Carol Tuttle on Eating Disorders: Part 2 - How to Create What You Want & Transform Your Life

Carol Tuttle

In part one of the interview, you’ll remember that Carol Tuttle overcame eating disorders and other life challenges — reminding you that you too can recover and create the life you want!

Improving Your Ability to Create What You Want

When I asked Carol what role your mind plays in creating what you want, she described the different brainwaves we all have: beta, alpha, theta and delta. At each of these levels, we have a lot of defenses. The beta level (mental activity) is what allows you to get things done in your life – it is analytical, skeptical. Healing happens when you go beyond your mental thought states – to the alpha (resting, reflecting, meditating), theta (daydreaming) and delta (REM sleep) levels.

We all have a God-given state of healing, Carol says, so it doesn’t have to be a cognitive process. You can tap into your subconscious mind to allow healing to function. Carol teaches that when your body is functioning at preferred levels, you don’t have to tell ourselves to digest food or fight bacteria – it happens automatically. Your healing programming is the same, you just need to allow it. Carol also said that while this power of healing is real and available to all of us — we could sabotage it — disrupt it — if we continue to focus on negative thought patterns.

Power of Mind & Recovery From Eating Disordeers

Creating a new ‘script’
Power of mind comes into play when you use your mind to be proactive in thought and believe in your ability to change — to reform your thoughts. The mind is critical — you can learn how to think in the affirmative, Carol says, however, a much bigger system wants to be engaged. The left-brain (analytical, logical thought) can be sabotaging, unless a positive mindset supports it. Carol teaches clients how to create a new script for themselves, so they can attract this whole system of change into their lives, including eating disorders recovery.

What Happens When You Focus Obsessively On Weight?

In Carol’s experience, an obsessive focus on weight is related to fear of something else coming along that will be worse. Typically, there is an underlying belief that you have to suffer – and you may be more comfortable with the “devil you know.” The fear is that something worse will show up if the issue of weight went away.

In working with clients, Carol gets to the heart of this fear by asking questions like:

  • If you didn’t spend all your energy focusing on food and weight, what would you feel that you don’t want to feel?
  • What would you feel instead?
  • What if this was gone from your life?

For women, she has found that there is something about femininity or sexuality that’s been wounded. For men, it could be sexuality or avoiding responsibility. For bulimia, she has found that it relates to purging of pain, wanting to throw something out, get rid of it, a release. For binge eating, it’s about creating a stuffed feeling, a distraction. She reinforced what we’ve all heard about eating disorders — it’s a control issue. The clearing session on her website, The Carol Tuttle Healing Center, covers all of these patterns for anorexia and bulimia.

How To Find Your Life Purpose

Carol’s approach is to clear and create – so you become the creator of a joyful life. She has seen life purpose evolving from energy clearing work – because as people clear, they find out what they what to create. When you release people from lies and emotions, she says, their true purpose starts to come through. Carol reminded me that we are all creators – although perhaps right now, we are accidental creators — creating what we don’t want. We have the power to be conscious creators.

Energy Healing & Recovery

According to Carol, in order to move toward and maintain recovery, you must clear the fears of relapse. You can start where you are right now — and learn to use the simple tools of energy clearing. As a first step, you can go to Carol’s Website – here you will find free resources on how to do EFT.

Let’s face it, triggers of addiction happen before, during and after recovery. Carol says we need to clear that energy when triggered — when our buttons are pushed. If it’s not addressed, it will be driven towards dysfunctional behavior or projected on a person. Carol suggests you be proactive – she encourages you to tap on a daily basis. It takes so little time and there are so many situations in a day that you can do it effortlessly. Carol herself does EFT every day — it’s like brushing her teeth, which is why she came up with the great phrase – “energy hygiene” – the more you do it, the more well-being you sustain.

Using Negative Statements In EFT (tapping)?

If any of you have heard of or tried EFT or tapping, you’ll know that some of the tapping is done with negative statements, before moving to the positive statements. Knowing what we do about law of attraction, I was always confused about why we’d want to tap using negative statements. Carol explained that the negative statement is first because we all need validation for our pain and suffering.

