Hair Loss and Graying: The Truth About Vitamin D Part 2

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In part 2 of our series about the low vitamin D epidemic, we look at how deficiencies in key nutrients affect your hair health. Is your scalp dry and itchy? Hair falling out or turning gray prematurely? Let’s find out what’s going on and discuss natural solutions to resolve hair issues. Wellness Coach, Morley Robbins (a.k.a., The Magnesium Man) joins Heather for a lively discussion on healing at the root cause level.

mineral expert, Morley RobbinsSpecial Guest: Morley Robbins

Morley Robbins started out in the mainstream medical industry as a hospital executive and consultant for 32 years when he developed a condition called “frozen shoulder” that changed his path to a focus on natural health. While his doctor recommended surgery as the only option, Morley chose light touch chiropractic care and achieved surgery-free recovery within just a couple of weeks. This experience was so life-changing that Morley began to question everything he thought he knew about healing. He left hospital administration and became a Wellness Coach, eventually finding Carol Dean’s book, The Magnesium Miracle, which set him on his current path.

Morley and his partner, Dr. Liz Erkenswick, DC, began incorporating magnesium into their healing practice and witnessed profound changes in their clients’ health.

Their clients’ “need” for statins, anti-depressants, digestive meds, sleeping pills, and osteoporosis medications (just to name a few) were effectively offset by concerted efforts to manage their stress response, eating REAL foods rich in minerals, vitamins and fats, and undertaking protocols to restore magnesium. Seeing these results created a passion for restoring mineral balance in people’s lives, so he founded the Magnesium Advocacy Group (MAG) and quickly became known as “The Magnesium Man.”

Through MAG, Morley is committed to educating as many people as possible about the MAGnificence of magnesium — and all minerals — and ending the epidemic of mineral imbalance plaguing people’s health and well-being.

Please join him in his Facebook community to gain greater insights into the importance of minerals, in general, and magnesium, in particular.

Learn more about Morley:

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Facebook: Magnesium Advocacy Group (closed group)Root Cause Protocol Group 

Twitter: @MAGChat

Get Your Minerals Tested with an HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis)

Everything Is Energy

In the book, The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation Of Life, by Robert O. Becker (U.S. orthopedic surgeon and researcher in electrophysiology/electromedicine) emphasizes how important energy is for everything in our lives.

We spend a lot of time in buildings and think nothing of how it’s the steel girders that allow them to stand tall and strong. Going deeper within the building, it’s the plumbing and wiring made of copper that allow water and electricity to move through, giving us the utilities that create power.

It’s the same thing when you look at people, says mineral expert Morley Robbins. As humans, we depend on minerals like copper to move things through our bodies and create power – or energy. Unfortunately, minerals are so poorly understood in mainstream medicine that they have been largely ignored. The fact is, minerals are powerful and make our bodies work. We need them to give us the right vibration – or charge differential – to fuel all of life.

Morley often explains this by asking us to think of a car. In order to run a car, you need a key. In order to run a human body, minerals are the key.

Here’s the formula necessary for more energy in today’s modern world: More magnesium, more bioavailable copper and less iron. Read on to find out why.

The Truth About Minerals and Vitamin D

In seawater, you find 84 minerals, 18 of which are essential. Within the 18 minerals, three are Morley’s focus: magnesium, bioavailable copper, and iron. Because these three minerals play a critical role in energy, vitality, and longevity.

Looking closer at sea water minerals, there’s 3 parts magnesium for every part of calcium. This mineral ratio is necessary for human health as well. Let’s take blood and plasma in the human body, for example. Blood contains cells that swim in plasma. Plasma is supposed to be the seawater equivalent of 3 parts magnesium for every part calcium, so the formula requires more magnesium than calcium for energy and vitality.

Our ancestors had it easier than us energy-wise. They lived in an environment that was magnesium-rich and calcium-poor. In this magnesium-calcium ratio, vitamin D had an important role: to help calcium metabolize in the body.

“Vitamin D is actually a hormone and has an active form (calcitriol) and a storage form (calcidiol),” explains Morley. “In fact, vitamin D is the oldest hormone on planet earth and the most powerful hormone in the human body, so we shouldn’t be taking it like candy. We must have great reverence for the power vitamin D has.”

The gift of vitamin D was to help the human body make use of calcium. In the days of our ancestors, when the ratio of magnesium to calcium was appropriately 3:1, vitamin D supported energy and vitality. However, these days, we have 5 times more calcium than magnesium in our diets. That’s a 15-fold change in the mineral composition needed for human energy, vitality, and longevity. And this is where the problems begin.

Magnesium is the Mineral of Motion, Calcium is the Mineral of Cement

“Magnesium is the mineral of motion, so if you want to do something in your body you’d better have magnesium,” Morley says. You need 5 mg per body weight (10 mg per kilo) of magnesium for general health, more if you’re deficient or under stress. Learn more about magnesium testing and Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis.

