Chronic Health Condition? These 4 Steps Can Empower Your Health

Do you have a chronic health condition that persists even though you’ve tried everything?

If so, you could have methylation challenges. Methylation is a biochemical process that occurs billions of times every second, affects just about every system in the human body and is essential for health and longevity.

Symptoms of Methylation Challenges Include the Following

  • Issues with nerves (muscle twitching, numbness, weakness)
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, mood disorders
  • Autoimmune issues, cancer, diabetes, thyroid issues
  • Abdominal issues – Crohn’s, IBS, digestive issues
  • Poor grown and development
  • Cholesterol issues
  • Hormone issues
  • Histamine problems
  • Difficulty detoxing
  • Chronic illness that doesn’t seem to get better
  • Baffling, mysterious health issues that doctors can’t figure out.

If you think you are experiencing methylation challenges,
you can learn more here about what it is and how to get tested

The positive side of methylation is that fixing it requires us to treat ourselves with love and kindness. It’s not something that can be fixed with allopathic medicine. It’s resolved through a healthier diet, lifestyle and supplementation.

4 Easy Ways to Get Started

  • Eliminate processed foods. Processed foods contain chemicals and synthetic vitamins that the body cannot process well. Examples include folic acid (synthetic folate that can build up in the body and cause health challenges for over 50% of the population), bromine (competes with iodine in the body and contributes to low thyroid) and a whole host of preservatives and so-called “natural flavors.”
  • Reduce STRESS! This is HUGE. Stress burns minerals, especially magnesium, which is responsible for over 2200 enzyme functions in the body (it helps keep you calm and happy, so if you burn through it, you can feel even more stressed!). Learn more about the symptoms of magnesium deficiency.
  • Go slowly at your own pace. Learn as much as you can about methylation or seek support from experts. More and more is being written about methylation as health practitioners and doctors are realizing it’s key to good health including: detoxification, digestion, brain health, hormone balance and more!
The beauty of methylation is that once you get it balanced out, you realize how empowered you are to make food choices and lifestyle choices that keep you feeling your absolute best.

If you have questions or want to know more, comment below! Methylation is one of my favorite topics and I’d like to know what you care about so that I can write more or provide resources.


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As a coach, writer and recovered former executive, I understand the challenges of creating a balanced, healthy lifestyle when over-scheduled. In my journey to radiant health, I created a whole health system of eating, exercise, renewal and recharging -- a roadmap toward health & vitality. I empower clients to create their own whole health systems, in their own unique ways. I have seen amazing results in working with my clients!