Eggs Your Way Soup

Eggs have been put into soups in all sorts of ways in all cultures. Whether poached, scrambled, or hard-boiled, people seem to love eggs in soup. We do, too! Adding an egg to broth is a simple way to create a satisfyingly light, yet hearty meal.

Feel free to make this egg soup any way you like, as this recipe can use any type of broth.

Preparation time: 5–7 minutes
Yield: 2 servings


  • 1½ cups bone broth or meat stock (flavored or neutral)
  • 4–6 eggs
Optional spices:

All of these go together, so use them all if you like, or any combination. If you’re using a flavored broth, make sure you taste it to see what is needed. Sometimes you won’t need to add anything, or perhaps just some sea salt and ground pepper. These spices work very well for a neutral or lightly flavored broth, like chicken bone broth:

  • 1 tsp. thyme
  • ½ tsp. paprika
  • ½ tsp. black pepper
  • 1 tsp. sea salt


Combine broth (or stock) and your spices of choice in a medium-sized saucepan. Set your burner to medium high and simmer for a few minutes. Turn your burner down to low and add the eggs. This recipe serves 2, so add the number of eggs you want for 2 people.

How you do the eggs is your choice. You can poach them or mix them right in like egg drop soup. Some people like to scramble the eggs fist and then add them to the broth. Others like to take already prepared hard-boiled eggs from the refrigerator, slice them in half, and add them to the broth. This is totally up to you and whatever you have on hand!

  • If you would like to poach the eggs, simmer the broth on low and carefully crack the eggs into the broth so that the yolk stays whole. Simmer until the egg whites are cooked and the yolks are the way you like them (we enjoy them slightly soft). You can cook them longer to get fully cooked yolks if you prefer.
  • If you like egg drop soup, mix the egg into the broth for a few minutes and the soup will be ready as you see the egg white turn opaque.
Serving suggestions:

Pour into bowls and enjoy!

Add a side dish of cultured vegetables, like sauerkraut or kimchi.

Serve with a side dish of your favorite vegetables, the Celery Root Mash, or the Mashed Kabocha Squash.

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