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  • Live Broadcast: July 10th, 2018 at 12:00 pm Pacific Time
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If you’re feeling sick or fatigued, it could be time to detox. But how do you do it right?
With all of the differing diets and health philosophies, how do you know if you need a juice cleanse, a fast, chelation, or a parasite cleanse, gallbladder-liver flush or basic nutritional changes? We’re going to reveal the key principles for detox, how to know if you need it, and if you do, how to tailor the approach to your needs. Board Certified Clinical Naturopath, David Getoff, joins Heather to outline what to do for optional health and what to avoid in your detox strategy.

David GetoffSpecial Guest: David Getoff

David Getoff, CCN, CTN, FAAIM is a Board Certified Traditional Naturopath, a Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist, a Fellow of the American Association of Integrative medicine, an elected member of The American College of Nutrition, The International College of Integrative Medicine, The New York Academy of Sciences and the American Society for Nutrition and is the vice president of the 64 year old nonprofit Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation.  He is also on the teaching faculty of the American College of Integrative Medicine and Dentistry in New Jersey.

David is board certified in integrative medicine, has developed and produced over a dozen educational holistic health DVD’s on topics including cancer, heart disease, diabetes and detoxification and is the co-author of Reduce Blood Pressure Naturally.

David is on the scientific advisory board (non-paid positions) of a number of top manufacturers and is often asked for opinions as new products are being developed.

David is licensed in Nutrition in the State of New York, in Naturopathy in the State of North Carolina and has a waiting list private practice in El Cajon California.  He has also developed the 10-week course entitled Attaining Optimal Health in the 21st Century which he has been teaching to packed classrooms through the Grossmont/Cuyamaca College extended studies program and the Price Pottenger Nutrition Foundation every semester for the past 20+ years.  This 30+ hour course is now available to be purchased by the public online through the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation for those who do not live in San Diego County.

David has been a paid presenter at numerous scientific medical, nutritional, dental and organic agriculture conferences around the U.S. and has given many one and two-day seminars on diet, supplements and detoxification.

Website | Recorded Audio and Video Classes (Available for purchase from the non-profit Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation) | Abundant Health in a Toxic World (Book)Upcoming Wellness Project by PPNF

What is Detox and Why Is It Important?

David Getoff describes detoxification as akin to cleaning your house or your car. Many of us take the time to do this regularly, so that we can enjoy the spaces we live and drive in, so why, he asks, don’t we prioritize our bodies in this way?

The thing is, there are hundreds of reasons to think about detoxification as a regular part of our lives, such as:

  • Environmental toxins in the air, food, and water
  • Chemicals in cleaning and personal care products
  • Heavy metals (lead, mercury, aluminum, cadmium, etc.)
  • Mercury fillings
  • Poor diet and lifestyle habits
  • Preservatives in foods

As toxins build up in the body, think of it as straws building up to break the camel’s back. Over time, this toxic buildup can burden your body, creating adverse symptoms. David cautions not to wait until you have symptoms though. The name of the game is prevention.

Top 7 Detox Do’s

#1 – Make Detox Part of Your Regular Lifestyle

David has found that if you wait until you know you have to detox (symptoms are showing up), you’ve already waited too long. Symptoms don’t start until toxins have already built up quite a bit, so your best bet is to think about how you eat, the products you use, the water you drink, and your lifestyle habits regularly so that you create a wellness-focused lifestyle. With the vast amount of toxins in the air, water, and in our food, it’s critical to think about the choices you are making to ensure a long, healthy life.

#2 – Choose Organic and Grass/Pasture Fed Foods

Your best bet for a really clean diet is to choose these foods, remembering that organic does not automatically mean grass or pasture fed. If you eat organic animal protein that is not grass or pasture fed, the animals were eating a non-native diet, which is not suited for their digestive system or overall health.

