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  • Episode Name: “Easy Tips for Great Health”
  • Live Broadcast: July 18, 2017  at 3:00 pm Pacific Time
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Episode Summary Re-cap

Join Heather and her special guest, Liana Werner-Gray, as they share their easiest tips for creating great health. They will reveal kitchen short-cuts, their favorite easy recipes, how to end cravings, and more! Discover the best remedies for blood sugar balance, weight loss, and all day energy.

Liana Werner-GraySpecial Guest: Liana Werner-Gray

Liana Werner-Gray is a sought-after speaker and advocates for natural healing using a healthy diet and lifestyle. After healing herself of many negative health conditions including a pre-cancerous tumor, digestive issues, and disorderly eating through embracing a natural lifestyle, Werner-Gray began lecturing and teaching about The Earth Diet internationally. Liana has visited 33 countries to date.

Werner-Gray is the founder and owner of The Earth Diet, where she directs a team that helps people all over the world find recipes that work for them. Through her company, she has helped thousands of people improve, and in some cases even entirely heal, conditions such as cancer, diabetes, addictions, depression, acne, heart disease, obesity, and more. Her two books are The Earth Diet and 10-Minute Recipes, published by Hay House.

Werner-Gray was born and raised in outback Australia, Alice Springs. In her final year of schooling at Charles Darwin University, she received the school’s award for the arts, the Liana Nappi Award. She was named Miss Earth Australia in 2009 by People’s Choice, the third largest beauty pageant in the world. During the same competition, she was also awarded “Best in Environmental Speech,” “Green Achievers,” and the “Innovators Award.”

Werner-Gray has starred in films that received international praise and awards. She continues to work in the entertainment business, as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle. Her intention is to live her life the best she can, and hopefully to inspire others to live the lives of their dreams through a healthy lifestyle.

Werner-Gray currently lives in New York City.

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7 Top Tips to Turn Your Health Around

Did you know that most processed food manufacturing companies are actively working against your health and well-being? They spend millions on psychologists and food chemists to get you to want to eat more. And to find the right mix of ingredients to keep you addicted and wanting more food than you need. Over time, your brain begins to seek these foods out due to addiction created by repeatedly eating these foods.

If you’ve been feeling weak and as if you have no willpower, it’s important to recognize that it’s not your fault. These foods have been designed to do what they are doing to you. The only way to end the cycle is to abstain from these addictive ingredients and start taking your nourishment into your own hands! We are fortunate to have more health food companies creating products with better ingredients and free of chemical additives. At the same time, it can be incredibly empowering to learn a few tricks of your own!

#1. Think Of Self-Care As Your Success Secret

You’ve heard that self-care isn’t selfish and maybe you’ve even embraced it! But did you know that self-care is actually a great success strategy? Results from several studies in corporations show that when companies prioritize self-care for their employees, the payoff is major. Less absenteeism, less burnout, less turnover and improved performance, morale, teamwork, and creativity. Now, imagine what would happen if you prioritized self-care in your own life? Imagine how your relationships and work performance could improve? Sometimes, this step requires trusting that if you do less work and say no to things you think you “should” do, you’ll actually see a payoff over time.

Eating well is an incredibly important part of your self-care time. It’s how you fuel and nourish your body and brain. As you feel better, the payoffs are huge: better sleep, more energy, improved relationships, and more willpower to meet your goals (yes, willpower and decision-making are directly related to your blood sugar levels!).

#2. Reframe Kitchen Time As Meditation Time!

Both Liana and I were surprised to find out that our time in the kitchen began to feel like a moving meditation. When you touch and work with foods from the earth, it creates a kind of connection. I think of it as my indoor garden and in my mind, preparing meals with real food is like reconnecting to all things. Nature’s food is the life that gives us life, so in a way, it’s like reconnecting with life. When you give yourself time to prepare healthy foods – and you aren’t rushing through it – you can turn it into an incredible meditation. Imagine reconnecting with the earth, the ecosystem, farmers, and all the people who participated in bringing this food to your kitchen. Imagine expressing gratitude for the life that gives you life, and thanking yourself for taking the time to nourish yourself so well. When you approach cooking this way, you may find you love and look forward to your time there!

