Five Critical Steps to Find Hope in Your Healing Process

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  • Episode Name: “Finding Hope for Healing”
  • Live Broadcast: March 6th, 2017 at 3:00 pm Pacific Time
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You will discover new inspiration to progress on your health journey.
Do you feel betrayed by your body? Have you seen every doctor and expert, but found no lasting solution for health? Perhaps you’ve been diagnosed with a serious illness or disease? In today’s episode, Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz joins Heather to discuss how to find hope in your healing process, along with revealing solutions for mind-body-spirit health.
Dr. Mona Lisa SchulzSpecial Guest: Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz

Mona Lisa Schulz (Dr. Mona Lisa), is a medical intuitive. Dr. Schulz received her doctorates, an MD and a PhD (Behavioral Neuroscience) from Boston University’s School of Medicine in 1993.

In addition to her extensive background in health and brain research, Dr. Schulz has been a practicing medical intuitive since 1987. During a medical intuitive consultation, knowing only someone’s name and age, Mona Lisa discerns both a person’s physical condition and the emotional state of his or her life, explaining how the two are linked.

Dr. Schulz teaches us how to become aware of how our symptoms of illness are part of our intuition network, letting us know when something in our lives is out of balance.

During a medical intuitive consultation, there is no physician/patient relationship, nor is any psychotherapy being performed. Mona Lisa will educate you in how specific emotional situations in your life are associated with the increased risk of illness in a specific organ in your body. One of the many joys in Dr. Mona Lisa’s life is teaching individuals how to acknowledge, trust, and develop their intuitive skills.

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Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz and Heather Dane:

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5 Critical Steps to Release Fear & Build Hope So You Can Heal

#1 Your Symptoms – and Anything Else that You Judge as “Odd” or “Wrong” With You — Have Important Messages

While we have been taught to suppress symptoms or hide the things that we feel are odd, the reality is that these are the very things that contain our intuition. If you’ve had an illness, diagnosis, symptoms or injury, you are now more porous and intuitive in that part of your body. If you’ve had a challenging life situation, chances are that it contains a message about changes you need to make. It’s important to honor your symptoms, patterns and life challenges. Pay attention to them and find the emotion attached to them. As you feel into your body and sense the emotion (this is right brain/intuition), bring it over to your left brain (logic, details), where you can name it. Once you’ve done this, it will be easier to take action.

Illness and challenges happen in our lives to show us where we need to make important changes in our lives. When we learn to pay attention, listen, honor, name and take action on them, we can start our healing process. This is epigenetic because it’s a healing change we make outside our genes that can influence our health.

#2 Trust Yourself

As you receive intuitive signals – symptoms, emotions, patterns – trust them. If you continue to question what you are experiencing or feeling, you won’t be able to take action and make changes in your life.

We’ve been taught to look for concrete evidence, but intuition is not concrete. If you have a “feeling,” it’s not that easy to find proof that your feeling is correct until after the fact. Practice trusting the messages you are getting, especially if you’ve picked something up from listening to your body about symptoms, emotions or patterns. Write it down, if you need to, and gather proof as you follow your intuition.

#3 Connect to the Earth

Our ancestors walked the earth, lived on and worked with the earth. They ate foods from the earth and shifted their lives according to natural patterns of daylight, darkness, and seasonal changes. Studies show that our connection to the earth was an important part of what kept us healthy and strong. As people moved to cities and ate processed foods, we disconnected from the earth, nature and natural patterns.

One way to reconnect to the earth is eating healthy, whole foods. This means avoiding all “refined,” processed or manufactured foods – the foods that most often come in boxes, cans, or takeout bags. Whole foods are a great way to bring Mother Earth’s healing energy into your home and into your body.

We hear a lot about the importance of being “grounded.” Connecting with Mother Earth is a great way to support your first chakra (safety, security, family, community, organization). This is extra helpful if you have immunity or autoimmune conditions or issues with bones, blood, or skin.

