What would it look like?
  • What would it feel like?
  • What relationships would you have?
  • Who are your friends, your tribe or community of support?
  • How important is your health?

The answers to these questions can identify your key priorities in life. It can be all too easy these days to get lost in the details of work and responsibilities, losing sight of what really matters to you. Dr. Mimi has often heard patients say they’d gladly give up their wealth to recover their health. Taking care of yourself is one of the most valuable investments you can make.

#2. There Are Many Paths to Health and Healing and They All Begin In the Heart

Your gut, heart and brain were once the same clump of tissue in the embryo stage. This tissue divided and became your gut, your heart and your brain. Your heart and gut have brain tissue, which makes them important parts of your mind-body health. In many traditions, people automatically put a hand on the heart and the gut as they connect mind and body or meditate. When you truly want something, you feel it in your heart. When someone loses a spouse or loved one, they can actually have something called “broken heart syndrome.”

What you feel in your heart matters. And when you take steps to take care of your heart health, you are actually taking care of your overall health and your mind-body connection.

#3. Remove Triggers for Inflammation, Detoxify & Nourish the Gut

This can include food and habits. For food, Dr. Mimi has an elimination diet protocol in her book, 108 Pearls to Awaken Your Healing Potential, so you can identify foods that trigger inflammation for you personally. In general, Dr. Mimi has found the following foods to be inflammatory in most people: gluten, dairy, eggs, corn, and sugar. Removing these foods can be a great start to seeing how you feel. You may find that symptoms start to go away after eliminating these foods. If you still have symptoms or digestive challenges, follow her full elimination protocol.

Taking care of your liver is a great way to support your heart health as well. For example, a lot of people are being diagnosed with non-alcoholic fatty liver these days. You can support your liver by eating foods that help with detoxification, like cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, broccoli sprouts, cabbage, kale, collards, and bok choy). Louise Hay used pureed asparagus (2 ounces, 3 times per day) to help heal from cancer. Asparagus, cruciferous vegetables, and other vegetables, like zucchini, are rich in glutathione, which is the body’s important detox antioxidant.

Fermented foods and probiotics are also very helpful for healing your gut microbiome. When you nourish your gut, it helps with your heart health.

#4. Honor the Basics

In a world that promotes progress, the latest fad, speed, and technology, we can sometimes forget that we have simple, basic needs for our health. These include: healthy, organic food, exercise, sleep, time with loved ones, meditation, time in nature, relaxation, and hobbies that you love. We can sometimes forget these simple acts of self-care and get caught up in the latest, fancy protocols for health. Reducing stress can reduce 90% of illness and sometimes, the simplest acts of self-care are all you need to reduce stress.

# 5. Taking Care of Your Health Leads to Taking Care of the Planet’s Health

It’s interesting, once you start taking care of yourself and feeling what it feels like to heal, it’s as if you start a ripple effect. Because you realize there is an intimate link between human health and the health of our planet. Healing often requires doing things closer to nature. Natural foods, natural sleep rhythms, community…all things that reconnect us to the planet. You may find that your healing opens up a desire to give back to the planet, by reducing waste, using less electricity and gas, opting for renewable energy sources, choosing organic or non-GMO foods, conserving water, reducing your carbon footprint, avoiding disposable items, planting trees, and more!

Overall, taking care of your heart means taking care of yourself. Connecting with others, doing more of what you love, focusing on your spiritual life, spending time in nature, and nourishing yourself with nature’s foods. Every step you take toward your own healing supports others and the planet in healing too. It’s a win-win!

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