5-Minute Soup

Once you have a soup stock (either veggie stock or bone broth), you can make soup in 5 minutes — it makes meals and life so easy! Especially if you really want to make a dietary change, want to get more hydration into your body or you want to experience the deep, easy-to-digest nourishment of soup.

Some Options for the 5 Minute Soup

A stock or broth is full of nutrients from the ingredients you simmered AND it’s full of flavor, which means you have less work to do to get a great-tasting soup! Yay — less time in the kitchen. 🙂

  • Put the amount of broth you want in a saucepan and put your burner on a low temperature. Allow it to start warming up.
  • Choose your seasonings. I love adding turmeric, sea salt and pepper. About 1/2 tsp of each per cup of broth. Another favorite is thyme, rosemary, sea salt and pepper. Do what you feel drawn to! The spices have medicinal properties (e.g., the turmeric, sea salt and black pepper are metabolism boosting, anti-inflammatory, add minerals and support digestion). Adding spices provides flavor and health benefits!
  • Choose the ingredients you want to add. This can be as simple as chopping up some bok choy, kale, collards or leeks. Maybe some red onions, carrots or watercress. If you use carrots, make sure you put them in first, since they will need to cook longer to get soft (depending on how small you cut the carrots, you might need to simmer them for 5 minutes or so to get soft). Kale, leeks and collards would go in next, as they take a big longer to cook. Add the bok choy, watercress, go in during the last minute or two of simmering. Use any veggies that appeal to you, giving more time for the root veggies to simmer.
  • If you want a really fast soup and you’d like to add animal protein, you can either slice up leftovers from the fridge (maybe yesterday’s chicken lunch or dinner) or you can choose the 3 minute route and go with an egg or two or some ground beef, bison, lamb or ground chicken or ground turkey. These all cook super fast if you put small chunks of ground meat in the soup.

Seriously, On-the-fly Soup in 5 Minutes

That’s it! You can make an on-the-fly soup in only 5 minutes! You can also use your broth to cook grains, poach eggs, stir fry vegetables and sneak into just about any other dish you can imagine! You have instant flavor, instant nutrients.

Of course, you can simply sip the broth — or add some seasonings/spices and sip. This gives you a nutrient-packed “tea” that delivers easy-to-digest and assimilate nutrients into your body and is a fantastic energizer. Also great for a cleanse.

Bone broth is a wonderful way to nourish and heal your digestive tract and energize your body; it provides an easily digestible source of vitamins, minerals, and protein. If you’re vegetarian, you can leave out the bones and meat scraps and create a healing vegetable elixir to sip during the day.

How you do like to make soup?

What ingredients do you like to add? How about spices? I’d love to hear your ideas!
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