#3. Juice

Liana used juicing as one of her key health tools. Some of her favorite veggies to juice are beets, carrots, cucumbers, greens – even lettuce! Juices are a great way to pack maximum nutrients from veggies into your body each day and for those of you who have trouble digesting fiber (like some people with Ehlers Danlos, Crohn’s or IBS), your body gets a much-needed rest in the digestive process.

#4. Eat Chocolate!

Isn’t this one fun? More evidence is showing that healthy chocolate can be a high-quality part of your diet. Full of antioxidants, good quality chocolate is a great way to get a mood and energy boost. Chocolate is also rich in key minerals, like magnesium and copper. Look for organic raw cacao, which comes in nibs, beans or powder. You can find it at health food stores, Vitacost.com, Amazon.com or other online sellers. Liana has wonderful chocolate recipes (like her famous chocolate balls) in her book, The Earth Diet. Her book, 10-Minute Recipes is also chock full of chocolate and other healthy dessert recipes. Loving Yourself to Great Health and The Bone Broth Secret also have several wonderful healthy chocolate and dessert recipes. Can you tell that we’re fans of chocolate?

Here’s a chocolate fudge recipe to get you started.

#5. Drink Lemon Water

Here’s another fun tip that is delicious and works like magic. Many times, what we think is hunger is actually thirst. Sweet cravings can trick us this way. Next time you have a sweet craving, try this: 8 ounces of water with the juice of ½ lemon and 3-5 drops of stevia (optional). If you want an adrenal boost, add ¼ teaspoon sea salt for the trace minerals. Mix and drink. See how you feel. This one got me past my massive sweet cravings when I was recovering from bulimia. It’s a great way to detox your liver too!

#6. Eat Your Favorite Foods, Only Use Better Ingredients.

Make a list of all the foods you love and crave. Both Liana and I have found that you can take anything you love and find a recipe (or make one up!) that has better ingredients. Do you like McDonald’s? Try organic grass-fed burgers with gluten-free buns, lettuce, tomato and organic mustard. Like ice cream? Try this healthy dairy-free ice cream recipe. Crave French Fries? Try this mood-boosting potato recipe instead. Love marshmallows? Try this marshmallow and whipped topping recipe. How about pizza? Here’s a grain-free, dairy-free gourmet pizza recipe.

You get the idea. This can be a lot of fun if you want it to be! All the foods you crave can be reworked into versions that are nutrient-rich and wonderful for your health!

#7. Supplement With Some Key Nutrients

Here are some excellent supplements for your health and healing journey:

Collagen – Bone Broth is your best bet for a source of this key protein, known as the glue that holds your body together. Bone broth has a wide variety of types of collagen and if you rotate the types of bones you use (chicken, beef, game, fish), you can get a diverse range of collagen. Collagen makes up your hair, skin, nails, teeth, bones, eyes, heart, organs, muscles, and the scaffolding that holds up your lymphatic system and circulatory system. Healthy collagen typically means less cellulite too! Bone broth is an anti-inflammatory food that aids weight loss and boosts immunity. It also makes skin glow!

Wholefood Vitamin C – If you have skin issues, copper imbalance, low iron anemia, histamine reactions or bone issues, consider a whole food vitamin C supplement. Innate Response C-400 tablets are excellent. Pure Synergy Pure Radiance C powder is also a great option.

Minerals – Minerals are the spark plugs of your body, supporting your energy levels, adrenals, thyroid, and keeping stress at bay. Two incredible options for a wide base of minerals with extra magnesium are Anderson’s Sea MD and for an added dose of potassium, 40,000 Volts. Work your way slowly up to a dropper full per day of Anderson’s in water or 1 teaspoon in water for 40,000 Volts. Most people report more energy from this step alone!

Sovereign Silver – Many experts love colloidal silver as a way to combat infection, parasites, bacteria and fungal infections. Be aware that some evidence is showing that colloidal silver is not a good idea if you have a copper imbalance. Signs of a copper imbalance are fatigue, low iron anemia, skin rashes, histamine reactions, oxalate problems, and vitamin D deficiency.

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