Carol Tuttle Interview - Addictions: Why We Get Stuck & How to Snap Out of It
Carol overcame an eating disorder and depression, turned her marriage and finances from challenging to thriving — and brought up 5 incredible children.

Part I – Addictions: Why We Get Stuck & How to Snap Out of It

We have the power!
In this post, I will share her story – and the questions about eating disorders & addictions, which I asked Carol. She shares her experience and wisdom with us – including tips and techniques to move beyond addiction and recover our true essence. By the time we finished, I realized there was so much great information to share that I broke her interview into two parts.

Today’s post deals with why we get stuck and how to get “un-stuck.” Tomorrow’s post deals with how to create what you want and transform your life!

Why We Get Stuck in Self-Destructive Habits

Carol’s experience as an Energy Therapist has allowed her to see patterns in why people get stuck in self-destructive habits. Here is how she described these patterns to me:

  • Our emotional needs were not met in childhood. Because of this, we establish patterns of substitute behaviors – or ways to develop a false benefit – where we think our needs are being met, but they are not.
  • Generational patterns are passed down family lines. Self-destructive patterns like addictions have a strong influence on the next generation. We are physiologically predisposed to addictions, like food and substance abuse, and they stream down family lines. Over time, people get used to having pain and struggle – it becomes the norm.

Carol TuttleWhen Carol works with people to overcome addictions, pain and struggle, she bridges to people’s spiritual beliefs and deeply held beliefs about suffering. Carol challenges the myth and interpretation that spirituality relies on suffering — and empowers us to realize that happiness is our natural state. In fact, this is one of the things she writes about in her popular book, Remembering Wholeness: A Personal Handbook for Thriving in the 21st Century.

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Why It Feels So Difficult To Get Un-stuck

Carol’s response to this question really struck me. She explained that when she works to clear emotional energy with her clients, this is the easy part. The next steps take more persistence:

  • Establishing new habits
  • Conditioning for success
  • Understanding our power of creation

Carol explained that without persistence, the emotional energy that was cleared could re-pattern itself. As Carol spoke, I realized how true her words were. This is why so many people can stop the behavior of addiction, but may end up relapsing. Relapses tend to show up when challenges or transitions show up in our lives.

If we have not been persistent throughout our initial recovery – to establish new habits, condition ourselves for success and understand that WE HAVE THE POWER to create what we want in our lives – it is no surprise that we could fall into the dark hole and feel stuck there.

Carol’s words stopped me for a moment because of how she broke down the process of recovery. She reminded me that once we recover, our journey has just begun. This is not the negative idea of recovery, where we are labeled as “in recovery” our entire life. Instead, Carol offers us a new, empowering model of recovery – that with persistence – we can truly move beyond an addiction and transform our lives.

Use Persistence to Move Beyond Addiction?

Carol shared how to use the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) as part of our persistence practice. EFT, founded by Gary Craig, is an easy type of acupuncture that uses your fingertips to tap into energy meridians in your body. Carol explained that EFT frees us up emotionally — so that we can establish new skills. Emotions are the driving factor — and repetition is the key to getting results. In Carol’s experience, EFT gets into the heart of emotional themes, clearing the emotional energy and the deeper beliefs that drive behaviors. (For more on EFT, free resources and how Carol uses EFT for eating disorders, read part 2 of the interview).

Addictions – Byproducts of Core Emotions

Carol has had success working with clients who suffer from addictions – or any acting out behavior — by hitting both sides of the addiction:

  1. Core emotions
  2. Behavior & acting out — a byproduct of #1

Carol’s work gets to what the core emotion is, not just addressing what’s being presented in behavior. What she has found at the heart of these emotions are limiting and false beliefs. These beliefs, she explained, seem to be congruent with the person’s identity – they seem real – but they were actually acquired by wounded parents. Carol described how wounded parents create wounded children in a way that was very compassionate – this is not about blame, but about awareness.

