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  • Live Broadcast: February 5th, 2019 at 12:00 pm Pacific Time
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Everything you think you know about anxiety is about to change
We hear a lot about anxiety. It’s fear, it’s a brain problem, or even worse, it means there’s something wrong with you. Well, today we’re turning anxiety on its head. Uncovering what it really is, why you feel it, and what to do about it. Joining me is best-selling author and energy therapist, Amy B. Scher. Amy will bust anxiety myths and show you some powerful, effective techniques in energy medicine that will put your healing into your own hands.

Amy_B_ScherSpecial Guest: Amy Scher

Amy Scher is an L.A.-based author and leading voice in the field of mind-body-spirit healing. At 25 years old, Amy’s health began declining as she faced late-stage Lyme disease. Her symptoms baffled doctors, but she kept seeking answers for her recovery, leading her to India, stem cell therapy and several other treatments. But even with extensive treatments, she wasn’t able to get and stay completely well until she turned inward for healing – addressing her emotions, beliefs, and who she really was at the core.

Today, Amy is an author, teacher and energy therapist. She uses energy therapy techniques to help those experiencing illness and those in need of emotional healing. Amy has been featured on healthcare blogs, CNN, Curve magazine, Elephant Journal, Cosmopolitan magazine, OM Times, and the San Francisco Book Review. She was also named one of Advocate’s “40 Under 40” in 2013. Amy has presented to groups such as the Department of Psychiatry at Stanford University and teaches at retreats and conferences nationwide.

Amy has written several books on health and healing, including:

Lessons from Lyme Disease, Chronic Fatigue, and Fibromyalgia: A Collection Of Stories, Insights, and Healing Solutions

This Is How I Save My Life: A True Story of Embryonic Stem Cells, Indian Adventures, and Ultimate Self-Healing

How to Heal Yourself When No One Else Can: A Total Self-Healing Approach for Mind, Body, and Spirit 

And her most recent book: How to Heal Yourself from Anxiety When No One Else Can

Most importantly, Amy lives by her self-created motto:

When life kicks your ass, kick back.

Website | Facebook | How to Heal Yourself from Anxiety When No One Else Can

The Truth About Anxiety

When it comes right down to it, most people are fed myths about anxiety. One of the most common mood-related issues that touches just about everyone at one point in their lives (and some on a more chronic basis), it’s often chalked up to a mysterious disorder or something we just have to “get over.” The stigma attached to anxiety is so pervasive that many people don’t want to admit they have it or not uncommonly, don’t even realize they’re experiencing it.

According to energy therapist and best-selling author, Amy B. Scher, anxiety may be going unnoticed, especially by millennials, the population for whom anxiety is rising most rapidly.

What it comes right down to is that old adage — you have to feel to heal — according to Amy. Amy tells us that while most people think anxiety is fears, worry about the future and concerns about things out of their control, the real root cause is suppressed emotional patterns.

“A long-held pattern of stuffing your emotions down is where it all starts,” Amy says. “Eventually, the old energy starts bubbling up and out in a variety of ways. When we don’t allow ourselves to feel it and deal with it, this energy comes out as anxiety.”

Little-Known Symptoms of Anxiety

Symptoms may not always be easy to recognize, because they express in a variety of ways.

Do you have these hidden symptoms of anxiety?

  • Difficulty making decisions – indecisiveness a form of anxiety. You may find yourself in a cycle of worry, thinking, “What if I choose the wrong thing, what if it makes me unhappy? What if people don’t like my choice?”
  • Being self-critical – if you find you’re hard on yourself or always beating yourself up, it’s a good sign there’s hidden anxiety.
  • Moodiness – fluctuating moods or bubbling irritability and frustration.
  • Feeling shaky or unstable – anxiety and suppressed emotions can stress your adrenals. If this continues, your adrenals may burn out, contributing to even more symptoms of anxiety.
  • Digestive upset – many people think they just ate something that didn’t agree with them, but your gut and brain are connected, so if you’re anxious, your body’s resources will go away from your digestive process and toward resolving the fight or flight hormonal response, causing indigestion, diarrhea, constipation, nausea, and other digestive issues.
  • Sensitivity to lights or electromagnetic fields – this is another symptom of anxiety that has stressed your adrenals and other factors that would help stabilize you around stressors like EMFs and electrical sources of energy.

Who Is Most Affected By Anxiety?

While statistics show millennials are the most impacted generation right now, there are certain types of people in all generations who tend to be most susceptible to anxiety.

  • Type A personalities – many times, type A personalities are so good at hiding vulnerabilities because they seem as if they have it all together. Leaders, moms running an efficient household, caretakers, and people who are wonders at “getting things done” often have hidden anxieties that drive their desire to achieve. Interestingly, these folks often have genetics showing that they have excellent brains and are genius at creative solutions, but also hold onto stress longer in their bodies and brains. This is one biological reason why anxiety may express as a symptom and it can be shifted with things like energy medicine, food and lifestyle!
  • Perfectionists, approval-seekers or people-pleasers – underneath this very common behavior is a big heart and a desire to get things right. Also underneath this is the primal fear of being separated from the pack..if others don’t approve of you, you’ll be unloved or excommunicated. This has to do with a subconscious, protective need for survival and to be safe that is wired into our primal/reptilian brains.
  • Energetically sensitive or highly sensitive people – these are folks who feel energy so deeply that they have trouble deciphering if it’s theirs or if it belongs to others. If you walk into malls and feel exhausted or you feel fatigued or experience symptoms when in groups, you may be energetically sensitive or highly sensitive.