On the other hand, calcium is the mineral of cement. You need calcium for building bones, among other transactions in the body. The key to remember about calcium is that when there’s a problem in the body, it will send in calcium to patch things up. Calcium, therefore, is an agent of fibrosis and calcification.

Copper is the Mineral of Electricity and Iron is the Mineral of Rust

Copper is the mineral of electricity. We know this in our homes, office buildings, and even in our cars. The same thing is true in our body. Iron, on the other hand, is the mineral of rust. We know what a rust nail or pipe looks like, right? This same rusting process takes place inside the body.

Dr. Denham Harman, the “father of the free radical theory of aging,” found in 1954 that iron causes reactive oxygen species to form in the cell, causing free radicals and promoting aging.

Gray Hair, Thinning Hair, and Hair Loss

Just like we have an overabundance of calcium foods and supplements these days, we tend to have an overabundance of iron.

Iron is found in certain foods (e.g., beans, lentils, green leafy vegetables like spinach, potatoes, cashews, cereal, bread, enriched flour, etc.), and is in many multivitamin supplements. We’re adding iron every day, which builds the potential for rust in the human body.

Hair loss, gray hair and thinning hair are all considered signs of aging. In fact, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, 40% of women have visible hair loss by the time they reach 40 years of age.

A byproduct of aging is hydrogen peroxide, which is what thins hair and makes it go gray. So where is hydrogen peroxide coming from?

The best way to build up hydrogen peroxide in the human body is by taking ascorbic acid and vitamin D. Ascorbic acid is only one part of the wholefood vitamin C molecule and unfortunately, the most common form of “vitamin C” in supplements. And we all know how pervasive vitamin D supplements are in multivitamins and on their own.

How to Stop Hydrogen Peroxide in the Aging Process

If ascorbic acid and vitamin D create hydrogen peroxide, how do you stop it?

  • Vitamin D supplements.

“I remember a woman with the most beautiful head of hair I’ve ever seen. She was from Poland and when I asked her how she kept her hair so nice, she almost seemed embarrassed to tell me that she put pig lard on her hair and then wiped it out,” Morley said.

In Eastern Europe, people had the idea that the lard was nourishing hair follicles, reducing hydrogen peroxide, and promoting overall vitality. When Morley looked into this from a Chinese medicine perspective, he realized that hair vitality is connected to kidney health. So if you have gray or thinning hair, or a dry, itchy scalp, they look to the kidneys to see what’s up.

Let’s think about this by looking at the research of Tufts and Greenberg in 1938. They looked at what happens to animals when you deprive them of magnesium.: when magnesium drops, calcium takes over (increases). Vitamin D further causes calcium to increase. If you don’t have enough bioavailable copper, hydrogen peroxide can’t be neutralized (therefore, you get aging).

In 1962, Dr. John Ferris of Yale Medical School did a study that found vitamin D supplements can cause renal potassium wasting. In other words, the kidneys couldn’t hold on to potassium. As the pH of the kidneys dropped, iron couldn’t get into kidney tissues, causing calcium to get whipped up in a frenzy (increasing). Calcium build up hardens things, like your joints.

While we need iron to live, too much iron is what gets in between magnesium and calcium and eats magnesium for lunch, Morley says. This is a problem because we need plenty of magnesium to partner with ATP (the body’s energy currency) so that your heart can beat, and over 3,000 enzymatic functions in the body can function properly.

Little-Known Tips for Healthy Hair

#1. – Reduce Stress

Remember, stress is how you respond to the circumstances in your life. There are many options, like Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), meditation, journaling, and other self-care techniques that support you in feeling calm and centered.

#2 – Check Out the Things to Stop and Start in Morley’s Root Cause Protocol.
#3 – Use a Wooden or Natural Horn Comb

Ditching plastic and using a comb made of natural material supports the natural oils in your hair.

#4 – Consider a Hairstyle That Is Not Tight

Tight ponytails, braids, buns or other hairstyles that pull your hair can be a problem if you’re already losing hair.

#5 – Consume Bone Broth and Collagen Peptides

Your hair is connective tissue and bone broth nourishes your connective tissue. It also supports resolving leaky gut and leaky brain. Collagen peptides and marine collagen (from fish) are hydrolyzed collagen that can also support your peripheral connective tissue, like hair, skin, joints and nails. Louise Hay and I also included an all-natural collagen hair mask recipe in The Bone Broth Secret.

#6 – Donate Blood to Reduce Iron Overload

“After age 40, men are magnets for iron,” Morley said. He encourages men and post-menopausal women to donate blood once per quarter (4 times per year). Menstruating women should donate blood 2 times per year.

“The act of donating blood will do more to change the physiology of your body than almost anything else you can do,” says Morley. “In studies, it was found that 5% of people in communities are blood donors. Donors always outlive non-donors in studies. It makes sense because less iron causes less rust.”

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