Are You A Generational Pattern Shifter? Free Yourself from the Rules

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  • Episode Name: “Are You A Generational Pattern Shifter? Free Yourself from the Rules”
  • Live Broadcast: April 24th, 2017 at 3:00 pm Pacific Time
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Here’s how to discover your Sacred Path and free yourself from other people’s rules!
Are you a generational pattern shifter?

If you are, you’re likely the sensitive one in your family. The one who took the path less chosen. The odd ball. And you’re the one who came in with an important Sacred Path: to heal yourself and generations backward and forward in your family. You can’t do this by following other people’s rules!

Are You A Generational Pattern Shifter?

Today, we know from the science of epigenetics – what happens outside our genes that is responsible for our health – that only about 5% of our health is based on our genetics. This means that 95% of our health is epigenetic, outside the genes. What influences the 95? Your thoughts, food and lifestyle choices.

About 5 years ago, I began studying epigenetics and applying it with my clients. It’s been amazing because now we can get to the bottom of mystery health challenges because within the genetics, we can see enzymes, vitamins, minerals, proteins and co-factors that the body really needs. Once these nutritional needs are met, health starts to improve. I’ve been stunned to see that meeting these needs can even resolve years of problems with candida, SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth) and other challenging gut issues.

This is where I’ve come to realize that while many experts have given us great information about nutrition, there is no one-size fits all solution. Because everyone’s genes are different. And everyone’s microbiome is different. This means that following other people’s rules about eating may miss what our bodies truly need and desire.

Unfulfilled Desires of the Soul – Living by Other People’s Rules

But it’s not just about diet. Stress from negative or fearful thoughts and lifestyle habits can also create health challenges. One of the things I see most of all is the stress created by unfulfilled desires of the soul. This is a concept in Native American medicine that I learned from my Haudenosaunee (Iroquois Confederacy) culture. It is believed in my culture that when we are not living according to our purpose – the Sacred Path we came here to live – it can adversely affect our health.

After working with hundreds of clients all over the world and reading hundreds of gene variance (DNA) reports as I worked with clients on how they can use food and lifestyle as “medicine,” I began to see some patterns.

One of the most fascinating patterns I’ve seen is what I call a generational pattern shifter. There is always one in every family.

You May Be A Generational Pattern Shifter If…

A generational pattern shifter is the person in a family, who has taken on the energetic responsibility to heal the ancestral DNA backwards and forward. Over the years, I’ve tested the theory and watched how certain gene variance patterns guide our emotions, stress levels, how we do our work, and the health issues that crop up.

In some ways, I’ve noticed that your gene variance report is like astrology for your health. We know today that emotions and behaviors, moods — these things are passed through DNA in addition to your potential for health.

So who is a generational pattern shifter?

  • It’s often the person who has chosen the “path less taken” in their family.
  • The oddball.
  • The highly sensitive one.
  • Sometimes, it’s the person who has a health crisis that knocks them down on their knees.
  • There are usually signs that happen through the course of your life.
  • You may be fascinated with your ancestors or indigenous culture.
  • Often, it’s the person who feels compelled toward transformation or spiritual growth.
  • They usually don’t want to take medicines.

We all came here to walk a Sacred Path and yet, we don’t walk alone. We walk with our ancestors. They are always with us, guiding us. Some of you may feel like you have angels and other guides as well. Others feel very guided by spirit, God, Energy or the Creator. In essence, we walk our Sacred Path with guidance from a higher power. Our ancestors are part of our guidance system. And we can always rely on them if we need support. In Chinese medicine, it is said that if we feel like we’re using too much will in life – or things get too hard – we can feel ourselves cradled in the arms of our ancestors by falling back and feeling them supporting our kidneys. This is how we draw strength and energy from them.

Your Sacred Path is How You Fulfill Your Soul’s Desires

When you have a major life or health challenge, it’s often life asking you to transform. While approaching nutrition and other modalities to heal, we cannot forget that symptoms – in life or health – show up with messages. If you have been living your life out of alignment with your Sacred Path, these symptoms may be nudging or even forcing you to face the fears and obstacles keeping you from fulfilling your soul’s desires. These are usually the scary, risky things that you dream of doing, but are too afraid to leap into.

How Do You Tell If You’re On Your Sacred Path?

Ask yourself, am I doing what I came here to do? If the answer is no – or if you have a yearning to do something else, but have been afraid or felt the timing wasn’t right. Or if you feel knocked down by life or a health challenge, it’s time to address where you are on your Sacred Path.

Also, if you find yourself feeling like you have to follow other people’s diets, other people’s rules, or if you feel you have to keep up with others, stay in a job for the status, or you’re feeling unfulfilled doing a job only for the money, these are signs that it’s time to reassess your path.

Here are some ideas to get you started on your Sacred Path:

  • Write your vision: sign up for my newsletter and get the vision exercise I do with all of my clients. This will get you started on uncovering unfulfilled desires of the soul and identifying your true Sacred Path.
  • Connect to your ancestors: who were they? What did they love to do? What stories were passed down in your family? If the stories were tragic or full of trauma, remember that as a generational pattern shifter, you came to change the story. You can create a new story in your vision (see above). In the meantime, spend time with your ancestors in meditation. If there is one you are particularly drawn to, connect with him/her. Ask for guidance and support. See and feel them guiding you and remember that they have your back.Find out what they ate. The food of your ancestors is often a clue to what you can best eat and digest genetically and from the perspective of your microbiome. Did they live near a farm and eat raw vegetables? Or were they in the mountains, slow cooking animal proteins with few vegetables? These habits matter when it comes to choosing foods and cooking methods that are the most healing for you. Learn the rituals, traditions and ceremonies they practiced. Try some of them yourself. These rituals, stories, traditions, ceremonies, dances, music – they have a healing quality. Studies have shown that culture heals. In Native American culture, it would be considered “good medicine.”
  • Keep a food journal & reclaim your sacred connection to food as nourishment: learn how here.
  • If you do not know your own cultural background, choose one you feel most drawn to and learn about it. Adopted children or those whose families don’t know much about their backgrounds may find that for some reason, you are drawn to a certain culture, foods, habits or traditions. Write these down and trust what you’re being drawn to. Learn more about them and experiment to see how you feel as you try the foods and rituals of that culture.
  • Spend time in nature, especially in your homelands. If you cannot get to your ancestral land, visualize yourself on the land as you meditate out in nature. Connecting with your ancestors on ancestral land is very healing. You can feel yourself drawing energy and strength from the land, breathe the healing into every cell of your body.

In my health coaching practice, I have found that once I’ve identified a client as a generational pattern shifter, we can begin to make the healing journey even more transformative with epigenetics, natural approaches, and Native American healing practices.

One of my favorite concepts in Native American culture is that when one of us heals, we can also heal the Sacred Family. In other words, as you heal, your healing spills over into your immediate family, and  then into the Sacred Family. This can include ancestors, future generations and people we share this planet with. A lot of generational pattern shifters go into work that allows them to heal the greater Sacred Family – larger numbers of people around the world.

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