Energy Therapy for Self-Sabotage and Anxiety

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  • Live Broadcast: March 28th, 2017 at 3:00 pm Pacific Time
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Do you keep falling into patterns of behavior, even though you truly want to let them go? Are you taking 2 steps forward, only to fall 3 steps back? Would you like to feel the energy, confidence, and motivation to break free from limiting patterns? Join Heather and her special guest, Energy Therapist and best-selling author, Amy Scher, as they discuss ways to release self-sabotage, fear, and anxiety.

Amy B. Scher Special Guest: Amy B. Scher

Amy Scher is an L.A.-based author and leading voice in the field of mind-body-spirit healing. At 25 years old, Amy’s health began declining as she faced late-stage Lyme disease. Her symptoms baffled doctors, but she kept seeking answers for her recovery, leading her to India, stem cell therapy and several other treatments. But even with extensive treatments, she wasn’t able to get and stay completely well until she turned inward for healing – addressing her emotions, beliefs, and who she really was at the core.

Today, Amy is an author, teacher and energy therapist. She uses energy therapy techniques to help those experiencing illness and those in need of emotional healing. Amy has been featured on healthcare blogs, CNN, Curve magazine, Elephant Journal, Cosmopolitan magazine, OM Times, and the San Francisco Book Review. She was also named one of Advocate’s “40 Under 40” in 2013. Amy has presented to groups such as the Department of Psychiatry at Stanford University and teaches at retreats and conferences nationwide.

Amy has written several books on health and healing, including:

Lessons from Lyme Disease, Chronic Fatigue, and Fibromyalgia: A Collection Of Stories, Insights, and Healing Solutions

This Is How I Save My Life: A True Story of Embryonic Stem Cells, Indian Adventures, and Ultimate Self-Healing

And her most recent book: How To Heal Yourself When No One Else Can: A Total Self-Healing Approach for Mind, Body, and Spirit

Most importantly, Amy lives by her self-created motto:

“When life kicks your ass, kick back.”

Read more about Amy: | Amy’s Books | How to Heal Yourself When No One Else Can| Facebook

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Five Steps to Releasing Anxiety and Self-Sabotage

Studies have shown that anxiety and depression in young Americans has been on the rise for he past 80 years. While the researchers are not sure why, we
can see clues in science, nutrition, and energy medicine. There are even clues in how we responded to a doorbell 20 years ago and how we respond to the doorbell now. And in how many heads are bent toward phones at dinner. So what can be done? With all the natural disasters, tragedies, and political, healthcare and economic uncertainty today, it’s no surprise that studies on adult populations also show anxiety is on the rise.

Anxiety is at the root of self-sabotage. In psychology, self-sabotage is you’re your behaviors or habits get in the way of your goals. And there are interesting reasons
So let’s check in, how are you feeling lately? Do you find yourself feeling more anxious? Or falling into patterns of behavior, even though you truly want to let them go? Maybe you feel like you’re taking 2 steps forward, only to fall 3 steps back? Don’t we all want to feel the energy, confidence, and motivation to break free, so we can feel our best?

We’re going to reveal solutions to release anxiety, fear, and self-sabotage with energy therapy, nutrition and Native American medicine!

#1 – Listen to Your Body and Emotions

Amy’s studies in anxiety have shown that it’s related to a tendency to suppress your emotions. Emotions are meant to be a barometer of information for you, so if you ignore them, they tend to get more insistent until you pay attention to the information. Moods can continue to escalate, until you face your emotions. The same is true for physical symptoms. Light pain or a minor symptom can grow into more serious symptoms if you ignore them. Your body is an excellent signal for information and when you learn to feel safe with the physical and emotional “information” that comes to you, it’s easier to act on the information.

If you don’t feel safe listening to your symptoms or emotions, try Amy’s energy therapy techniques in numbers 3 and 4 below.

#2 – Resolve Unfulfilled Desires of the Soul and Get Clear on Your Vision

In Native American medicine, one of the areas we check whenever there are health or mood issues is unfulfilled desires of the soul. This is especially important if you are highly sensitive, psychic, or energetically sensitive because if you’re sensitive, you may be overly focused on the energy of other people, pets or places, rather than your own.

Let’s say that you feel like you feel overly anxious about the lives of your children. Or your spouse. Since we can never control the lives, behavior or decisions of others, this can be a recipe for disaster emotionally and physically. The first step to resolving unfulfilled desires of the soul is to get clear about what you really want for your own life. In Heather’s vision exercise, you focus on what you want, deep in your heart, removing what could get in the way. You can get your free vision exercise here.

#3 – Use the Panic Point or Thymus Heartbeat to Release Stress and Panic Attacks

Here’s how they work:

Panic Point

For this point, you’ll be using the groove between your pinky and ring finger, about halfway down on the top of the hand. Use three or four fingers of your other hand and tap or rub that spot. Use it along with deep breaths when you can’t calm down. This one is easy to do under a restaurant table or a desk. Because it’s directly on the Triple Warmer meridian or energy pathway, working with can calm stress and encourage your body to calm down and “back off” from being in overprotective mode.

Thymus Heartbeat

To reduce fear and promote a calm feeling, gently tap your thymus gland in a 1-2-3 rhythm with your hand flat against your chest. This is a wonderful way to mimic your heartbeat. Do this for a few minutes.

#4 – Do the Sweep

The Sweep is Amy’s belief clearing meditation that helps you release feelings, behaviors, trauma, beliefs, ideas and patterns that have been creating self-sabotage, fear and anxiety. Learn how to do The Sweep.

#5 – Try These Nutritional Solutions to Give Your Body a Foundation of Strength, Willpower, and Mood Support

Willpower is one of the most studied aspects of social science. Research has shown that willpower is not something that only certain, lucky people have. Willpower and decision-making are actually directly related to your blood sugar levels.

Interestingly, if your blood sugar levels aren’t stable, you are already setting the stage for self-sabotage and anxiety. On top of this, if you are deficient in minerals, you often feel stress more acutely, which causes the body to burn through more minerals and become more deficient.

  • Keep your blood sugar level stable. When your blood sugar levels drop, it’s a brain and body emergency, which can lead to anxiety, stress, and depression. To do this, it’s important to eat when you’re hungry and support gut health so that your digestion works well. If you are eating sugar or processed carbs, your body can go on a blood sugar roller coaster, which contributes to self-sabotage. Eat when you’re hungry, don’t skip meals, and have healthy meals and snacks with you if you’re traveling. Consider bone broth if you have digestive problems or leaky gut. If you have poor gut health and your blood sugar levels are often low, try this delicious, gut-healing blood sugar balancer recipe.
  • Take minerals and hydrate your body. This is even more important if you’re energetically sensitive! Drink plenty of water and add up to 1 dropperful of Anderson’s Sea MD spread across your glasses of water for the day. If you’re on a budget and not sensitive to sodium, try ¼ teaspoon sea salt in 8 oz. water. Add the juice of ½ lemon for liver support.
  • Eat healthy fats, like organic raw, grassfed butter, organic grassfed ghee, organic extra virgin coconut oil, avocadoes, extra virgin olive oil, grassfed beef tallow, pasture fed duck fat, etc. Healthy fats are “brain food,” supporting improved moods and memory.

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