Five Steps to Gut-Healing

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  • Episode Name: “5 Steps to Gut-Healing”
  • Live Broadcast: July 25th, 2016 at 3:00 pm Pacific Time

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Episode Summary Re-cap

We’ll reveal 5 steps to start healing your gut and feeling better naturally!

Have you been dealing with chronic exhaustion, cravings, brain fog, fatigue, digestion issues, anxiety or depression? Have you suspected leaky gut, SIBO, candida, food allergies or gluten intolerance?

Christa Orecchio Special Guest: Christa Orecchio Christa Orecchio is a clinical and holistic nutritionist, and founder of

Christa is the weekly San Diego Fox5 “Food as Medicine” nutritionist as well as the co-host of a nationally syndicated health talk show called “The Randy and Christa Show: News that Makes you Healthier”.

She’s the author of The Whole Journey Food as Medicine Cookbook and the co-author of How to Conceive Naturally and Have a Healthy Pregnancy After 30 as well as the creator of the online programs Kick Candida for Good and Gut Thrive in 5.

With ten years experience, Christa has helped thousands of people heal by identifying the root cause of health issues in lieu of addressing individual symptoms and teaching them how to use food as their medicine.

She believes many people are unnecessarily suffering and her mission is to help as many people as possible to heal and then thrive.

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Five Steps to Gut-Healing

Christa Orecchio with Heather Dane at Hay House in CarlsbadHealing the gut often includes cleaning up the microbiome (the mix of good and bad bacteria that are meant to live in harmony to keep us healthy and aid digestion). Interestingly, much of the discussion around healing the microbiome includes protocols for “killing” bad bacteria. However, to stay healthy, we need a balanced level of both good and bad bacteria, so if we are focused on killing, we run the risk of creating a war within our bodies. Instead of creating war, what about inviting peace?

What if you could create a gentle, peaceful plan for healing your gut, that would encourage the harmony that promotes our best health?

Interestingly, research has progressed enough to reveal that bad bacteria and yeast have an important purpose in our bodies. For example, candida may show up to protect us from the damaging effects from the heavy metal, mercury. When we realize that bad bacteria, yeast and pathogens have a purpose, we can look at them with compassion. Acknowledging just where we are in our health right now – every pathogen and every symptom – with curiosity and compassion, can be the first step to true healing.

Christa’s 5-Step Gut Healing Process Includes:

1.    Slashing Inflammation with Diet and The Right Supplements –
Using Food as Medicine
  • Remove foods that are challenging for gut health: alcohol, sugar, coffee, dairy, gluten, eggs, soy.
  • Remove foods your body is allergic to
  • Focus on gut-friendly foods: bone broth, spices (cumin, coriander, fennel, turmeric), vegetables, fruits, whole grains (e.g., quinoa), pastured or grass-fed animal protein, and wild caught fish.
  • Add enzymes – (1) Digestive Enzymes (Digestzymes by Designs for Health, is an example of a digestive enzyme supplement containing enzymes like: protease, lactase, lipase and amylase, (2) Proteolytic Enzymes (helps digest proteins and reduce inflammation, try Doctor’s Best brand), (3) Hydrolytic Enzymes (Food grade Diatomaceous Earth is an example and helps break up biofilms, the “houses” where pathogens hide inside our bodies).
2.    The Pathogen Purge – Dismantling Biofilms
  • You may already know from tests whether you have parasites, candida, bacterial overgrowth, heavy metals, or other pathogens to address. This is the step in which you identify how you will address them.
  • Christa’s Gut Thrive in 5 program takes you through a series of tests so that you can identify which protocol to follow for ridding your body of pathogens by breaking down biofilms where they live and hide.
  • This step is not about harsh protocols or killing bacteria. Instead, it’s about making your microbiome uninviting to them. It’s like getting people to leave a party, not by force, but instead by turning off the music and putting away the food and party favors. You are essentially inviting them to leave.
3.    The Reseeding and Healing of Leaky Gut – Bringing in the Peacekeepers
  • In this step, Christa recommends between 11 – 13 strains of probiotics to help repopulate your gut microbiome.
  • Probiotics (meaning “for life”) are good bacteria and yeast. Cultures from all over the world have had probiotic foods throughout history. You may have enjoyed probiotic foods like yogurt, kefir, cultured vegetables (sauerkraut, kimchi) and kombucha. You can also take probiotic supplements to support your digestion and help heal your gut.
  • The three categories of probiotics that Christa likes to focus on: (1) Lactobacillus (considered soldiers on the front line, these transient bacteria protect your body from pathogens and help with nutrient absorption), (2) Bifidobacterium (to help heal leaky gut by populating and protecting the intestines) and (3) Bacillus (these beneficial bacteria are like Navy Seals, able to withstand stomach acid and bile and focus on “peacekeeping” efforts to harmonize the microbiome).
4.    The HCl Evaluation and Terraforming
  • HCl is hydrochloric acid or stomach acid. Step 4 involves finding out if you have enough stomach acid for your stomach to digest your food properly. If not, you learn to calibrate the right amount for your needs. Here’s a simple at home stomach acid test to see if you have enough stomach acid.
  • Terraforming is a term taken from Star Trek and refers to taking barren land and creating habitable life. In other words, you are creating a vibrant ecosystem in your gut for optimal health.
5.    The 80/20 Maintenance
  • This means that what you eat 80% of the time makes up your health and you can be lenient with the other 20%. This step is about setting up lifestyle habits to maintain your health.

Health Tip of the Day – Slimming Hot Summer Smoothies!

Lately, I’ve been on the run a lot. Are you feeling it too? We are in the middle of summer, a very active time from a Chinese medicine perspective. When things get stressful or super busy in my life, I find it extra important to nourish my body with anti-inflammatory, healing foods that keep me grounded and stabilize my blood sugar. However, lately, I’ve found myself having little time to make a meal as I run out of the house. So here’s what I’ve been doing: I’m making a blended soup elixir, a.k.a., the Hot Summer Smoothie!

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