5 Powerful Energy Therapy Techniques to Eliminate Anxiety

Eliminate Anxiety Tip #1 – Give Yourself Permission

A transformative theme of Amy’s energy therapy tips is giving yourself permission. Most of us hold ourselves back from getting what we need so we can get through the week, the big presentation, or that huge challenge in front of us. To get through, we suppress a lot of emotions – the very things that make us human – so we can keep going forward. Often, we never revisit those emotions, so they get buried.

Amy invites everyone to decide right now that you’ll commit to feeling your feelings. “It’s okay to feel your feelings. Everything that we feel moves much faster if we don’t try to push it down,” Amy reveals.

This reminds me of the Wayne Dyer quote:

Nature never creates an unending storm.

Many people believe that if they feel their feelings, they will get lost in the abyss and never come out. Fear, anxiety, depression, worry – these feel dark, deep and overpowering. They are yin emotions in Chinese medicine. We grow up learning darkness is scary and pain is something to suppress. We are taught to take drugs to make it all go away. And yet, according to neuroscientist, Antonio Damasio, while painkillers take away physical symptoms, the brain still knows something is amiss. In other words, you can’t fool mother nature. Suppression is a band-aid that doesn’t solve the real issue.

One of Amy’s most powerful messages is that the energy will MOVE, if we just allow ourselves to feel it. “You’re already feeling it,” Amy says, “In this way, you can allow it to move in a healthier way.”

Let’s all affirm:

“I give myself permission to feel my emotions. I am safe.”

Eliminate Anxiety Tip #2 – When You’re Not Sure What to Do, Try the Thymus Tap

If you find yourself panicked or overwhelmed, or if you’re in public, the Thymus Tap is a great energy therapy technique. Your thymus is an organ that supports your immunity and vitality.

First, take a few moments to notice the emotion you’re feeling. Most people will start repeating “I’m anxious” in their heads. In this moment, stop telling yourself you feel anxious. Remember, anxiety isn’t an emotion, it’s a result of suppressed emotion. If you had to pick a primary emotion, what would it be? Just pick whatever comes up and acknowledge it.

Then, with your flat hand or a few fingers, tap on the center of your chest, saying the emotion you’re feeling and repeat: “Let it go. Let it go. Let it go.” You are giving yourself and your immune system permission to let it go.

Amy suggests doing this as needed and then when you have more time, spend time on the next technique and others that help you get to the root cause of the triggering emotion.

Eliminate Anxiety Tip #3 – Sweep Away the Root Cause

Your emotions are a form of energy and energy has habits and patterns. If you find yourself getting triggered in similar situations (e.g., in groups, at work, before bed, etc.), there was likely an original situation that triggered this response. Amy recommends you identify the original circumstances so you can use energy therapy to clear the root cause.

Sometimes, the root cause is intergenerational trauma passed down from ancestors. Other times it’s something that happened in childhood or your past. Her book, How to Heal Yourself from Anxiety When No One Else Can, has exercises to uncover the root cause.

The Sweep is a beautiful energy therapy technique that Amy created to clear the root cause of anxiety and install a feeling of safety and vitality. Learn how to do Amy’s wonderful Sweep technique and script.

Eliminate Anxiety Tip #4 – Clear Your Energy Regularly to Strengthen Boundaries

There’s a term that psychologists and social scientists call “social contagion,” which means that we pick up on the emotions of people around us. This helps us understand the very real issue of picking up energy from others, especially for those of you who are energetically sensitive or highly sensitive. It also reveals why sometimes our boundaries can feel so permeable. Yet, healthy boundaries are critical for feeling your best and not being so susceptible to others.

Anyone who’s had a toxic relationship knows how challenging it can be to recover your healthy boundaries. The good news is that energy therapy helps you strengthen your own energy system and build natural, healthy boundaries. The more you practice energy therapy and clear out cluttered emotions, harmful patterns, and limiting beliefs, the lighter and stronger you feel. Instead of walking through the world worrying about being an empath and needing to protect your energy, your energy naturally protects you.

Eliminate Anxiety Tip #5 – Don’t Force It, Go Gently

Amy has worked with clients whose therapists have told them to just take an action to help them get over their anxiety. However, what she’s seen is that trying to force your body to get over something you’ve been holding onto can contribute to your body digging in its heels, making symptoms worse.

This is because your body has a flight-flight-freeze response that Amy likes to call the “freak out” response. Your body doesn’t want to be forced to do anything. Instead of forcing yourself to get over it, take it slowly and gently, at your own pace. This reminds your body that it’s safe and you’re willing to work through this step by step.

Healing doesn’t have to happen all at once. Every small step feels miraculous, so take your time and allow the benefits to unfold.

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