Exercise - How to Trust Your Body

Taking Action – Trusting Your Body

If you keep a journal, this would be a great place to do this ‘trust your body’ exercise — it will help you stop the mind-body war.

Write down all of the ways your mind & body are at war.

Example – my mind tells me what to put into my body — and I overstuff it when I binge, my mind gets anxious & forces my body to purge, my mind has my body over exercise, my mind is anxious & doesn’t allow my body to sleep, my body has a lot of pain, etc.

  • Now do a visualization – close your eyes and go into your inner body. Feel the aliveness, the energy. See any colors or lights that your inner body may be emanating. See the child inside of you — it has no body, only this aliveness. Ask her what she needs to show her you care. Ask her what she’s been missing. What does she need right now? Ask her to forgive you for ignoring her needs. Ask her how you can show her that she can trust you. Stay with your inner body, your inner child. Stay until you get some feelings, senses or answers. If you don’t get a response, ask her to tell you when the time is right — invite her to tell you in her own time. Then when you open your eyes, be open to getting an answer at a later time — maybe in a dream or when you’re doing something else.
  • Write down what you learned in your journal – keeping a journal is a great way to get in touch with your feelings & work through challenges.
  • Create affirmations – Now take all the ways your body & mind are currently at war and write positive affirmations for each of them. Make the affirmations in the present tense (leave out don’t, not and no statements). Example: I always listen to my body before I eat — and I eat healthy, nutritious foods in the quantity that feels right for my body. Any time your mind starts to engage in negative thoughts about your body, say “Delete” and replace them with these positive affirmations.
  • Create a commitment statement – what are you willing to commit to your inner self, your inner child? Write down what you are committing to. Write it out like this: I, (enter your name) am committing to (enter your commitments) starting right now (today’s date) in order to (do what your inner self has asked).
  • Create an action plan for fulfilling your commitment – what steps will you take and when?
  • Create a follow up plan — when will you check in & write up your progress? Consider going back to your inner self to report on your progress and ask for feedback. See how your inner body is responding. Develop a relationship — this is your intuition — your best guide. Your inner self is the best relationship you can have.
  • Identify a reward for your successes – celebrate your accomplishments. Consider celebrating with your inner self — tune in and celebrate together.


Try this and see what happens — I’d love to hear how this works for you!

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