Healing Meditation

In this post, I’ll share a healing meditation that has really helped me over the years. When I was working in the corporate world and my life was over-full, I never could find the time to meditate — even though I wanted to.

Slowing Down Was Difficult

I hardly knew how to sit still and relax, much less meditate! Plus, I thought there were “rules” to meditation — sitting up (seemed uncomfortable), focusing on a mantra, focusing on nothing (really difficult!), etc.

 I thought there were “rules” to meditation
Once I made a commitment to changing my life, I realized I had to slow down– so after 3 years of recovery/relapse, I finally decided to do whatever it took to commit to my health. This is when I started getting my professional life coach certification. As part of the program, I made commitments to “walk my talk” and commit to self-care, including meditation. It made a huge difference for me — and it was a very comforting part of my recovery. With painful knees, back, teeth, jaw, etc., I just wanted to feel better. Here is how I used meditation — following my own rules/intuition — to help me heal.

Healing Meditation

I decided that I wanted to create my own way of meditating, so I broke a lot of the rules I had read about. First of all, I do my meditation first thing in the morning — when I wake up. I lie flat on my back, arms and legs straight and comfortably by my side (like sivasana in yoga). In doing this meditation, you decide what is most comfortable for you. I like lying flat because it helps me visualize each part of my body healing.


  • See a green, healing light surrounding your body. Green is the spiritual color of healing — it creates a feeling of calm and balances emotions. It is also a color that stimulates growth, healing broken bones and regrowth of body tissue.
  • Start wherever you want — either head or feet. I typically start the visualization with my feet.
  • With the green light surrounding your body, go into your feet and see the bone structure being aligned, see space and flexibility in your bones, then move up your body.
  • See your legs and knees, your pelvis – have the green light move up your body, scanning and creating perfect structure, strength, flexibility and bone density.
  • Now scan up your spine — see length, flexibility, perfect alignment and plenty of bone density. Feel your spine getting longer and go all the way up to your neck.
  • Now scan your shoulders – feel them relaxing, widening to their full span, releasing and aligning.
  • Scan down your arms to your hands. See your bones aligning, releasing, relaxing.
  • Now go to your head and see your skull and facial muscles relaxing, releasing.
  • Do a complete body scan with the healing green light and let your body know that you trust your muscles, arteries, veins, tendons, ligaments and all systems of your body are healed and working for your perfect health.
  • Go to your organs and see them healthy – your adrenals, kidneys, liver, pancreas, gall bladder, stomach, esophagus, heart, thyroid — see them all healing and healthy.
  • Imagine the “second brain” in your gut is healthy and in direct communication with your brain. See your nerves system working in a healthy manner to support your body. See the vagus nerve, which has a role in digestion and mood, healing and supporting you in your recovery.
  • Now go to your head — feel your throat, jaw, cheek bones, etc. relaxing and releasing, healing.
  • See your teeth covered with strong enamel, see them healing.
  • Now see your skin healthy and vibrant.
  • Thank your body for supporting you and open your eyes.


  • This meditation can last as long or as short as you want. When I’m short for time, I just do a “lazer meditation” by seeing the green light and trusting that it is healing my entire body.
  • If you have pain in any area of your body, have the green light be stronger and surround that area. Stay with it and imagine the pain dissipating. See it leaving your body. You may notice that you feel better as you do this. It seemed like a miracle to me.
  • If you wake up in the middle of the night — in pain or concerned about your health, as I sometimes did — do this meditation for as long as you need to calm your body and mind (If you feel your health is in danger, consult a medical professional — also, if you are waking up in the night with panicked feelings about your health, you may want to share this with someone who can support you.).
  • Make up your own meditation rules and do whatever works for you.
  • As you do this meditation, feel yourself connecting to your spirit and higher powers.
  • Feel the energy and aliveness of your body, let it know you trust it to help you heal.
  • To make the meditation stronger, tune into your inner body’s aliveness at certain points during the day — this helps increase your awareness and presence. It’s a way to help calm your mind during the day. Start to notice how your inner body is feeling at different points in the day — this will help you get in touch with intuition, which can be your best guide.

The Mind-Body Connection

Your mind has tremendous power to heal your body. It also has the power to create stress and ill health in your body. This meditation allows you to spend some time caring for your body and learning to communicate with it. I found that it helped me learn to trust the mind-body connection.

Doing this meditation first thing in the morning helped me start the day with something nurturing. It stayed with me throughout the day, most of the time, and helped me remember to take care of myself.

Try it for yourself — I’d love to hear what you think!

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As a coach, writer and recovered former executive, I understand the challenges of creating a balanced, healthy lifestyle when over-scheduled. In my journey to radiant health, I created a whole health system of eating, exercise, renewal and recharging -- a roadmap toward health & vitality. I empower clients to create their own whole health systems, in their own unique ways. I have seen amazing results in working with my clients!