Healing Elixirs: Bone Broth & Vegetable Stock

These two simple liquids have helped me recover my health more than almost anything else.

Healing Elixir Vegetable Stock

The purple liquid above is a vegan Healing Elixir Vegetable Stock (Vegan Veggie Broth Recipe). I used this in the early stages of my recovery when all of my digestive organs were taxed and needed to be brought back to health. After simmering vegetables for an hour, the nutrients are now in broth, making them easy to digest. I used it as a way to get vitamins and minerals into my system and I found it very energizing. It was also easy to take to work with me in a thermos. To me, it felt like a really great alternative to green drinks. It’s also warm and soothing, which is especially helpful in the colder months.

Bone Broth

The body stops producing collagen at age 40
The orange liquid above is bone broth. I began my healing journey in my early 30’s and by age 37, my doctor told me I had a defective collagen disorder. It’s genetic and has no treatment and no cure. He felt it was the reason behind all of the digestive issues I had because collagen lines the digestive system and helps our organs do their jobs. Collagen is also critical for healthy teeth, joints, bones, skin, hair, nails, eyes and the heart. I didn’t realize at the time that collagen stops being produced in the body at age 40. Nor did I realize that animal protein was the only food source of collagen. In my early 40’s, even though I felt fully healed, I began to have some prolapses in my intestines. My acupuncturist said it’s the kind of thing that usually happens to “old people.”

Animal Protein is the Only Food Source for Collagen

The Bone Broth Secret by Louise Hay and Heather DaneThis was when I got serious about using food as medicine for this new phase of my age and health. Having been through a raw food vegan stage in my diet, I started to look harder at how to get collagen into my body. That’s when I began committing to bone broth. In my early 30’s, my body was not ready for bone broth (health-wise), so the Healing Vegetable Elixir helped my body get strong. By the time I realized I needed to support my body with a food source of collagen, it was ready for bone broth. Louise Hay and I explain more about how to heal your body with vegetable broth and bone broth in our new book, The Bone Broth Secret.

In any event, a few health professionals told me that healing intestinal prolapses would be very hard. However, I found that after 3 months of daily bone broth (2 cups per day) and acupuncture once per week, the prolapses were healed.

Defective Collagen Disorders

As I researched defective collagen disorders, I found that very little was discussed about the digestive challenges that happen, like Irritable bowel syndrome, gallbladder disease, GERD and prolapses. For many with collagen issues, they are often “invisible” and rarely diagnosed.

While I’ve heard many people, including my clients, heal issues with teeth, joints and bones and see big improvements in skin and hair with bone broth, I have found that the digestive benefits are less talked about. In our new book, Louise and I share the research and the work of doctors and traditional foods leaders (like Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride and Price Pottenger Nutrition Foundation), who have highlighted the digestive health and healing benefits of bone broth.

These days, I notice that my body just feels better when I have daily bone broth. And I’ve learned that since health is dynamic, using food as medicine is not about dogma, but about listening to your body and giving it what it needs for each stage of life. I am grateful that Mother Nature has given us everything we need to help our bodies heal.

What Foods Have Helped You Heal?

While our nutritional needs are all unique, sharing your stories may give others clues about what could work for them!

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