The negative statement gives voice and recognition to: This is my experience.
This is the human condition.” Once validated, we are able to let something go and allow ourselves to come back to harmony. Carol used the example of 12 steps – the cornerstone is validation of pain. Most often, the pain is unseen and ignored by our family systems. Recognition is healing, but not completely healing. As a veteran of 12- step work, it had a place in Carol’s life. The danger, she says, is that it can feel like healing, but you have to keep your wounds in order to stay there and continue getting the validation. This might be the cycle of stopping the behavior, but not truly moving beyond the addiction. Energy clearing allows you to validate your pain AND move beyond it – release it.

EFT and Tapping for Eating Disorders

Excited to try Carol’s online clearings and courses, I signed up for The Carol Tuttle Healing Center, and took the introduction to EFT course. Watching the video online, along with the presentation, allowed me to easily learn how to do EFT myself. Then I did Carol’s clearing session on eating disorders. After doing both sessions, I felt a sense of uplifting energy – it really did feel like the energy had moved all over my body! As I was tapping in the clearing session, I really felt that Carol had selected the words that were deeply ingrained within my conditioning around bulimia.

This is where her expertise as an energy healer – plus her experience in recovering from bulimia – comes together in an accurate understanding of our core emotions. I had never before understood the value of EFT – and now I really do – so I’m grateful to Carol for providing me with an opportunity to try it for myself! Carol told me that I could even use EFT to tap in positive affirmations – so if I had nothing I was trying to clear, I could use EFT to effectively create more positive patterns in my life.

Final Wisdom from Carol – Having Been There & Back

While your experiences may have provoked a sense of worthlessness and defeat — you are not your experience. The truth of who you are is infinitely valuable. Awareness of your true self and life purpose is a reverently spiritual thing.

Carol can say this with conviction because she had her own issues of depression, sexual abuse and bulimia. She didn’t have an awareness of her own self-worth, but all of this shifted when she had children. She began to understand the level of dysfunction parents were capable of passing on to their children. Seeing beyond herself, she realized the worth of her children – and she was committed to being a healthy parent for their sake. This is when she set out to transform her own life. She now has 5 children between the ages of 18 and 25. In transforming her own life, she created a thriving marriage and children who know their self-worth.

I was struck by Carol’s description of how she awoke from her core emotions and cleared her own energy – thus shifting the experiences of her loved ones. She reinforced for me that it is of utmost importance to care for ourselves, so that we have the positive energy to care for others. It was Carol’s children that helped her awaken to this truth – perhaps you will see the same in your own life. If you don’t have children, what do you see in your own life that you can commit to – what will awaken you to commit to your own self-worth?

Commitment Is The Key

As Carol says, this commitment is the key – it’s what allows you to pull yourself back up and do it again – and again. Carol expressed gratitude for her marriage and family as we ended the interview. She is passionate about healing adults because children deserve to know their self-worth – so they don’t have to wait until they are 45 years old to heal.

I am grateful for having had the opportunity to spend time with Carol – just talking with her raised my vibration for days! I am excited to continue with my online clearings and start using her EFT techniques to transform my life – moving closer to my true essence. For your convenience, I have listed some of Carol’s products that I thought sounded really interesting – and relevant to my readers. In the future, I will do reviews on them.

More Resources

For those who have not yet read part I of my interview with Carol, I am including more of her resources here that you may be interested in checking out. You can reach Carol by e-mailing her at [email protected].

Some of Carol’s Products I Found Interesting:

I decided to start with the membership in The Carol Tuttle Healing Center – this gave me access to clearing sessions, courses, articles, forums and other resources — including clearings for eating disorders, binge eating and other weight & body issues. I do these regularly as part of my persistence practice and I really can feel a shift in my energy!

Go To Her “Live Presentations CDs & DVDs” For These:

  • Healing Addictions and Compulsive Behaviors
  • Healing Sexual Abuse and Sexual Issues in Marriage
  • Powerful Affirmations to Change Your Life Now!
  • How to Create Better Health
  • Remembering Wholeness: A Personal Handbook for Thriving in the 21st Century


Check out Carol Tuttle’s Free Energy Profiling Course

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