Health For Highly Sensitive People: Hypnosis & Meditation for Busy People

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  • Episode Name: “Health For Highly Sensitive People – Hypnosis & Meditation for Busy People”
  • Live Broadcast: February 29, 2016 at 3:00 pm Pacific Time

Chel HamiltonSpecial Guest: Chel Hamilton  – Chel (pronounced Shell) founded Columbus Ohio Hypnosis in 2007 after earning her degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute. | Facebook | iTunes

About Chel

Chel Hamilton has over 1000 hours of specialized hypnotherapy training including additional certification training in Smoking Cessation, Stage Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, and Guided Imagery Facilitation. For several years she also taught hypnosis-focused classes and workshops and she specializes in shifting negative thinking, confidence issues, stress, weight loss, addictions, obsessive habits and/or thinking, fears & phobias, and anxiety.

Chel is the creator of the top-ranked podcast, Meditation Mini’s, which you can find on her website and iTunes.

Learn More about Chel – Her Popular Meditation Mini’s Podcats – and Events.

Episode Summary Re-cap

Heather Dane is joined by meditation and hypnosis expert, Chel Hamilton, creator of the top-ranked podcast, Meditation Mini’s. Heather and Chel discuss how to quickly and easily relieve stress, anxiety, fear and worry with powerful solutions that can fit your busy schedule.

Chel Hamilton’s Tips for Highly Sensitive People

How to manage your sensitivity and even turn it off when you need to sleep or concentrate:
  • Your sensitivity is a strength and allows you to access information that can help guide you in life. However, there are times when you might want to turn it off. To do this, Chel recommends that you first pay attention. Tune into your body and notice what you are feeling physically and emotionally. Remind yourself that you are not crazy! You are picking up information. Remember, blocking your energetic sensitivity happens on your own terms. It’s not about burying your feelings or sensations. It’s not about ignoring them. This is a process you use when you need to concentrate, sleep better or get some relief and quiet time.
  • Chel shared a hypnotic meditation that allowed us to visualize a beautiful bubble of protection around us and tap into our “joy flow” – the beautiful energy of joy running through our bodies. Visualizing this and feeling it can really help us feel protected and tapped into our natural source of joy.
Hypnotic meditations for sleep and healing:
  • Chel’s Online Course on Overcoming Insomnia

Nutrition Tips and Supplements for Managing Sensitivity and Stress

Supplements that help manage physical and emotional stress
(always check for contraindications with your doctor or health care practitioner)

These natural herbs help your body and mind deal with stress. They can be helpful to combat fatigue, anxiety and other negative effects that occur when you are under physical and emotional stress. Adaptogens have a regulatory effect on the body’s response to stress and I have found that they tend to be gentle and subtle in the body, which works especially well for highly sensitive people.

Examples of adaptogens are: holy basil, schisandra, rhodiola, astragalus root, licorice root, cordycep mushrooms, maca (make sure it’s gelatinized or cooked), Siberian ginseng and panax ginseng (both forms of ginseng can be energizing, so start slow and with small amounts. More is not better.). My favorite way to use adaptogens is to make tea. In particular, I love the lose leaf holy basil tea and schisandra berries from Mountain Rose Herbs. Experiment and find out which adaptogens work best for you.

Wholefood Vitamin C

While many people recommend the ascorbic acid form of vitamin C, this is actually only a part of the wholefood vitamin C molecule and is not recommended. Ascorbic acid can act as an antibiotic in the body, which is not good news for your good gut bacteria. Over time, usage of ascorbic acid can create a paradoxical vitamin C deficiency. Look for wholefood vitamin C, like rose hips, camu camu and tablets from reputable supplement companies, like Innate Response Wholefood Vitamin C Tablets (2 per day is very helpful for supporting mineral balance, skin health, tissue repair and adrenal health) and Mega Food Wholefood Vitamin C.

Vitamin B12 and Minerals

Two of my favorite supplements for grounding your body, relieving stress and nourishing your nervous system and brain are: sublingual vitamin B12 (learn more here: Symptoms of B12 Deficiency) and minerals (Anderson’s Sea MD is my go-to liquid wide-based sea mineral supplement that you can add to water).

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