Collagen is a wonderful, nourishing food to support immunity, bones, blood and skin. It’s the most abundant protein in your body and supports your foundational structures (bones, joints, teeth, eyes, skin, hair, nails, muscles, organs). You can get collagen from bone broth.

Some healing recipes and tips for grounding nutrition:

  • Delicious Blood Sugar Balancer  – this is important for people with cravings, binge eating/emotional eating, eating disorders, autoimmune conditions, intuition/energetic sensitivity that zaps your energy, blood sugar problems, issues with low willpower or decision-making. It’s imperative to keep your blood sugar stable. If you skip meals or you get hungry and don’t eat something, your body and brain go into a very stressful blood sugar emergency. This has a “migraine” type effect in that you may find you can’t do anything to satisfy your hunger once you’re in emergency. If this goes on too long, you may constantly feel off balance or have out-of-control addictions (including to alcohol).
  • Minerals – Mineral deficiency is a worldwide issue today and behind many health, mood and blood sugar challenges. Most people benefit from mineral support (talk to your doctor, especially if you have kidney problems). My favorite mineral supplement is Anderson’s Sea MD because it contains a wide base of balanced sea minerals and helps ground the body’s energy. This is especially important if you feel stressed, fatigued, overwhelmed, have toxic people in your life, or get drained from energy of people or places. It’s also helpful if you have digestive issues, blood sugar issues or malabsorption. Add a couple drops to each glass of water and see how you feel, working your way up to 1 dropperful per day.

#4 Connect to the Divine/Spirit

This is the true meaning of epigenetics. When you connect to a power greater than yourself, you are making a commitment to faith. Faith is trust in action. Whether you connect with God, goddess, spirit, source, the universe – whatever feels right to you, it’s important to make a connection with the divine. Just like it’s important for our bodies to connect to the earth for good health, our spirits need to connect to the divine. Through this connection, we can simultaneously experience humility and step into our power. Some people like to think of this as transcending the ego.

When you connect to the divine, you can release fear, release a focus on the details or struggles of daily life, and find inspiration to move forward. This is where we feel the gratitude and miracle of life. Without this very critical step, it’s difficult to know what our purpose is. Connecting to the divine can often bring energy for healing and moving forward because it instills inspiration. We are being carried by something much greater than ourselves.

#5 Live

This Means Laugh, Love, Connect With Friends, Do Things, MOVE

It’s very common to feel fragile if you’ve had a difficult life situation, injury or health diagnosis. It’s okay to feel fragile for awhile, as you mourn a loss and make peace with your situation. However, it’s also important to look inside for your inner strength. While a part of you may feel fragile, there are other parts of you that are strong. Tap into those parts and pick things that make you feel alive. Go out with friends, laugh, and have a sense of humor about your life. Don’t allow yourself to fall into feeling so fragile that you isolate yourself and stop enjoying life. As Dr. Mona Lisa said, “If you fall down, get back up again.” Take one small step at a time to re-engage with life. Move your body. Get together with friends. Try new things, go on trips, and pick up hobbies you’ve always loved.

Find out what you love and do it! Don’t hold back because you feel like an illness, diagnosis or challenge has gotten you down. Studies have shown that participating in life and focusing on love can heal us in many ways. Aside from the studies, you may see for yourself that when you get together with friends (even if you are inclined to stay in alone), you feel so much better than you expected.

Here’s the Healing Meditation I began doing to tapping into my body’s strength and innate ability to heal. I’d do a meditation daily, surrounding my body from head to toe, with green healing light. Each day, I’d focus on seeing my body get stronger, healthier, and more energized. I’d feel pain dissolve and trust that my body was healing. Sometimes a reminder that our bodies were designed to heal is exactly what’s needed to tap into our inner strength.

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In today's episode, Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz joins Heather to discuss how to find hope in your healing process, along with revealing solutions for mind-body-spirit health
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