Law of Attraction & Addictions

I did a post earlier on the Law of Attraction – and received many comments from readers who absolutely believe that this law is true in our lives. Well, Carol’s work reinforces law of attraction. Regarding addictions, she explained, when we attract or vibrate a thought and emotion, we attract life experiences that show us evidence that it is true. So when we look at our lives and see this addictive behavior — or negative things happening — we think the thought we had was true.

In fact, Carol told me, anything we align with – which is incongruent with our truth – only causes us suffering. When I asked her how we know what is incongruent with our truth, she told me to ask myself this question: “Does the thought produce peace, joy and fulfillment? Or discomfort, pain and suffering?” The thought is only true if it causes peace, joy and fulfillment – this is our truth – and this is what Carol teaches us in her book, Remembering Wholeness. If our thoughts and beliefs were true, we’d feel peaceful just by having them.

Identifying What Keeps Us Stuck

Anytime you get insight into truth, Carol says, you clear. Our systems are always clearing – we are meant to vibrate at a certain frequency to feel our God given truth. Carol explained that when we vibrate at a low frequency, our body degenerates. Many of Carol’s products – her book, CDs, DVDs and courses — are actually aimed at creating this shift. Listening to her CDs, DVDs and courses allows you to clear, to raise your frequency – so you vibrate at a higher level of light. You move toward your God-given blueprint.

The Carol Tuttle Healing Center, is a key resource for people. Her goal is to allow people to get online and clear energy frequency and history of life events. The courses clear emotions and the stories they hold, due to shame or trauma – that interfere with the wholeness of ourselves — allowing us to develop into our own truth.

Snapping Out Of It – How To Get Out of the Dark Hole

The dark hole is a habit, so you need to create new habits
I Asked Carol if there is something we can do to “snap ourselves out of it” if we find ourselves getting stuck, getting cravings or wanting to engage in addictive behavior. Carol said that the dark hole is the vibration of being in a dark place. When we are in that dark hole, our life force energy – energy pathways, charkas (energy channels) – all need to be revitalized, renewed. This is where energy clearing comes in because it can clear this major interference with energy flow that we are feeling when stuck.

And then Carol said something else that gave me another “ah ha:” People are so oriented to having it be a left-brain cognitive process – something they do. When you work at the energy level, it’s amazing how you can shift. The dark hole is a habit, so you need to create new habits — give permission and allow the energy vibration to establish a healthy flow.

It’s so true, what Carol said! Early in my recovery, I spent so much time “doing” things that I came up with in my head. I’d try anything that I thought would help me overcome the eating disorder. It wasn’t until I started allowing, trusting, letting go – that things started shifting for me. I now know that this was my process of giving in to trusting a higher vibration. Now that I understand this, I can use EFT as a daily practice in order to allow this higher vibration to flow continuously throughout my day.

Part 2 of my interview with Carol — on how to use EFT for Eating Disorders and how to Transform Our Lives

Resources – For More on Carol’s Work

Carol told me that she feels blessed to do this energy work – and I can see why people have had good success with her products. She herself has experienced pain, struggle and suffering – and moved beyond it – she “gets” where we are and shows us that we too, can triumph in our own lives. You can reach Carol by e-mailing her at [email protected]

Some of Carol’s Products I Found Interesting:

I decided to start with the membership in The Carol Tuttle Healing Center – this gave me access to clearing sessions, courses, articles, forums and other resources — including clearings for eating disorders, binge eating and other weight & body issues. I do these regularly as part of my persistence practice and I really can feel a shift in my energy!

Go To Her “Live Presentations CDs & DVDs” For These:

  • Healing Addictions and Compulsive Behaviors
  • Healing Sexual Abuse and Sexual Issues in Marriage
  • Powerful Affirmations to Change Your Life Now!
  • How to Create Better Health
  • Remembering Wholeness: A Personal Handbook for Thriving in the 21st Century

Check out Carol Tuttle’s Free Energy Profiling Course

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