The 4 Types of Beauty Revealed

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  • Episode Name: “The 4 Types of Beauty Revealed”
  • Live Broadcast: June 13th, 2016 at 3:00 pm Pacific Time

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You’re beautiful for who you are, not how you look.

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Discover why dropping trends and embracing your unique type of beauty can help you love yourself from the inside out. Learn the 4 types of beauty and how to choose clothing styles, colors, makeup and hairstyles to express who you really are.

My guest will be Energy Profiling Expert, Carol TuttleSpecial Guest: Carol Tuttle, best-selling author of five books, and creator of Beauty Profiling and Dressing Your Truth, wants women everywhere to know how beautiful they are. Her online makeover program has transformed the look (and lives!) of women in over 80 countries, by awakening them to their unique inner beauty and giving them the expertise to create their own authentic style.

Carol wants to help you learn the truth about your beauty so that you look fantastic and feel effortlessly confident—every single day!

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The Four Types of Beauty & How to Identify Your Type

Energy Profiling is a system created by Carol Tuttle to understand how people express themselves through energy and movement. Everyone expresses one of the types in their physical features, body language, behavioral tendencies, and personality.

The Four Types of Energy Revealed – Which One Are You?

Each energy type is reflected in nature.

Type 1: Nitrogen

Think of the energy of air (upward, light). The type 1 person is bright, animated and has a gift for new ideas and possibilities. In Chinese medicine, this is a yang/yin type energy (active and extroverted with a blend of restful, introverted energy). Type 1 energy people tend to have the following qualities:

  • Bounce in your step
  • May like to giggle
  • Animated expressions
  • Eager, love to jump into things
  • Love to meet people
  • Playful, likes to have fun
  • Tends to be optimistic

The challenge for a type 1 energy person is to express their animated, playful side while recognizing that they can still being taken seriously, like Ellen Degeneres.

Type 2: Oxygen

Think of the energy of water (fluid, flowing). The type 2 person is calming, soft and has a gift for gathering details and making plans. In Chinese medicine, this is a yin/yin energy (reflective, receptive, more still in energy). Type 2 people tend to have the following qualities:

  • More introverted
  • Could feel shy, soft or timid in nature (not aggressive or assertive)
  • Methodical – likes to create order and make a plan, create the steps in a plan
  • Sensitive to the details
  • Asks a lot of questions to gather information
  • Elegant

A politician with type 2 energy may not come across as a winning candidate because type 2 is not an aggressive energy, which people are used to for politicians. Dr. Ben Carson is a good example of a politician with type 2 energy.

Celebrity examples of type 2 energy are: Jennifer Anniston, Grace Kelly.

Type 3: Hydrogen

Think of the energy of fire (active-reactive). The type 3 person has a swift and dynamic energy and a gift for moving into action quickly. They have a practical nature and like to create lasting results. In Chinese medicine, the energy is yang/yang (outwardly focused, very active). Characteristics of a type 3 personality are:

  • Active-reactive – loves to take action that gets results
  • Can be intense
  • Likes to push forward to make things happen
  • Powerful – takes charge
  • May be rebellious
  • May exhibit leadership qualities
  • Can tend to overdo things and must watch for that
  • There are very few models we get to see in the media as females with type 3 energy

A celebrity example of type 3 energy is Joan Rivers. She was always breaking boundaries. The challenge with type 3 energy children is that they could be disciplined often because they want to explore things and challenge boundaries. Often, type 3 energy women feel they have not been honored because there aren’t a lot of models for type 3 females in our culture.

Type 4: Carbon

Think earth energy (still, constant). The type 4 energy person is structured and exacting with a gift for perfecting things. They tend to have a critical eye with the goal of refining everything. In Chinese medicine, the energy is yang/yin (bold and active with a blend of still, inwardly focused energy). Characteristics of type 4 energy people are:

  • Takes things and perfects them
  • Considers things deeply, thinks before they speak
  • Precise
  • Balanced
  • Consistent, steady
  • May have all or nothing thinking
  • Lives by their own authority
  • Takes a step back and observes things carefully
  • May feel introverted

We see examples of type 4 energy in supermodels and celebrities, such as: Daisy Ridley, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence and Megan Fox. Type 4 energy women, like type 3’s, may feel somewhat rebellious because there aren’t a lot of feminine examples of type 4 personality types. Most female stereotypes of type 2 energy.

How Knowing Your Type Can Transform Your Life & Expression of Beauty

Once you know your type, it’s easier to honor who you really are. Thousands of people have gone through the Energy Profiling process. As they learned their type and lived into it for a while, Carol has received reports back about beneficial changes in their careers, business, relationships and health. This really shows the power of self-acceptance and being your authentic self with others.

Once you know who you really are, your perceptions change and over time, your habits begin to change. Most people start to love and accept who they really are, which also allows them to love and honor others for being who they really are.

Carol’s Free Gift to You: Learn Your Energy Type Online for Free!

Carol’s free gift to you is an online Energy Profiling course, so that you can learn your energy type! Discover your energy type today.

Dressing Your Truth

Most beauty standards today are unrealistic and force everyone into following the latest trends. The thing is, most trends don’t work for all of us. Dressing Your Truth is about aligning your inner self or who you really are, as you learned from your Energy Profile, and aligning this with the way you dress, do your hair and makeup and the jewelry you wear. The goal of Dressing Your Truth is to create harmony inside and out so that when people look at you, they see who you really are, not just what you’re wearing.

Carol Tuttle created Dressing Your Truth as makeover and beauty system that is about expressing and honoring your authentic nature.

When creating the Dressing Your Truth program, Carol looked at the Energy Profile of each of the four types and aligned it with 5 elements or principles for choosing clothing:

  1. Design line
  2. Texture
  3. Fabrication
  4. Pattern
  5. Color

These five elements are different for each type because they are harmonized with the energy and movement each of the 4 types express.

The Dressing Your Truth system allows you to identify how to customize these 5 elements to your own unique expression of beauty. This is so helpful when it comes to choosing your best look (despite the trends!) and shopping for clothing that honors your inner nature.

As you learn how to make the system work for you, you begin to develop a beauty sixth sense. This makes choosing your clothing, makeup, hairstyle and jewelry easier and more fun!

Perceived Flaws Become Strengths

Many of us are made to feel wrong about how we look. The new clothing and trends come out and if they don’t work for us, we think it’s us…our fault that we don’t look good in the latest fashions, hairstyles and accessories. This can create a lot of shame, body image issues, and simply feeling that we’ll never fit in.

Dressing Your Truth helps people break free from these cultural rules and instead of approaching fashion with what “they” tell us, we begin to go inside, identifying our authentic nature and learning how to align our outer expression with how we feel inside. This has a healing quality because as people see us and compliment who we really are, we begin to grow into a comfort level with expressing ourselves. We start to honor ourselves more and as we love who we are inside, this has a beneficial effect on health, career and relationships.

Here is a type 4 makeover video of Aisha, the woman in a wheelchair that Carol mentioned in our interview. This is profound because learning her Energy Profile and expressing it in how she presents herself in the world really allows her inner beauty to come forward.

See more makeover videos for each energy type and learn more about Dressing Your Truth.

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