#3 – Eat a Healthy Diet That Supports Optimal Health

David has a 30-day diet challenge, which he recommends everyone give a try if you want to feel better. In general, he suggests following a diet that includes grass or pasture-fed organic animal proteins, wild-caught fish, healthy fats (e.g., raw organic grassfed butter, organic grassfed animal fats, extra-virgin olive oil, extra virgin coconut oil), and non-starchy vegetables.

The foods he suggests you avoid are starchy foods (he suggests limiting or eliminating starchy vegetables, like potatoes, winter squash, yams and all grains and beans).

#4 – Take Care of Your Kidneys and Liver

Supporting these key organs helps the body release toxins. David recommends these supplements to cleanse your liver and kidneys:

Taking supplements like these for 3-6 months during the year can support your body’s most critical detoxification pathways.

#5 – Take Supplements

In all the studies done on people — even those considering themselves very healthy — multiple nutrient deficiencies are still found. David recommends the “Basic 7” supplements, which include: a good multivitamin, extra vitamins A, C, D, E, fish oil and a probiotic. You can find supplements he recommends here and learn more about his diet and supplement approach in his book, Abundant Health in a Toxic World.

#6 – Read Labels

David pointed out that food packaging labels often shout out claims, like gluten-free, Paleo, vegan, GMO-free, which makes people feel like they’re okay to eat. However, if you actually read the label, you’ll see what’s really in the packaged food. The thing is, real food doesn’t shout. It’s silent. Broccoli, bok choy, lettuce, and collards have no labels.

#7- Choose Home Cleaning and Personal Care Products with Clean Ingredients

Do you feel better when you avoid eating wheat or gluten?

Many people don’t realize that their skin absorbs the products you use, just like your digestive system absorbs what you ingest. David suggests that if you are avoiding gluten in foods, you may also want to check the labels of your shampoo, lotion, and other personal care products because many use wheat as a thickening agent. Look for ingredients that say wheat, barley, oats, hydrolyzed malt extract, amino-peptide complex, and the Latin names for these ingredients. In fact, it’s important to read labels for all the ingredients, since many cleaning products and personal care products contain toxic chemicals.

If you aren’t sure about an ingredient, look it up. A great website for looking up ingredients and their relative safety is the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep website.

Top 6 Detox Don’ts

#1 – Wait Until You Have Symptoms to Detox

See #1 in the Do’s, above. Remember, a consistent healthy lifestyle is your best ally in your wellbeing.

#2 – Go For a Quick Fix

Quick fixes like chelation, Master Cleanses, liver-gallbladder flushes, fasts, juice cleanses or other short-term detoxes are problematic because they may force too many toxins too quickly into your system when your body isn’t ready for it. This can cause difficult symptoms.

#3 – Look at Detox As a Once or Twice Per Year Thing, Going Back to Old Habits In Between

In this case, you may only release a small percentage of toxins and then go back to bad habits, building even more toxins over time without ever catching up.

#4 – Fall Into Fad Detoxes

Studies on olive oil liver-gallbladder flushes show that it’s not gallstones that come out during these cleanses, but globules of oil. In other words, no one is really sure what’s being released, even if there are some benefits. Cleanses like the Master Cleanse may seem like a simple approach, but is not going to cleanse the body of enough toxins to do your body much good.

#5 – Assume Health Food Stores Contain Healthy Food

It’s important to read labels (see Do’s, above), even in health food stores, since they sell many foods with chemicals and additives in order to satisfy the masses.

#6 – Assume Vegan or Vegetarian Diets Are the Healthiest For Detox

David’s research shows that when we have 5 or 6 generations of peoples eating a certain diet, we have greater evidence of the long-term benefits. There are no populations in existence that ate a vegan or vegetarian diet, which means we don’t have enough evidence that they will sustain human health for any length of time. In fact, David has found these diets create problematic nutritional deficiencies. He recommends that if you’re not feeling well, try his 30-day diet challenge to see if it will support you in feeling better. He truly believes if you don’t try it both ways, you won’t know the physical and emotional benefits of consuming a deeply nourishing diet.

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