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Do You Have Candida? Here’s What to Do

Do You Have Candida? Here's What to Do

Do you have candida? Here is a list of symptoms and the easiest places to start. I battled the bugs for years and nothing really fully worked until I started balancing my vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Bone Broth Benefits – Is It Important to Skim?

Bone Broth Benefits - Is It Important to Skim?

Bone Broth may be one of the best all-natural healing remedies for your digestion. It’s full of nutrients for bones, skin health, and has youth-enhancing collagen. Here’s why to make it part of your energy boosting, gut-health and brain health routine! And find out whether to skim or not to skim the broth.

Methylation and Testing

Methylation and Testing

Methylation affects your digestion, nervous system, hormones, moods, energy and more. Some doctors, Naturopaths and researchers are starting to study our genes and how they affect our methylation.

Don’t Touch My Food

Don't Touch My Food

Food…what a love hate relationship we seem to have with it. And it’s not just with anorexia, bulimia or binge eating. It’s America in general. We love our food and no one better tell us what or how to eat. And yet, we’re being told all the time.

How To Spot The Stages of Imbalance

How To Spot The Stages of Imbalance

When I first started out in my recovery, there was very little information about what happens to the body in recovery and how to spot the stages of imbalance. I found many people with experience in healthcare for eating disorders didn’t know how to guide me on what my body might go through.

Tips for Easing IBS & Digestive Distress

Tips for Easing IBS & Digestive Distress

Most bulimics, recovering bulimics and anorexics have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) either before, during or in recovery from their eating disorder. Let’s talk tips for easing IBS.

Mind Body Spirit Alignment – The Ultimate Healer

Mind Body Spirit Alignment - The Ultimate Healer

In my journey to recovery, I started working on my mind body spirit alignment. I focused on bringing my body back to health and learning to release negative thoughts about life.

“Second Brain” Found in Stomach, Intestines, Colon

"Second Brain" Found in Stomach, Intestines, Colon

Scientists have found a bundle of nerves in the digestive system that they are calling the “second brain” because it functions much in the same way that our brains do.

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